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Ali Cavanaugh » watercolor. For those of you who are unaware …santa fe has the 3rd largest art market in the country nyc, los angeles, then santa fe pretty good for a town whose population is only 70,000 there are 200+ galleries and tons of museums and art spaces every friday i take niamh and finn downtown to do the rounds all of the gallery openings are on friday night and the museums are free at that time this past friday niamh got really excited for the Mexican Painters show at the Museum of Fine Arts, because there were to be some kahlo and rivera pieces in the exhibition she was so disappointed to find that frida was represented by a small still life and diego, just two small figurative studies she wanted self portraits and murals!

Ali Cavanaugh » watercolor

Overall the show was really amazing …the newest painting of him. Original Art Prints and Digital Artwork. Currently residing in the City of New York as a freelance illustrator, Jeremy Enecio, a Filipino artist who's creativity had clients like Playboy magazine, EA Games, Men's Health and many Frobes-listed companies feature his creations.

Original Art Prints and Digital Artwork

His paintings gives out an incredible vintage, contemporary and urban art feel. Even his digital artworks retains that surreal and haunting but amazingly beautiful sense. Born in Ormoc City, Philippines and moved to the United States at the age of four he got his BFA in illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland in 2008. For more of his original art prints to buy as well as original artwork, visit his website at [More images after the break] [asfa//talent//phil hale] El pintor y la Naturaleza - Wildlife Art.

IVA MORRIS - HOME. Magdalena Lamri - Artiste peintre plasticien. Nunzio paci website. Pintor hiperrealista. VIDEO “Omar Ortiz” pintor Hiperrealista artista plastico Mexicano •28 enero 2014 • 2 comentarios Omar Ortiz pintor Hiperrealista artista plastico Mexicano Omar Ortiz pintor Hiperrealista artista plastico Mexicano from Omar Ortiz on Vimeo.

pintor hiperrealista

“Desde que comencé a pintar siempre he tratado de representar las cosas lo mas real que puedo, algunas veces lo logro y otras no pero lo que es un hecho es que para mi es muy dificil hacer lo contrario. Colores específicos y luces y sombras (III) – El color de la carne (I) Alguien me pidió que escribiera sobre cómo mezclar el color de la carne…hay mucho escrito sobre esto, pero casi todo en inglés.

Colores específicos y luces y sombras (III) – El color de la carne (I)

JUURI: japanese + american artist. Ryan Browning. Ryan Myers Fine Art. Vladimir TSESLER. Artdesignstudio. HILARY WHITE. Joram Roukes. Home. Startseite. The Great Western Buffet - Christian Rex van Minnen. Amigos Nestor - Inicio. LoCastro. John Reuss - Declaración del artista. My work is characterized by contrasts - the juxtaposition of opposites on several levels - which is recognized throughout my paintings.

John Reuss - Declaración del artista

Fine detail, drawn lines and meticulously painted shapes clash with bold brushstrokes, spatters and blurred contours. Soft organic shapes and multifaceted figures meet hard, calculated geometric abstractions. The world I depict is not a physical location in space and time. It is an inner world, a world where thought, emotion and raw cognition defines not only the figures, but also the space they inhabit. For me the creative process is a key to that inner, psychological world - balancing on the border of the conscious and subconscious and revolving around themes like how we relate to the world we live in, the definition of “self” contra the surrounding world, our bodily integrity and mortality. My work often deals with issues such as alienation, loneliness and the pursuit of an unattainable inner harmony. Marion Peck. Daniel Pielucha - malarstwo. Alexander tinei. Buddy Nestor - Art Gallery. Harry Ally. Phil Hale. Alberto Klix. Jeff Faust Arte. Meghan Howland. The Art of Mark Brown.

Sophie Shapiro - RMS Titanic Centenary. Online Gallery: - Sadie’s Underwater Dream Original Artwork 24in x... Pinturas y Dibujos. David Gray clásicos Pinturas Realismo Petróleo - casa. Agostino Arrivabene. Andy Kehoe. RSA / Perro Negro. Black Dog Sketch (Rejected), Graphite on Bond, 8.5 x 11", 2012.

RSA / Perro Negro

Black Dog Drawing, Graphite on Printmaking Paper, 22 x 30", 2012. Black Dog, Graphite & Digital, 2012. Black Dog (Modest), Graphite & Digital, 2012. A collaboration with RSA / Black Dog. Index. Marianna Ignataki. Francine Van Hove. Sergio Pavón//Dibujante español//Spanish artist. Ron english, referencia a la cultura popular. El conocido artista Ron English (1959) muy a la zaga de los artistas norteamericanos de su generación, explora la imaginería popular y la publicidad para realizar sus obras.

ron english, referencia a la cultura popular

Sus temáticas vienen del cómic, los dibujos animados, y de diferentes símbolos culturales de los últimos cincuenta años. Referente del street art, en la década de los 80’s realizó murales donde hacía feroces críticas hacia la política y la sociedad consumista. Con Anhy Warhol como una de sus fuentes de inspiración, English le hace continuas referencias en su trabajo, también a Marilyn Monroe, el grupo KISS, Elvis, Mickey Mouse o el Guernica de Picasso del que ha creado diferentes versiones.

En las últimas décadas el autor trabaja principalmente con óleo y una de sus obras más celebradas es su versión “Abraham Obama”. Philip Barlow - home. El Mac. Por amor al arte: Lucian Freud ( 1922 - 2011) Michael Peck. Op art sólidos «grasshoppermind. Julia Randall.