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KYSA.braswell  {The Story Page} RadioISS: Listening to Earth from Space. Spezify. 5000 Best Websites - Porn. Welcome! - eduClipper. Daily Zen List — 70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet. Top 100 Popular Porn Free Sites - 100 Ways To Develop Your Mind BY STEVEN AITCHISON. Features : Fav-Links Bookmark Manager. Pixiz - Free photo editor. Pointpad. WebList. Speedtile. Evidence-Based Parenting, Whole Life Health. Getting Things Done Online Web Application.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Death shouldn’t be the start of life - Deeper Thought. We spend most of our lives focusing on the least important things around us.

Death shouldn’t be the start of life - Deeper Thought

We worry about problems that aren’t really an issue and achievements that don’t really matter and but when we are diagnosed with a terminal disease or suffer a life changing situation it wakes us up to the values that really do matter to us. We start to see the bigger picture of life and see the smaller things that really matter to us. “I always thought death would come on the freeway in a few horrifying moments, so you’d have no time to sort it out. Having months and months to look at it and think about it and talk to people and hear what they have to say, it’s a kind of blessing.

It’s certainly an opportunity to grow up and get a grip and sort it all out. Don’t wait for that big change to knock you sideways. Ready To List Permanently. Search Engine Colossus. Search-Cube. - Collect what you love in Stashboxes. Organize the Web in your way. Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Alerts Dashboard. Zero Dollar Books: Free Best Selling Kindle Ebooks. Vocabulary, Vocabulary Games - BrainPOP - Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts.

Everyday Photo Books, Albums & Portfolios. TikaTok - Classroom Book Publishing. Free Flyer Maker Online. We provide pre-made flyer templates to get you started.

Free Flyer Maker Online

If you'd rather make a flyer from scratch, Lucidpress offers a wide range of page sizes, editing tools, and font options. More Features We provide pre-made flyer templates to get you started. If you'd rather make a flyer from scratch, Lucidpress offers a wide range of page sizes, editing tools, and font options. More Features. Storybird - Artful storytelling. Your entry to the Deep Web, Darknet, Onionland, Tor, Hidden Wiki, Deepweb. The Devilfinder Image Browser - View and Download Multiple Images at Once. IndexOfNet - Downloadable File Index. Linkurious. See Graph Databases Easily - Linkurious helps you to visualize your graph database through a simple web-based interface.

Over 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources (Categorized) This post is #6 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category.

Over 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources (Categorized)

Total items listed: 112. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week! Glogster: make a poster online. It's free! - Visual Collaboration for Creative People. Explain that stuff! List of articles about communications technology. Webportio. Iconeasy. X-Icon Editor. Makeappicon - Generate app icons of all sizes with a click! Create your Icon Font in seconds - 9000 Vector Icons Available - Free Icon Font Generator. Organize your resources in an online binder - LiveBinders.

I will be using these in the near future. The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet. 13 Jul 2014 The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet is a frequently updated list of lesser-known but wonderful websites and cool web apps. couch mode print story Here are some of the most useful websites on the internet that you may not know about.

The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet

These web sites, well most of them, solve at least one problem really well and they all have simple web addresses (URLs) that you can memorize thus saving you a trip to Google. And if you find this list useful, also check out the expanded version – The Most Useful Websites – which now offers a collection of 150+ undiscovered and incredibly useful websites to enhance your productivity. – for capturing screenshots of web pages on mobile and desktops. – online voice recognition in the browser itself. Homepage Ninja - Online Bookmarks and Favorite Links Manager. A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services. (51) - Your customisable start page! Only2Clicks - speed dial to favorite web site and make it your start page. Exploratree. The place for everything you like. Sitehoover. Lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you. Etceter. Welcome! Licorize - for the web worker tribe. Popplet - Organize Projects Like Magazines On A Shelf. Mind Map Creating Tools & Tips. Gimme Bar. Interactive Graphic Organizer. Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers "Graphic organizers are tools that help your brain think.

Interactive Graphic Organizer

" - Kylene Beers Graphic organizers are an illustration of your thoughts on paper. They can help you brainstorm, organize, and visualize your ideas. Click on a graphic organizer to download a PDF of it. Once you’ve downloaded an organizer, type in your comments and print it out. Each graphic organizer below includes Teaching Notes with lessons and tips on how to use graphic organizers in the classroom. Help with PDF Files. W3Snoop - Snoop any website! The Internet map. AbsurdlyCool Freebie Finder. Searching for alternative sources was never so easy as with A librarian's choice of the best of the Web. Design flyers to spread the word online. Exciting Links for Boring Days. High-Resolution Photos. The Difference Between Being In Love And Just Being Attached. Is it love, or is it just attachment?

The Difference Between Being In Love And Just Being Attached

We all have those friends who jump from relationship to relationship, and each time, they are “totally and completely in love.” For those of us who have been single longer than two of their relationships combined, we can’t help but wonder how someone can possibly be “in love” with all these people. I mean, come on. It’s not love. It’s fear of being alone. Yes. Best Stuff. Sputtr - Alternative Search Engine. Find. Compare. Decide. The Coolest Sites on the Web. YSK which websites won't waste your time. : YouShouldKnow. Best Websites. The Internet has spearheaded information explosion.

Best Websites

Today all kinds of information lies at your fingertips! However, the Internet is also full of all kinds of websites, with unreliable information. So, how do we know which websites to believe? Language in Use. Addictomatic: Inhale the Web. Sumo Paint 5.0.5. InstaGrok. 100+ Sites to Download All Sorts of Things. These days you can find all sorts of things online, from audio books to flash files, from sound effects to CSS templates.

100+ Sites to Download All Sorts of Things

Below we compiled a list with over 100 download sites that serve that purpose. We will also try to keep the list updated, so if your favorite download site is not here, let us know about it with a comment. Audio Books. The Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools and Platforms. A search engine with taste.

SpiderScribe. Web World Things. 6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Comics. In the days of cold, hard newsprint, only people who could draw were successful comic strip authors.

6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Comics

In some cases, this resulted in comic strips that had very nice pictures, but weren't all that funny (cough, Blondie). Thankfully, the Internet has taught us not to accept an inferior form of comic artistry, but a more flexible one. Build Your Own Cool Avatar With These 4 Awesome Sites. You really need an avatar or profile picture in your day-to-day online life.

Build Your Own Cool Avatar With These 4 Awesome Sites

They add a certain personality to your online identity and allows you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the flock. You need them on Facebook, in your instant messaging application, and you can even use Gravatar to personalize your comments on MakeUseOf, and a ton of other sites. A lot of people are too shy, or paranoid, to use a ‘real’ profile pictures.

It’s understandable. Avatara lets you create incredibly detailed 3D avatars. Some people don't like how they come out in photos. Some just like the"gamer-look", and some online media just work better with avatars (say, forums). The problem with most online tools for creating avatars is that they produce cookie-cutter images. I mean, how many variations of South Park avatars can you have? They all end up pretty similar. Avatara is an avatar creator which does its best to break that mold. Create Avatars Online Without Any Image Editing. An avatar is a computer user’s representation of himself/herself or alter ego, whether in the form of a three-dimensional model used in computer games, a two-dimensional icon (picture) used on Internet forums and other communities. BustedTees - Funny T-Shirts - New T-Shirt designs every week - Crazy Tees Hilarious Cool Shirts.

The Warholizer. Transform your favourite pictures online at Free Online Avatar Maker by Quick Flash Games. Xxxx You can use this online avatar maker to make avatars for forums or msn messenger display picture or yahoo messenger diplay picture. Use this avatar maker online to select character face, dressup, add pets and props, make display picture and save it using interactive avatar maker - couple avatar maker and anime avatar makers will be added soon. Change characters face, clothes, hair, props, pets and background picture. Zoom and Pan picture. Press Make Image to save picture as jpeg. To save this Avatar, right click on the image and select: Save Picture As.. and select location on your hard disk where you want to save it.

Create an avatar : Make your own avatar, icon or logo online free : Ico, picture for Myspace, Facebook, Livejournal, forum, chat, blog. Create a PicLit. Create. Avatars Everywhere: 27 of the Best Avatar Makers. Avatar creator Meez is back in the news this week, but there are dozens more avatar creation tools gunning for this market. Today we attempt an overview of that market: please add more suggestions in the comment section. Weblin- Create an avatar and use it as your virtual self within web pages in real-time, interacting with other Weblin users who share the same interests. Create a 3D animated avatar for export directly to most web profiles, blogs, etc. Second Life- Use this extremely popular virtual world to do just about anything, but first, you have to create your avatar. Here, avatars can be customized almost entirely, with plenty of room to create a most accurate likeness of yourself. Mypictr- Use any image and resize, crop, customize, and export it to many other web 2.0 social networking sites and profiles, like Facebook, and Digg.

Free Picture Stencil Maker. CultureStreet - Activities - Super Action Comic Maker. Create and connect.