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Be it chat selling, social selling, marketplace selling, or selling via webstore, Shopmatic offers you multiple ways to do ecommerce and sell products online

The Complete Toolkit for a Thriving Online Business. In order to build a successful business, no matter what its specific nature be, it has now become a precondition of sorts to have corresponding digital presence and it is common for brands of all sizes to make due efforts in launching a successful online business.

The Complete Toolkit for a Thriving Online Business

Due to this trend, marketing as well as sales have been irrevocably intertwined with technology. Using the right tools with a carefully mapped out strategy can help you move ahead of competitors and set you apart in the mind of your customers. So, then the ultimate question—how to have a successful online business—boils down to understanding and choosing the essential tools which are just the right fit for you. But before we start discussing specific tools, you must understand that purchasing a gamut of products and services, all of which make promises of making your online business successful might not be the good idea it sounds like. Now, let us look at some of these tools which can help your business thrive online.

How to start an online store - Short guide to brief you through! The internet has proven to be a boon for most businesses as it has the potential to reach prospective customers across the globe.

How to start an online store - Short guide to brief you through!

The operational costs are relatively low as compared to any offline business and thus small businesses are also encouraged to take a leap of faith with the help of an online portal. After the pandemic, businesses have been devising new strategies and adapting to changing economic circumstances to stay afloat. We’ve also witnessed a shift in consumer behaviour as more and more users are reaching out to brands and organisations to purchase online. Honestly, there is no better time to launch your own website than today – and here’s what you’d need to do to create an ecommerce website Create A Domain Name A domain name is equivalent to a physical address but online – in simple words, what people type to access your website.

Usually, people opt for .com as it’s a TLD (top-level domain) name in the Domain Name System of the Internet. Build A Webstore Get started. Effective Hacks to Get High Quality Social Media Leads - Shopmatic. Whether you are an SMB or an industry giant, leveraging the power of social media to drive greater online sales and better leads can have a wondrous effect on your brand reach, visibility, and sales value, resulting in greater revenue generation.

Effective Hacks to Get High Quality Social Media Leads - Shopmatic

While most marketers see social media marketing only as a brand awareness and engagement tool, understanding and deploying the strategies to generate leads on social media can reap greater profits and enhance your ROI. In fact, using social media marketing has reduced around 45% costs of businesses as promotional spends as their revenue increased by 24% by using social media for lead generation, truly showcasing the potential of social media for growing businesses.

If “how can we generate leads through social media?” Is something you are thinking about as an eCommerce seller, here are some great lead generation tips powered by the social media marketing experts at Shopmatic. 7 of the Best Tips for Social Media Selling. Social selling is the current buzzword amongst digital marketers, but do they really understand the term?

7 of the Best Tips for Social Media Selling

While 78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who aren’t, there are many social media sellers who haven’t quite grasped the essence of it. Social selling, in the nutshell, is about building and nurturing connections first, and then the selling part follows. 7 of the Best Tips for Social Media Selling. 7 Simple Tips on Writing Brilliant Product Descriptions to Increase Sales. Can the product description impact sales?

7 Simple Tips on Writing Brilliant Product Descriptions to Increase Sales

Can a badly described product lead to poor sales and good content really help increase the product’s appeal? Yes, they can! Product descriptions are way more important than you think. A description is a statement your product wears to stand out and so it needs to be appealing, attractive, & informative. To help you gain a little more perspective, hear this out. So, to help you write better, below we have encompassed six easy product description tips that you can undertake to increase your sales.

Ask yourself, ‘Who’s your audience?’ Knowing your audience is the fundamental assessment that you should be making before product description writing. You must gain insight into the target customer personas that highly depends on the following factors: Age groupEducation levelIncome LevelsGenderLingual PreferencesType of buyer like impulsive, surfers, researchers, loyal, etc.Their interests Let us explain this with an example. 100% genuine leather Memory foam. Surviving COVID 19: A Step-by-step Guide On How To Build Your Online Store.

COVID 19 has disrupted the functioning of the world, altogether.

Surviving COVID 19: A Step-by-step Guide On How To Build Your Online Store

Due to lockdown and social distancing measures, the businesses across the globe, have come to a jarring halt, causing billions of accumulative financial losses. Operating with limited resources and increased risks, the SME sector of the countries have particularly suffered the greatest hit of the pandemic. 8 Ways to Upgrade your Kirana Business Post-COVID. The wrath of the coronavirus has led the world to a startling halt, confining them to their homes.

8 Ways to Upgrade your Kirana Business Post-COVID

Doctors, essential products and services suppliers, police force and other government personnel have emerged as the real-life saviours in the time of this crisis. And, while the routine of the physical world order has been disrupted, people have taken to the virtual social spaces to connect with and provide for one another. Digitization was already recording exponential growth in recent years and the ongoing scenario has made it crystal-clear that the future of businesses is online. One of the business sectors that saw a drastic boom physically as well as digitally is the Kirana businesses, i.e. the ones that dealt with day-to-day supplies.

How to Write a Useful Business Plan. Ah!

How to Write a Useful Business Plan

The lure of entrepreneurship! Being your own boss, working at your time, running your own business and creating your own brand… it is a wonderful dream and not one without challenges! So where does one start? If you are perhaps toying with a promising business idea, bouncing it off friends and your likely audience is a good start…. Manage selling on Multiple Marketplaces easily. Social Selling with Payments & Shipping. eCommerce Chat Selling with Payments. Create your online store in minutes to sell online.