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Welcome to Your Online Workshop! How to Build and Install a Concrete Countertop. Remove the sides of the mold from the concrete first, being careful not to press against the concrete.

How to Build and Install a Concrete Countertop

Cut the wire that was suspending the rebar or steel mesh as close to the surface of the concrete as possible. Remove the screws attaching the sides of the mold to the bottom and use a pry bar and a hammer to gently pry the mold apart. Again, be careful not to press the pry bar or hammer against the concrete. When the sides of the mold are off, flip the concrete countertop over to expose the surface – this is a two-person job (Image 1).

Have one person push the concrete to one end of the table while the other person flips it over and the first person gently lowers it into place. Pepperplate.

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