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Phlegm Detox. There’s a wide variety of factors that can cause phlegm (also known as mucus). Some feel that excessive phlegm may be attributed to milk products, allergies, colds, the flu and other elements. There are even people who feel that phlegm can be triggered from chemtrails. There is also a toxic condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). I have to confess; I have MCS and I’m very susceptible to all types’ chemicals. So much so, that it’s very difficult to go down the cleaning aisle in any store. I get immediate migraine headaches, have heart palpitations and feel extremely light headed. And yes, I oftentimes get lung and nasal congestion. Benefits of Phlegm Okay, back to phlegm. So yes, mucus is a good thing. Of course there are exceptions such as when you quit smoking. What Now? It usually takes a bad cold, allergy or contact with something annoying– like a platter full of nuclear-powered hot peppers –to propel your body’s phlegm production into overexertion.

Getting Rid of Phlegm .