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Ways To Spiritually Cleanse Before Using Plant Medicines. [Tome] | Ways To Spiritually Cleanse Before Using Plant Medicines Before incorporating the knowledge of advanced plant teachers, one should take measures to cleanse the body appropriately through diet and exercise. What goes into the body determines what the body will be composed of physically, mentally, and spiritually. This simple and often overlooked observation is one of the most important aspects of astral exploration. The vessel must be adequately equipped to handle whatever may occur while in the spiritual realms. Body and mind exist in a symbiotic relationship, where the effects on one will reflect on the other. It goes without saying that taking steps to prepare the body means that the mind is of sound health. Depending on which plant teachers you engage, the intensity and length of body preparation should vary accordingly.

Art by Alex Grey Ayahuasca can be engaged in the traditional setting in a vast variety of geographic locations throughout the globe. Art by Totemical. Hindu Devotional Blog. (97) Facebook. 8 Things You Didn't Know About Death - OMTimes. By Annie Kagan When my brother Billy woke me three weeks after he died, describing what was happening to him in the afterlife, I thought maybe I had gone a little crazy. How could my bad-boy brother, who died a tragic death, who had problems with addiction all his life, who didn’t live what most people would call a successful life, how could he be sharing secrets about life’s greatest mystery from another dimension? But as time passed, my skepticism turned to wonder as Billy taught me all about death. 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Death 1. 2. 3. Transvaluation. Details Written by Samael Aun Weor If one does not feel love towards the esoteric work, it is impossible to make contact with Gnosticism.

If there is no contact between this work and our life, then we obviously, are not working in it. If we are content going to lectures, meetings and reading books, without working on the teachings, we will be unbalanced and useless. When a person does not work with the teachings that are given through the lectures and books, he will fail to understand the Gnostic work. Let us remember the parable of the merchant and the pearl in the Bible. This esoteric work is similar to the precious pearl. We have many psychological “I’s” that personify greed, anger, lust, envy, gluttony, and so on. When one frees the energy that the psychological “I’s” have trapped, one takes out the energy from all our materialistic and egotistical interests, thereby freeing oneself.

It is necessary for us to understand this point if we really want this radical transformation. The Transmutation of Sexual Energy (4) Details Written by Samael Aun Weor A Transmutation Practice: Ham-Sah There are diverse esoteric systems for transmuting the seminal entity into sexual energy. Certainly, the most powerful one (the Arcanum A.Z.F.) has to be performed by a man and a woman - we are talking specifically about the Sahaja Maithuna, sexual yoga, White Tantra; elsewhere we will give all the details for that practice.

Sit down comfortably: the eastern way (cross-legged) or the western way (on a comfortable armchair). Inhale deeply, very slowly, and imagine that the creative energy rises through the spermatic channels up to the brain; mentally pronounce the mantra HAM like this: HAAAAAAAMM. Exhale, short and quick, as you pronounce aloud the mantra SAH: SAAAAHH... Undoubtedly, you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. The marvelous symbol that in the East makes the chaotic waters of life fertile is Ham-Sah, the Third Logos. Meditation combined with Tantra is tremendous. The Transmutation of Sexual Energy (3) The Transmutation of Sexual Energy (3) Details Written by Samael Aun Weor Fertility Control vs. Birth Control Scientists have discovered that the thyroid and the pituitary glands have certain very intimate functions that are related to sexual expression.The prostate gland is located at the base of the bladder, surrounding its neck.

The gonads of women are the ovaries, the breasts and the uterus. Although it is true that the ovaries produce the ovum, it is less evident that they also increte [secrete internally] a marvellous endocrinal substance that vitalizes women and makes them feminine. It is true, effective and real that the testicles have the Ens Seminis (the entity of semen) as an external secretion in which the spermatozoa float. The intimate hormonal incretion from the testicle cortex is the wonderful power that gives energy to males and makes them essentially masculine.

A normal male is he who has normal male gonads. Birth control is a crime; control of fertilization is a duty. A. Zone of Fire. SHARED TRANSFORMATION Kundalini information and networking. 5 Ways to Control Karma | PranaWorld. Download/The Incredible You.pdf. (34) Facebook. Ability. Rewiring With complete dedication and focus, Anthony William not only has the ability to help clients heal on a physical level, but also the unique gift of spiritual healing, allowing people to fully recover on all other levels. He calls this process of healing from the emotional and spiritual strain of illness or injury “rewiring.” It’s vital to true recovery. When a person has been struggling with illness for a long time, there is more than the physical illness from which to heal. Challenges that often accompany long-term illness are PTSD, drastic life changes with family and friends, and diminished hope, faith, and trust. You may have gone from doctor to doctor with no results and, over time, begun to doubt that you can ever reach truly heal.

You may no longer believe in your own body’s basic healing mechanisms and feel that good will never come your way. You may feel that you have lost your sense of security, not able to trust yourself or those around you for direction or help. Wisdom. Unexplained Health Disorder and Mystery Illness Mystery Illness can take many forms, but the experience one has seeking answers and cures for unexplained symptoms usually falls into one of three categories. The first type of experience is when--after going from doctor to doctor and withstanding a battery of tests, scans, and blood work--a patient is told nothing is wrong with them.

For example, a person may visit healers, practitioners, and doctors for answers to their severe exhaustion, unexplained weight gain and loud ringing in the ears. Though it’s all this person can do to persevere through each day, all the tests--from alternative to conventional--come back normal. Thirty-five years ago, this example applied to thousands and thousands of women. Decades later, however, what they were all experiencing finally has a label: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Why must it take thirty-five years to discover the true cause behind people’s aches and pains? Russell Brand on Yoga, Spirituality & Drugs.

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How does prayer work? Abstract In this article we provide an overview of how prayer works. There are two types of prayers – for worldly benefit and for spiritual growth. Accordingly, the prayers are answered by a different aspect of God. Spiritual research has shown that even negative energies can answer prayers, to our detriment! 1. When faced with difficult or insurmountable situations in day-to-day life, like the loss of a valuable, an incurable illness, a major financial problem, etc., people pray to God or to an aspect of Him, also known as a deity. Seekers of God, whose main focus in life is spiritual growth, also pray regularly to God not only in difficult situations but even in day-to-day situations.

This article explains the mechanism of how both varieties of prayers are answered. To understand this article better please read: It is important to note that when there is any problem or difficulty in life, the root cause can be physical, mental or spiritual in nature. 2. 2.1 Who answers our prayers? 3.