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Handmade Paper… 1.

Handmade Paper…

Select the pieces of paper to be recycled. You can even mix different types to create your own unique paper. 2. Rip the paper into small bits, and place into the blender. (about half full). Bookbinding Tutorial 2 by JamesDarrow on DeviantArt. How to draw Celtic knots. Another valuable calligraphy skill!

How to draw Celtic knots

If you’d like to know more about how to draw Celtic knots for use in decorative borders, illuminated letters etc, these pages show you: • how to draw the basic unit which makes up all Celtic knots • how to join cords to ‘knot the ends’ • how to repeat units to create twists, plaits and weaving (2, 4, 6 and 8 strands) • how to create all kinds of patterns in your knots Here’s the knot I’ll be using as an example. How to Draw Celtic Knotwork. Happy so far?

How to Draw Celtic Knotwork

Celtic knotwork design. Interlace all done?

Celtic knotwork design

Celtic knotwork art: inking in your drawn design. (If you haven't yet seen the first Celtic knotwork art techniques page in this series, you might like to start there.)

Celtic knotwork art: inking in your drawn design

O.K. – remember where we'd got to on the last page? Your design is laid out; now it’s a question of using some simple but precise techniques for inking in the background. Knotwork art is both strong and delicate. Calligraphy Skills and the Enjoyment of Beautiful Writing. Mihaloew.Guru Home Page. Make Celtic Knotwork. Here are several ways to draw your own celtic knotwork.

Make Celtic Knotwork

There are many methods for drawing celtic knotwork. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The method you choose will depend on the details of your project and, of course, your preferences. These pages provide (admittedly uneven) coverage of a few of the most popular methods. Far richer instructions for each method are available in books by the respective authors. 4-Cord Celtic Knotwork. 3-Cord Celtic Knotwork. Making Celtic Knots. This is an easy way to draw a Celtic knot.

Making Celtic Knots

You don't have to rub anything out! This method uses colour and outlines. How to Draw Celtic Knotwork. The old method These instructions can be followed with pencil and paper or using any computer based drawing or drafting program.

How to Draw Celtic Knotwork

I have used Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and AutoDesk AutoCad for various projects, but my favorite is Corel Draw. In the tutorial below I show the method that I use in Corel Draw; however, I have deliberately left out program-specific instructions. Anatomy of Diapering. Tools: To start off, you need good brushes; for whitework and details, you will need a liner that will hold a VERY fine point when it is loaded with paint.

Anatomy of Diapering

For painting solid backgrounds, you will need a good, soft-bristled round or flat brush, and for painting in small squares, the liner will probably work, or a slightly larger round brush. Sable is of course the best bristle, but not the only type of brush you can use. Nylon or other artificial hair brushes work perfectly well.

Basicguide. How To Resources That Are Online - Scribal Resources for Scadians. Calligraphy Design: Simple Drawn and Painted Borders. One of the most fascinating aspects of illuminated manuscripts is the range and diversity of the borders.

Calligraphy Design: Simple Drawn and Painted Borders

Elements can include stylized and naturalistic foliate drawings, (flowers, ivy, leaves, buds), geometric shapes and pen sprays often growing from border bars anchored to illuminated initials. This demonstration will look at a few basic structures and incorporate various common elements found in manuscripts to create simple borders with added layers of complexity as a starting point to either creating your own designs or researching manuscripts to recreate “authentic” styles. The border designs in this demonstration are a simple Symmetrical Border, a Repeating Spiral Border and a Border Bar with Ivy.

Medieval Page Layout. In the same way as you must carefully work out the elements of illustration and gilding, so must your text be carefully planned. Always rule lines on which to position the text (or use an under sheet and a light table). These can be lightly pencilled in. These lines should be just visible, otherwise you may damage the surface of the paper or soil the vellum when you have to erase them after the lettering is completed. The Medieval illuminators would prick through several layers of parchment to ensure that the text would "back," that means that the lines of calligraphy would fall at exactly the same spot on both sides of the page on every page throughout the book.

Look carefully at Medieval manuscripts: the discreet ruling out of the text is frequently still visible, but it is also so faint that it does not mar the beauty of the work. Calligraphy Design: Acanthus Leaves. Acanthus leaves are an extremely versatile design element with calligraphy. The fluid, organic shapes can provide a visual relief from dense blocks of text such as Gothic, add an element of color to monochromatic lettering, enhance a decorated initial or bring a sense of movement to a static layout. Work In Progress - Acanthus Leaves Painted on Vellum Take a look around – you might be surprised at how often acanthus leaves are used as decorative design elements – not only in illuminated manuscripts, but in architecture, metal work, furniture, fabrics, porcelain, wallpapers – almost anywhere!

Simple Decoration Pattern – Guest Blogger THL Heather Hall. I love showcasing the knowledge and expertise of my fellow scribes. I was requested to make a blog post about simple decoration designs. The first person I thought of that could do this was The Honorable Lady Heather Hall a fellow scribe of the SCA Middle Kingdom. She has been featured before with her cadels. Without further ado I give you her guest blog post. ****************************************** I do feel the need to say that this is my formatting off what THLady Heather Halls sent me. So if the formatting seems off, please, blame me, not her. List of pangrams. As Mark tweeted today, there used to be a page on Wikipedia listing pangrams in various languages. This was deleted yesterday for the kind of reasons that only Wikipedians have (It is mostly comprised of nonsense phrases thought up by people who apparently find this sort of thing terribly clever).

Pangrams are words or sentences containing every letter of the alphabet at least once; the best known English example being A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Care and Feeding of the Calligraphy Dip Pen. So….you’ve got your pen holder, a few nibs, a bottle of ink and some paper…now what? Calligraphy Design: Deconstructing White Vine Borders. February 11, 2015 by wolfgangcat I was going to title this post “Simple White Vine Borders” but when looking at the range and complexity of white vine work in manuscripts “simple” and “white vine” began to sound like an oxymoron.

Kathryn Finter - Contemporary Manuscript Illumination. This section is a detailed behind-the-scenes look at how an illuminated letter is actually created. Since part of the magic is seeing something beautiful and complex appear from a series of rather simple steps, I've broken everything down into bite-sized steps. Calligraphy Design: Simple Ink and Gold Border. December 14, 2009 by wolfgangcat A simple border of pen sprays with a few touches of gold can be an effective, elegant frame for an illustration whether it is drawn in pen and ink, a grisaille style, or painted in color. Whitework Class Handout. Atlantian A&S Links: Scribal Arts. Lesson 1: Small Bar Borders.

Lesson 1. Bookbinding Tutorial 2 by JamesDarrow on DeviantArt. Bookbinding Tutorial by JamesDarrow on DeviantArt. Single Paper Book by JamesDarrow on DeviantArt. Scroll making Tutorial by hawanja on DeviantArt.