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Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom, Education Up Close, Teaching Today, Glencoe Online. Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom As the Internet becomes an increasingly pervasive and persistent influence in people's lives, the phenomenon of the blog stands out as a fine example of the way in which the Web enables individual participation in the marketplace of ideas.

Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom, Education Up Close, Teaching Today, Glencoe Online

Teachers have picked up on the creative use of this Internet technology and put the blog to work in the classroom. The education blog can be a powerful and effective technology tool for students and teachers alike. What is a blog? A blog (sometimes referred to as a weblog) is a Web publishing tool that allows authors to quickly and easily self-publish text, artwork, links to other blogs or Web sites, and a whole array of other content. Blogs are set-up like conventional Web sites, with navigation links, and other standard Web site features.

Postings are often short and frequently updated. User-Friendly Technology Fortunately for teachers, blogs are surprisingly easy to use. Why Blogs? Blogging In Education Today (a multipart series) Looking at how today’s teachers are using blogs – the first post in a series looking at the many uses of blogging in today’s educational institutions.

Blogging In Education Today (a multipart series)

While blogging in general is well past the ‘emerging’ state, its use in education continues to evolve and expand. I think that a series of articles providing a broad overview of the topic, complete with worthy examples of education-oriented blogging, could provide a useful resource to educators considering blogging for the first time, and for anyone just trying to learn more about the topic. Over the course of the series, I will look at the blogging practices of teachers, students, administrators, and education-based technologists. We’ll start with a look at how teachers are using blogs. Educational Blogging. Blogs for education?

Educational Blogging

You must be kidding… Blogs, or weblogs, have made their way into every corner of the Internet over the past decade. What once started out as something a very few people did actually know something about, has become very – very popular. Today, blogs are used by individuals, businesses, clubs, hobbyists and even educators. They are one of the easiest ways to put content up on the Internet for others to learn. One of the fastest growing trends with blogs today is to use them to help with education. Benefits of Blogging for Kids Parents and teachers can use blogs to help teach their kids many different life skills.

Writing – Learning how to write is an important skill, and blogging can help kids of all ages learn this important skill. Educational Benefits of Blogging for Adults There are millions of adult students who are looking to learn new skills to better themselves. Here’s the latest email I got from a university student: Hey Robert,I’m Joel, from Germany. Your turn: The CU Online Handbook - Teach differently: Create and collaborate - Chapter_6.pdf.