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Automobile Accidents Lawyer. Automobile Accidents Every year thousands of people are injured and killed in car accidents.Sadly, most of these car crashes are preventable.

Automobile Accidents Lawyer

By law, each and every driver has a duty to other motorists and pedestrians to exert "reasonable care. " When this doesn't happen itcan result in an auto accident and quite often, personal injury. The most common situations that result in accident and injury are when a driver ignored a traffic sign or signal, made an unlawful lane change, was traveling with excessive speed, or was driving under the influence. This disregard to those around them can lead to devastating and long-term effects. Car accident investigations are complex and confusing.

Automobile Accidents Lawyer. Wrongful Death Lawyer. The loss of a loved one is overwhelming and devastating, especially the unexpected loss of a family member due to the negligence or wrongful act of another person. At Grabb & Durando we understand the financial and emotional stress that happens when a loved one is lost. Our caring and compassionate team handles each individual case with professionalism and has a complete knowledge of wrongful death statutes in Arizona.

According to Arizona law you may be entitled to compensation for the death of a family member if that loved one suffered injury and death due to the misdeeds of someone else. Wrongful death statutes permit the spouse, parents and children of the person who died to recover financial damages for their loss. Our experienced Tucson lawyers can recover lost income from the time of the death and for what is reasonably expected to in the future. Lawyers Making a Difference Dangerous Premises. When an accidental injury happens during a visit to another person’s property, the owner of that property may be liable for that injury.

Lawyers Making a Difference Dangerous Premises

Under law, when you venture onto someone’s property you are owed a certain duty of care. Whether you are an invitee, such as shopping at the supermarket or eating at our favorite eatery, a licensee, someone who is a social guest and there for non commercial reasons, or even a trespasser, the property owner still has a responsibility to ensure that hazards are taken care of. Product Liability Lawyers. One of the greatest threats we all face is not only defective products, but the destruction of our rights by manufacturers of those products.

Product Liability Lawyers

Our goal here at Grabb & Durando is to help protect consumers from dangerous products, while holding manufacturers, distributors and vendors responsible for putting into the marketplace products that they knew or should have known were dangerous or defective. We are experienced product liability lawyers here in Tucson, protecting our community with aggressive representation. In Arizona there are three situations which consumers may file a product liability claim. The first is if a product, component, or engineering design flaw causes injury or damage to property. This can cover anything from poorly executed engineering to defective packaging such as a prescription bottle that the child-proof cap failed and your children got sick from it as a result.

Tucson Dog Bite Lawyer. Dog Bites Tucson Dog Bite Lawyer Each year there are more than 4.7 million dog bites reported in the United States.

Tucson Dog Bite Lawyer

Alarmingly, children are the usual victim and account for 77% of the attacks. Dog bites are the second leading cause of childhood injury, surpassing even playground accidents. Whether the victim is a child or an adult, a dog bite can cause severe physical and emotional damage that can take years to recover from. Bicycle Accidents Lawyer. Bicycle Accidents Arizona is perfect for bicycling.

Bicycle Accidents Lawyer

Unfortunately when you are on a bike, accidents and injury go hand in hand. But did you also know that Arizona bicyclists have the SAME RIGHTS as passenger vehicles? They have the same legal rights to use the road as motorists. Semi Truck Accidents Lawyer. Semi-Truck Accidents Truck accidents across the state of Arizona are literally an everyday event.

Semi Truck Accidents Lawyer

Because of the size of a tractor-trailer versus the size of most other vehicles, when a collision occurs, serious injuries are almost a guaranteed result. Semi-truck crashes account for approximately 12 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities with the occupant of the other vehicle being killed in about 98 percent of those cases. Any claim that commercial tractor trailer accidents in Arizona are deadly is a drastic understatement. Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer. Motorcycle Accidents Among all motor vehicles, motorcycles are the most vulnerable on the road.

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyers. Automobile Accidents Lawyer. Product Liability Lawyers. Lawyers Making a Difference. Property Damage Lawyer. In December of 2010, the Tucson Police Department implemented a new policy in which they will no longer respond to property-damage-only automobile accidents.

Property Damage Lawyer

This new policy specifically states that an officer will only respond to an accident if: someone is injured;one of the drivers is impaired; orthe accident is blocking the road.This change can complicate issues if you have been in a car accident in Tucson for several reasons:An automobile accident is a traumatic event which can cause increased levels of adrenalin. This can mask the symptoms of an injury and you could be injured and not realize it.Automobile accidents often cause soft tissue injuries. It is not uncommon for these types of injuries to take hours or even days to manifest.Traditionally, the police report is used by the insurance company to determine who was responsible for causing the collision. For your convenience, we have created an Accident Check List.

Lawyers Making News Difference. Lawyers Making a Difference. Robert Grabb – Founding Partner Robert was born in Havana, Cuba in 1956.

Lawyers Making a Difference

In 1957, Samuel Grabb, Robert’s father, moved the family to Miami, Florida so that he could pursue a medical education. Samuel’s plan was to move his family back to Cuba after his three years of study. Circumstances in Cuba changed drastically during those three years and the Grabbs remained in the United States. In 1962, they moved to Tucson, Arizona. Making Misdiagnosis Lawyers. Although you might see coverage of high-profile medical malpractice lawsuits from time to time, surgical errors, misdiagnosis cases and other instances of medical malpractice are much more common than you might think.

Making Misdiagnosis Lawyers

Many patients adversely affected by the actions or neglect of a doctor or hospital never pursue their cases and find justice. Many more never even know or understand that they are victims of medical malpractice. An estimated 225,000 people die each year from some form of medical malpractice; this includes incorrect dosages of medication, surgical errors and wrong diagnosis. Medical malpractice is negligence committed by a professional health care provider, whose treatment or omission of treatment departs from a standard of care met by those with similar training and experience which results in harm to the patient.

Birth Injury Lawyer. Medical Malpractice Lawyer. “Doctor in Pompton Lakes performing surgery without training, AG complaint alleges” ~ Tuesday, May 8, 2012 “Windsor hospital CEO blames human error for unnecessary surgery”~ Friday, May 4th, 2012 Toronto Star “Ops oops! Hospitals own up to four errors” ~ Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 Leicester Mercury Infections, surgical mistakes, and other medical harm contribute to the deaths of 180,000 hospital patients a year, according to projections based on a 2010 report from the Department of Health and Human Services. Another 1.4 million are seriously hurt by their hospital care. Lawyers Making a Difference. There are very few injuries more painful and serious than severe burns. Burns, while often fatal, those who survive have a long, excruciating and expensive road to recovery.

Burn injuries often occur when a victim comes in contact with flame, corrosive chemicals, hot objects, scalding fluids, exposure to radiation and electrocution and is often due to the negligence of some other party. Victims are often left with physical and psychological scars and burns can require years of hospitalization, doctors visits and physical therapy. Tucson Dog Bite Lawyer. Bicycle Accidents Lawyer. Tucson Dog Bite Lawyer. Semi Truck Accidents Lawyer. Spinal Cord Injury lawyer.

There are nearly 1 in 50 people living with paralysis in the United States, - approximately 6 million people. Almost 1.3 million of those are spinal cord injured. The cause of spinal cord injuries is usually some form of trauma, a sudden blow or impact to the spine that fractures or dislocates the vertebrae. Injuries to the spinal cord which consists of a bundle of nerves that runs from the base of the brain and down the back, can result in a loss of sensation and movement including paralysis of all four limbs (quadriplegia), and paralysis of the lower half of the body (paraplegia), Other health problems can include bladder and bowel complications, inability to regulate blood pressure, reduced control of body temperature, chronic pain and increased susceptibility to respiratory disease.

The victims also tend to have shorter lifespans. Auto accidents are the most frequent cause of injury to the spine, accounting for nearly 47% of all spinal cord injuries. Motorcycle Accident Attorney. Tucson Dog Bite Lawyer. Spinal Cord Injury lawyer. Bicycle Accidents Lawyer. Automobile Accidents Lawyer. Semi Truck Accidents Lawyer. Medical Malpractice Lawyer. Tucson Personal Injury Attorneys. Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer. Among all motor vehicles, motorcycles are the most vulnerable on the road. Wrongful Death Lawyer.