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Gwendoline Christie of 'Game of Thrones' Stars in Vivienne Westwood's Unisex Campaign. It's been a month since the "Game of Thrones" Season 5 finale left us reeling (or weeping, maybe) on our couches, but the HBO smash-hit seems to have remained at the very forefront of fashion's collective mind.

Gwendoline Christie of 'Game of Thrones' Stars in Vivienne Westwood's Unisex Campaign

Earlier this month, Valentino debuted a seemingly "Game of Thrones"-inspired collection at Paris Couture Week, while one of the show's breakout stars Emilia Clarke hit the promotional circuit — on crutches, mind you — for her new "Terminator" reboot. Now, Vivienne Westwood is joining in on the Westeros-friendly fun with her fall 2015 campaign — titled "Unisex" — starring none other than Brienne of Tarth herself, Gwendoline Christie. The ads show Christie, who has been in heavy rotation on "Game of Thrones" since Season 2, decked out in frocks, coats and even an evening gown — with nary a piece of Valryian steel in sight. Juergen Teller lensed the characteristically spooky images backstage at the designer's fall 2015 show in Paris, in which Christie walked. Is your social media strategy too gender neutral? More women are now online and women are using social media sites in greater numbers, for longer periods, and in different ways to men.

Is your social media strategy too gender neutral?

Women are also leading the shift to mobile-led browsing and purchasing. Your business needs to be thinking about these shifts if it's looking to engage with women online. Using a gender neutral tone in your social media content may seem like the safest bet in terms of hitting the largest possible number of social media users without alienating anyone, but what it might be doing instead is simply presenting a message that fails to connect with either a male or female audience. This is why it's so important to be thinking about how your branding is presented across the different social media networks.

According to the annual Sensis Social Media Report, published earlier this year, younger women use social media more than any other segment of the population on the internet. Artist creates line of genderless undergarments to ease transition. Coming out as transgender male, transgender female or gender-neutral is not easy, especially when one doesn't have the tools to do so.

Artist creates line of genderless undergarments to ease transition

A design duo recognized a gap in the undergarment industry. Agender people or those transitioning don't always identify with one gender category or the garments within a largely gender binary market, making it harder to buy clothes they need. Peregrine Honig, who has artwork in museums across the United States as well as a 13-year-old lingerie store, teamed up with designer Laura Treas to introduce a line of genderless undergarments on Kickstarter, called All Is Fair In Love And Wear.

Image: All is Far in Love and Wear “People all over the world cross the gender divide, and they deserve to reframe and reform without limitation,” the brand's Kickstarter explains. Forbes Welcome. 'Sleeping Beauty' axed from Sleeping Beauty pantomime because of gender stereotypes. “Are you sure they are not staging this production on April 1?

'Sleeping Beauty' axed from Sleeping Beauty pantomime because of gender stereotypes

It really is political correctness gone mad. It makes no sense.” Peter Bone MP “I am sorry if there might be some children or, more likely, parents who think that is not how it is meant to be,” she said. “But every time a fairytale is retold we cannot help but adapt it in line with our ideology, regardless of whether that is a conscious plan. Another change sees the fairy godmothers being replaced by the "Wise members of the Women's Institute". The website advertising the pantomime says: "This Christmas, Bristol Old Vic presents director Sally Cookson's fun-filled fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, brought bang up to date with a new spellbinding story. "Once upon a time there was a boy, Prince Percy who was loved by his kingdom but cursed to prick his finger and sleep for 100 years.

Fishermen should be 'fishers' to be 'gender neutral', says vegan shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy. Users of Twitter struggled to find alternative suggestions, such as “fishing folk”, “fisherdudes”, “codbotherers” and “fish stranglers”.

Fishermen should be 'fishers' to be 'gender neutral', says vegan shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy

MP Charles Walker Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY Charles Walker, a senior Tory MP, said: “I am sure her statement on this matter will be met with some agricultural comments from fishermen and women. “How such utterances advance of the English commercial fishing fleet, I don’t know. With every one of its meaningless utterances Labour is losing its mandate to be taken seriously across the country and countryside. The Argument for a 70% Pay Raise for Women. Science shows gender neutral toys empower children, and possibly society at large. The days of pink and blue toy aisles may soon be a thing of the past, as toy manufacturers and big-box retailers move to eliminate gendered toy marketing.

Science shows gender neutral toys empower children, and possibly society at large

While gender equality advocates hail these advances (myself included) as positive, others are less than enthusiastic—and downright misinformed. First Ever Boy In Barbie Ad Busts Gender Barriers For Kids’ Toys. SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — For the first time ever, a boy has been cast in a Barbie commercial.

First Ever Boy In Barbie Ad Busts Gender Barriers For Kids’ Toys

The ad features a cute blond boy sporting a Mohawk, playing with a Moschino Barbie doll with a group of girls. “Moschino Barbie is so fierce!” He says, before putting a bejeweled purse on his doll’s shoulder. “It’s for you Moschino Barbie,” he says, and ends the ad with a wink while the camera lingers on his bright-eyed face in a close-up shot. The ad is apt to fuel the fight for gender neutrality when it comes to toys and toy shopping. Recently, Target was one of the first big retailer to make its toy departments gender neutral. Scientists Can Now Establish Your Gender From a Fingerprint  Will Gender-Neutral Clothing Take Off? - SheRa. A strange thing happens when I hear the term ‘gender-neutral clothing’.

Will Gender-Neutral Clothing Take Off? - SheRa

It conjures up an image of an army of monochromatic, androgynous people in clean-cut, space age-style outfits. I think that’s just because it sounds so clinical, something to do with the ‘neutral’ bit. The Hot New Fashion "Trend" Is All About Gender — In the Best Way Possible. These four photos represent the future of fashion.

The Hot New Fashion "Trend" Is All About Gender — In the Best Way Possible

Not because they're pants made with high-tech innovation. Not because they represent the fitness-minded "athleisure" trend. But because you really can't tell which ones are for men, and which are for women. Is Agender Fashion a Trend, or a Movement? The concept of agender fashion has recently gotten a lot of ink.

Is Agender Fashion a Trend, or a Movement?

But in a trend-driven industry, are issues of gender truly being addressed, or simply given lip service? Refinery29 hosted a discussion on this topic this week as part of its F*ck The Fashion Rules initiative. Moderated by writer Katherine Bernard, the panel consisted of model agent (and former model herself) Jenny Shimizu, Grace Dunham; Kristiina Wilson, photographer and EIC of You Do You, a genderless fashion site; Anita Dolce Vita, editor-in-chief of the site Dapper Q, and performance artist and community organizer Alok Vaid-Menon. The discussion, "Peopleswear: The Changing State of Gender in Fashion," touched on trans issues in fashion, the transphobic connotations of "natural beauty," and whether the fashion industry cares more about representation or capitalism.

Here are some of the highlights from what everyone had to say. Unisex Fashion: Can It Ever Be More Than a Niche Category? When Kristi Paras launches e-commerce for her year-old West Village shop Personnel of New York in the coming weeks, product categories will include Menswear, Womenswear, Accessories and Everyone. "Everyone" meaning unisex, or pieces that can -- and are -- worn by men and women. At her physical store, Paras stocks the Los Angeles-based line 69 -- har har, get it? -- which includes trousers and dresses designed to appeal to both sexes. (Guys might like to call those dresses tunics.) Why Unisex Products Are the Way of the Future - TREND HUNTER PRO. The rate of progression for our society is seemingly limitless and as we move further into the new millennium, it’s clear that unisex products are going to continue gaining market share.

This move towards products are aren’t specifically tailored for men or women are taking precedence for a variety of reasons: looser gender barriers and continued acceptance of queer individuals, to name a few. However, what we’re experiencing as a whole are unisex products that help to blur the lines between the sexes and move forward in a more uniform approach. We’ve seen a spike in unisex clothing, as described in Trend Hunter’s PRO Trend Unisex Dress, but we’re seeing an interesting shift away from masculine or feminine products in a specific way. Trend Hunter’s PRO Trend Mansome Desire pinpoints the way in which brands are helping to break down traditional gender roles: through reversing product consumers.

References: trendreports and trendreports. 50% of Millennials believe gender falls on a spectrum. Half of all Millennials believe that gender exists on a spectrum, and shouldn’t be limited to the categories of male and female, according to Fusion’s Massive Millennial Poll, which surveyed 1,000 people aged 18-34 about everything from politics to dating to race issues. The findings suggest young people are moving away from a binary conception of gender, a major shift from previous generations. (For full results and methodology, click here.) Upcoming Unisex Brands from Berlin Fashion Week. We could relay to you the virtues of unisex brands, and there are many, but the proof is in the number of designers who have begun to take this direction. Why restrict yourself to just one half of your potential consumers, when you can appeal to both? At last week’s Berlin Fashion Week we were struck by the amount of brands on offer that cater to both genders and how immediately drawn we were to them.

Visiting Bread & Butter, SEEK and Capsule inbetween storms it was a natural decision that, with so many up-and-coming unisex brands, we just had to feature them all in order to give all you guys a heads-up. These are all brands that are carefully conceived, with serious thought put into every step of their design, production and manufacturing. Retailers should ditch “men’s” and “women’s” departments and embrace genderless fashion. Gendered fashion is on the way out. Fashion designers are mixing menswear and womenswear on the runway. Parents are pushing for genderless clothing that allows little girls to, say, wear science-themed t-shirts instead of princess dresses. Limitless art and haute couture. ​Should retailers promote genderless shopping? A century ago, the high-end British department store Selfridges was founded on the revolutionary idea that shopping should be fun. My life without gender: 'Strangers are desperate to know what genitalia I have'

​Should retailers promote genderless shopping? Rise in gender-neutral clothing - IOL Lifestyle. Frankfurt - It used to be the case that blue was for boys and pink for girls. Watch Outfit’s Abstract Film for ‘Genderless’ British alt-rockers Outfit just dropped their second full-length, Slowness, in June via Memphis Industries, and now, they have shared a video for album track, “Genderless” (via Nowness). The video is an excerpt from an hour-long film by director Lucy Hardcastle, and it features paint splashing across the screen, mixing into rich colors and amorphous shapes. 7 Gender Non Conformist & Gender Neutral Clothing Brands To Support Right Now. Is Genderless Fashion the Future? Nicola Formichetti is making genderless clothing a reality. Retailers should ditch “men’s” and “women’s” departments and embrace genderless fashion.

Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Modern Scottish Women. Modern Two: Until June 26th ‘Modern Scottish Women’ is an exhibition that focuses on the art crafted by often neglected, but nonetheless highly inspired, female hands. Focusing on the mediums of painting and sculpture, the collection covers 80 years; points of demarcation being 1885, when Fra Newbery ascended to the position of Director in the Glasgow School of Art, to 1965, the year that Anne Redpath died. The choice of this time period is ultimately rather sensitive, reflecting an intense period of flux in the Scottish art scene, due at least in part to the rapidly increasing number of women who chose to practise.

Though the common denominator of this exhibition is clearly the female artist, some of the most interesting works on display show men. There is particularly fascinating history to ‘Neil Munro’, a depiction of the eponymic Scottish journalist in sultry blacks and reds, by the artist Stansmore Dean Stephenson. More Universities Move To Include Gender-Neutral Pronouns. New Philly law requires gender neutral bathrooms.

Friday, November 20, 2015 Removing the gender designation on bathrooms removes the impetus for strangers to judge whether gender nonconforming people are using the "correct" restroom. Gender Neutral Underwear Are On Display At The Victoria & Albert Museum — PHOTOS. Untitled. Guelph group wants more gender-neutral washrooms. Toys 'R' Us removes gender categories from UK website. LC:M – J.W. Anderson. Unsewn: Bethnals. The Future of Fashion. This Is What 'Mx.' Means. Gender Neutral Underwear Are On Display At The Victoria & Albert Museum — PHOTOS.

Everybody in dresses: Why does gender neutral clothing always mean ‘boy’ clothes for girls? Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail? Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose are gender fluid: What is it? Why black models are rarely in fashion. Fashionista. Generation gender-neutral: Seoul’s fashion message. Can we tie unisex fashion trends to gender equality? Gender-neutral underpants to be displayed at the V&A. Pop Tart: Designer Rad Hourani launches art exhibition in Montreal. Fashion - Unisex. Life & Style: Unisex Fashion Trend Endures for Everyone.

Sole sister: kick off your heels and celebrate, flats are a feminist issue.