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Carbide.c++ is a software development tool for C++ development on Symbian OS. It is used to develop phones that use the OS, as well as applications that run on those phones. It is based on the Eclipse IDE platform enhanced with extra plug-ins to support Symbian OS development. Carbide.c++ Carbide.c++
Developer - Symbian C++ Continued Symbian C++ commitment While Qt is recommended for new Symbian development, Nokia Developer continues to provide access to tools for Symbian C++ development. This continued support enables you to maintain legacy applications and migrate them to the latest versions of the Symbian platform. The primary tools are: Symbian SDKs — with tools for application development, including command line development, these SDKs include documentation and a simulator that enables testing on a Microsoft Windows PC. SDKs are available for platforms up to and including Symbian Belle. Developer - Symbian C++