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Galactic & Human History

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The Cassiopaeans Logs - Cassiopaeans Transcripts from 1994 to 2002. Bock Saga. Galactic Connection. In The Beginning And The Forces Of Dark. Michelle Walling – In the beginning of this universe Divine Creator created “Games”.

In The Beginning And The Forces Of Dark

The Game for this Universe was called Polarity Integration. The goal was simple: experience polarity and integrate it; once achieved, reunite with Divine Creator. The players of this game would be the Humanoids and the Reptilians. The Humanoids were given a creation myth which stated that the Humans could colonize any planet they chose, but if they find another race on the planet, they must negotiate a peace treaty and strive for harmony. The Reptilians were given a creation myth that stated that they owned the Galaxy and had the right to colonize any planet they chose. The Reptiles were given a head start so that their technology would start out superior to the Humans. When humanoids became advanced enough for space travel about 22 million years ago, they colonized another planet called Avalon.

The Reptilians eventually found out about Tiamat and decided to colonize it. Forces of Dark Like this: MATRIX and Valdamar Valerian. The Ancient Guardians of The Living Library - Planet Earth. The Ancient Guardians of The Living Library - Planet Earth.

The Ancient Guardians of The Living Library - Planet Earth

[click on to image to enlarge] 1. Abstract: An Introduction to the Living Library Long before the Peace Treaty between Orion and Sirius, a young solar system had cooled down and the planets were ready to be seeded. After some turmoil in the beginning, the planets had finally aligned and found their orbits around their Sun. Little did all the star beings in the Universe know that this seemingly insignificant new solar system, located in the outskirt of the Milky Way Galaxy, right on the Ninth Passageway in the Orion Arm of the Galaxy, would be subjected to so much commotion; even to such an extent that there would be very few star races in our Galaxy and beyond who weren't aware of our beautiful, blue planet. There is no doubt that Planet Earth was selected in an ancient past as one of supposedly twelve planets which were planned to develop into Living Libraries. 2. The first things which developed on land were rocks and plants. Anton Parks. Occult History, Government, Aliens, Religion and Spirituality.

Cosmology Corner. The Andromedan Compendium - 7a. The Andromedan Compendium - 6. The Andromedan Compendium - 5. The Andromedan Compendium - 4. The Andromedan Compendium - 3a. The Andromedan Compendium - 2. The Andromedan Compendium - 1a. The Andromedan Compendium - Defending Sacred Ground. The Andromedan Compendium - 1a. Galactic History According to Alex Collier and The Andromedans. By Michael E.

Galactic History According to Alex Collier and The Andromedans

Salla, PhD May 4, 2005 from GalacticDiplomacy Website Spanish version. The Cygnus Mystery. 'THE CYGNUS MYSTERY is an intellectual adventure that considers shamanism and the influence of the Cygnus constellation on the minds of our Neolithic ancestors.

The Cygnus Mystery

Andrew Collins takes readers into deepest, darkest caves in search of the sound of the universe, making a compelling case for Palaeolithic CERNs.' Jeremy Narby, anthropologist and author of The Cosmic Serpent and Intelligence in Nature This is not a book about life's origins in the Darwinian sense. It is about the origins of life much deeper in our history and consciousness - about our earliest ancestors' awareness that life, death, and evolution were connected directly to a cosmic source. Chronology of Earth History acc ETs. 22 Million B.C.

Chronology of Earth History acc ETs

The first Lyrans came to Earth and colonized in a small group- most died out after some time ca 6mill.back - Earth had 2 smaller moons that collided into earth=enormous destruction. Almost all life annhilated. 1,35mill.BC: a race of black and yellow people from a cooling-down planet in the Centauri-system discover our sun-system and colonise Mars + Maldek/Milona(asteroid-belt now) and later settled on east of earth. 1.32mill.BC: the continent LAMAR - later called "Lemuria" was raised in todays Pacific - a very flat continent of max 300m. above sea level 1,3millBC: the black race colonize africe and a mixed rase colonize north-africa + arabia. ca500000 BC- our moon of today captured of gravitation-field of Earth 387,000 B.C. 144,207 Lyrans came to Earth and settled here, and forever changed the genetics of Earthman. ca250000BC: colonization of the continent LAMAR - from planet "Aremo-X3" in Centauri-system 228,000 B.C.

Alpha Draconis/Orion Group - Ascension Glossary. The direction of life force [collected through the NRG Grids] is hierarchical and managed by the Alpha Draconis system in the Orion Constellation, however multiple conflicts exist within the system and the fight for its resources exist among many species, the reptilian and draconian levels of contingents.

Alpha Draconis/Orion Group - Ascension Glossary

There is a vast system of bottom feeders and defectors. The Orion Group is a Satanic force that has a predatorial ideology that uses females as slaves or breeders, while seeking territorial dominion on other planets within their warring and killing culture. Their position in the NAA and its consortium of Negative Aliens is called the Black Sun Program. They are a predator force with a predator mind which is mainly responsible for creating much of the Negative Ego in humanity through Mind Control programming and they have introduced financial and debt enslavement to planet earth through the banking cartels.

Reptilian Hierarchy Galactic Wars Draconian Races from Orion Black Sun DNA Reference. Root Races - Ascension Glossary. The following is the Root Race Seeding cycles which describes the evolutionary time cycle and the Root Race associated with each time cycle during planet earth's evolution.

Root Races - Ascension Glossary

We are in the 5th Root Race Cycle and are here to heal and unite with all of our Fragments from the previous Root Race Cycles and well as to activate our 4th DNA STRAND. There are Three Main Seeding Cycles of Root Races: Seeding One The 7D Earth Gaia: Root Race 1- 7D Earth Root Race 1 –Polarians Root Race 2 – Hyperboreans – Antiparticle double to the Polarian Race Seeding Two and Seeding Three. Orion Wars - Ascension Glossary. Orion Black League - Ascension Glossary. Orion Black League is a well known term used to describe the resistance during the Intergalactic Orion Wars.

Orion Black League - Ascension Glossary

The intergalactic Orion Wars started off as a war between two parties. They were the Empire on one side, and the armies of Light on the other. Later on, the Rebels also entered the scene, as a third party.