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Roasted Strawberry Shortcake Shakes. Hey! Did everyone have a good weekend? Even though I was super busy I actually had a pretty nice little weekend. One of my favorite parts was brunching with the boyfriend at Gum Tree; a great Aussie inspired cafe in the South Bay. We sat outside because the weather was great, the food was great, and the people watched was great. I LOVE people watching. It’s such a great way to relax and sort of get lost in thought. Sometimes we’ll make up random and funny stories about the people passing by, just to entertain ourselves. Anyway, Tuesday is Valentine’s Day and this is the perfect shake to make a loved one or even just for yourself as a decadent sweet treat. Roasted Strawberry Shortcake Shakes Makes 2 Directions: 1. Cherry Limeade the Radioactive Way.

Want that dazzling super glowy look? Try this radioactive cherry limeade. It’s the secret skin enhancer of the stars. Your new glow in the dark skin will cause car accidents from the glare, and all your friends will be envious. With this extraordinary product you’ll stand out in the crowd, like the star you were meant to be. Call now, for only $19.95 plus $1,245,967 shipping and handling, you can turn your whole life around. This product is not sold in stores. What are you waiting for? Warning: Side effects may include hyperactivity, addiction, and radioactive iodine poisoning. Ingredients1 ½ cups granulated sugar1 ½ cups waterSmall pinch of salt1 ½ cups fresh squeezed lime juice1/3 cup maraschino cherries, not the juice2 TBS grenadine3 to 5 cups cold water (Depending on how strong you like your limeade)Maraschino cherries & lime slices for garnish In a sauce pan bring sugar, 1 ½ cups of water, and a pinch of salt to a boil. Don’t forget to read the very small fine print!

Roasted Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie. I usually drink a smoothie a day in the summertime. As in, I drink a smoothie more often than I shower. But for some reason, I haven’t been as into them lately.I know, “BOOOOOO.” Maybe it’s because cereal with berries has sounded way better than blended up greens. Stop judging me. Who knows. I started by roasting some strawberries. Next I added the strawberries to some low-fat cottage cheese (<- that’s where the cheesecake flavor comes from), ice, vanilla, honey and water. The result was a creamy, luxurious smoothie that was perfect as dessert-for-breakfast, especially topped with crushed graham cracker. Roasted Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie A light yet decadent smoothie that tastes like strawberry cheesecake thanks to roasted strawberries, low-fat cottage cheese and graham cracker crumbs. Author: Minimalist Baker Recipe type: Smoothie Cuisine: Breakfast Serves: 1 Ingredients Instructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and placed hulled strawberries on a baking sheet.

Notes Nutrition Information. Cherry Smoothie on Foodie. Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie on Foodie. » Lavender Lemonade Against All Grain. Spring is in full bloom here in California. Our hills are brown, which is always terribly backwards, but the flowers and trees are lush and boast vibrant leaves and flower buds. My herb garden started to perk back up about a month ago and I was able to pick my first few leaves for a salad dressing just yesterday. We don’t have the largest backyard so my husband found an idea on Pinterest last Mother’s Day and built me this sweet little fence herb garden.

Fresh herbs provide a much more intense flavor than dried, so having them at my finger tips where I can snip off just what is needed is so nice. Especially compared to having to purchase an over abundance at the grocery store and either dry them myself so as not to waste, or have them wilt before I have a chance to use them. We celebrated my good friend’s birthday a couple of weeks back, and her affinity with lavender helped inspire the menu. Italian sodas. June 30, 2011 | Sweet Recipes | Comments Growing up, these Italian sodas were my favorite!!

My mom and I would always stop by a little coffee shack on our road trips to Oregon. I remember ordering the blueberry Italian soda in the summer instead of ice cream because they were so refreshing. I hadn’t had one of these since I was a kid, so I wanted to recreate the easy recipe. I even made my own blueberry and strawberry syrup instead of using Torani. Photo Credit: Sugar and Charm. Iced Green Tea Limeade. I find myself talking a lot about the seasons and weather here, but the fact is, I’m a little obsessed lately. I am so, so, so ready for summer to be here. Here in Seattle, we have a little joke that summer doesn’t start until July 5.

And sure enough, the temperature has steadfastly hovered in the low 60s and the sun has peeked out once, maybe twice, the past few days. Summer just can’t seem to take hold. So I decided to put a little summer in my glass instead. This delicious twist on the popular green tea and lemonade combo swaps out the lemons for limes. The sun is going to come out … right? Iced Green Tea Limeade Author: Kare Recipe type: Beverage 4 cups water½ cup granulated sugarZest of one lime4 bags green tea½ cup fresh lime juice (about 4 – 6 limes, depending on size/juiciness) In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, bring the water, sugar, and lime zest to a boil.

Cherry Limeade. Blueberry Lemonade. Limonade à la fraise - Le blog de Samar. Bonjour tout le monde ! Me revoilà de retour de mes vacances, mes aminautes de la blogosphere m’ont manqués , je n’ai vraiment pas pu accéder au net afin de visiter chacune de vous. La mer nous a fait le plus grand bien, on s’est vraiment relaxé, détendu et mes filles se sont bien amusées :). Je vous remercie toutes pour vos sympathiques messages, et je vous propose aujourd’hui une limonade à la fraise afin de se rafraichir, j’espère seulement que vous avez eu un beau soleil. Nous sommes à la veille du mois sacré de ramadan, un mois de paix et de tolérance et aussi de magnifiques recettes :). Revenant à notre recette, qui pourra aussi servir de rafraîchissement durant les soirées ramadanesques. Une recette très rapide à faire à base d’un sirop simple composé d’eau et de sucre, qu’on rajoutera aux fraises et au jus de citron, la recette que je propose est sans alcool.

Pour rectifier le goût je préfère ajouter du miel au lieu du sucre. - 2 tasses de fraise lavées, équeutées et coupées en deux. Limonade maison aux framboises. 16 juillet 2012 1 16 /07 /juillet /2012 07:30 Depuis le temps que je voulais en faire je me suis enfin lancée la semaine dernière ! Nous sommes bien loin des limonades achetées dans le commerce, c'est tout simplement incomparable. C'est délicieux, et l'avantage premier de la faire maison c'est que l'on sait ce qu'on y met dans notre limonade ! On ajuste la quantité de sucre, de fruits bref à mes yeux c'est plus sain et tellement meilleur !

Ingrédients pour 6 petites bouteilles : 500 ml d'eau gazeuse 400 g de framboises 130/150 g de sucre 1,5 citron Mini bouteilles de chez Sweetly Cakes Écraser grossièrement les framboises puis les mixer et les tamiser. Tags : Boissons, Limonade, Framboises, Citrons, Eau gazeuse Partager cet article. Limonade maison.