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Raw Raspberry Chocolates. Simple but sophisticated raw chocolates topped with raspberries and pink salt make a wonderful homemade treat.

Raw Raspberry Chocolates

If you’re still looking for a simple but tasty homemade gift or treat to share this season, these little raw raspberry chocolates could not be easier to make and they make a nice finale to any holiday meal. They’re a total crowd pleaser too; set out a tray of these after dinner and see how quickly they’re scooped up! What I love about them is that you can whip them up in no time since they’re one of those melt, stir and pour numbers that’s super convenient to make at the last minute.

All you’ll need are a handful of ingredients as well as a little bit of time to let them cool until they set in the fridge and you’re done. Pancake Cupcakes with Maple-Bacon Frosting. So, bacon is all the rage right now.

Pancake Cupcakes with Maple-Bacon Frosting

Bacon and chocolate, bacon and popcorn, bacon and… pretty much anything. Bacon, bacon, bacon. Parmesan Garlic Chicken {Gluten Free} Parmesan Garlic Chicken.

Parmesan Garlic Chicken {Gluten Free}

Bison Stew with Red Wine and Sweet Bay. Packages that care & banana bread. (photo by Julia F.)

packages that care & banana bread

I know a girl named Julia and she takes care of me. In college, the front porch of her apartment would suffer the regular collisions of my bike tire as I catapulted myself through her front door and unceremoniously into the middle of whatever she was doing. She was a master of the "Oh Cassie" eye-roll-and-sigh know the one. It was a simultaneous acceptance of and preparation for whatever disaster I was about to inadvertantly wreak upon the normal and manageable rhythm of her life. ( If you know me, you perform it on a twice a day basis at LEAST. ) But Julia was the best at it, so it goes without saying that I owe her one. That i had found the magical, integral centerpiece to my care package. Moosewood Cookbook Banana Bread 1.5 cups melted butter1 3/4 cup brown sugar (or 1 1/2 cups honey)4 eggs, room temperature2 1/2 tsp vanilla extract1/2 tsp almond extractGrated rind of 1 orange 2 cups well-mashed , ripe banana soaked in1 cup strong, black coffee.

Graham crackers. Let's start the week with a treat... I've discovered that you can make graham crackers from scratch.

Let's start the week with a treat...

Did y'all know that? Homemade Graham Crackers — Make Real Food Challenge. Graham Crackers.

Homemade Graham Crackers — Make Real Food Challenge

They bring to mind after school snacks, campfires and marshmallows, and sibling rivalry. When I started opting to only eat traditionally-prepared grains, I said goodbye to Graham Crackers along with many other convenient treats. But why? It turns out, homemade graham crackers aren’t any harder to make than cookies. Marshmallow Root Marshmallows + Giveaway (paleo-friendly, dairy free, gluten free) Did you know original marshmallows actually came from a plant?

Marshmallow Root Marshmallows + Giveaway (paleo-friendly, dairy free, gluten free)

Marshmallow (or marsh mallow or Althaea officinalis) is actually a herb! Rosemary Gladstar in her book Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health states "Our pioneer parents cooked the root with honey or sugar, formed into soft balls, and gave it to their children to suck on to soothe a sore throat. " Yes, marshmallows were actually a remedy! Easy Chocolate Pudding Recipe. If you're new here, you may want to sign up for FREE weekly updates delivered to your inbox featuring Real Food recipes, nutrition & health articles, and special discounts or promotions. P.S. This post may contain affiliate links to products or services I use, enjoy, or recommend. Packing the Perfect Lunch Box. A Growing Wise Kids Column Whether at work, school or just out-and-about at play, packing food "for the road" is a must-have skill.

Packing the Perfect Lunch Box

The lure of fast food to fill the tummy tank is unavoidable, stationed at every street corner, not to mention within the schools themselves. Don't forget villainous vending machine temptations strategically placed down every corridor. As traditional food enthusiasts, we know it is vital to make every meal count. Grilled Shrimp and Vegetables with Pearl Couscous Recipe at Epicurious. Whisk together vinegar, oregano, thyme, garlic, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper in a small bowl until salt is dissolved.

Grilled Shrimp and Vegetables with Pearl Couscous Recipe at Epicurious

Add 1/3 cup oil in a slow stream, whisking until vinaigrette is combined. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a wide 3-quart heavy saucepan over moderate heat until hot but not smoking, then toast couscous, stirring occasionally, until fragrant and pale golden, 3 to 5 minutes. How to Make a Sourdough Starter. No-knead Sourdough Bread. Pork. "Dear WAPF," began the hand-written note, "We are cancelling our membership because of the Foundation's stand against eating pork.


Your prejudice against pork hurts hard-working farmers. " This letter has languished in my files for several years as I considered how to answer what I call the "pork dilemma. " On the one hand, several practitioners of live blood cell analysis have told me that eating pork causes undesirable changes in the blood; on the other hand, pork was consumed by healthy Polynesian and Melanesian groups which Dr. Price visited and described; and pork is a major food in the diets of long-lived peoples such as the Okinawans and Caucasian Georgians. Equally important is the fact that raising pork fits so well into the model of an integrated farm.

A clue to the dilemma came from a Chinese member of WAPF. At last we have been able to bring some finality to the question with the live blood analyses of Beverly Rubik (see article page 24). Find A Local Chapter. Local chapters help you find locally-grown organic and biodynamic vegetables, fruits and grains; and milk products, butter, eggs, chicken and meat from pasture-fed animals.

SCD White “Chocolate” Candy. White “Chocolate” Roses I like dark chocolate and I like white chocolate. I really don’t care for milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is made with a very high cocoa content. Really good dark chocolate tends to have 70% or higher cocoa content. White chocolate is the exact opposite as it does not contain any cocoa solids nor does it contain any chocolate liquor (cocoa mass).

Sourdough Black Forest Cake.