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Grace Hill, Inc.

Who is Grace Hill? This is a question often posed to the gang behind the scenes of Grace Hill. The truth of the matter, however, is that Grace Hill is a where, not a who. In County Antrim, Northern Ireland, just northwest of Belfast, is the small town of Grace Hill which is home to an awful lot of folks named Bailey. In the early 1800's several members of the Bailey family immigrated to the United States. A descendent of these Irish immigrants, Grace Hill Founder and President Joe Bailey never forgot his hard working Irish roots. The company name, as well as the shamrock in the company logo, is in honor of Joe's ancestral home, heritage, and family.Grace Hill was founded in 1998 by Joe Bailey, Joleen Brannigan and Kara Rice, all former employees of Merry Land & Investment Company, one of the original apartment REITs from the 1980's.Since its inception, has provided education and networking opportunities for members of the multifamily industry.'s Membership roll has grown to include 346,660 members worldwide which include multifamily associates representing every job description and every state in the Union.In addition, more than 500,000 courses are taken each year from, making it the leader in providing affordable and easy access to the best in online training for multifamily employees worldwide.

Maintenance Rocks! 101 Ways to Appreciate your Maintenance Teams. Rocking Maintenance Stats Infograph. Our Products & Services. Vision LMS. Quick Show Me Your Value. With more than 18 years of experience working in workforce development, career development, total quality management, information systems, and high technology, Theresa Seagraves became a recognized leader at Hewlett-Packard for creating innovative, world-class data and people-development systems.

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In 2001, Theresa established her own consulting company, Theresa L. Seagraves & Associates (TLSA). Grace Hill OnAir. Kara Rice interviews Satisfacts Founder and President Doug Miller on this episode of Grace Hill OnAir.

Grace Hill OnAir

Doug discusses his latest undertaking, a National survey entitled, "Inside the Head of Today's Online Renter". Tune in to hear what it is all about and how you can get involved! Kara interviews Satisfacts founder, Doug Miller Doug is the President and Founder of Satisfacts and he has had responsibility for the marketing, training and research for several thousand multifamily units since the mid-1980's. He is the industry's leading authority on resident surveys, resident satisfaction research and resident relationship management and is frequently published.

Doug has a BSBA from Washington University St. Grace Hill OnAir. Webinars with AppFolio & Grace Hill. Let's Talk Training on MProTv.

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