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Diaper patterns

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DIY. Dianna's Journal - How to Sew a Fitted Cloth diaper (on the cheap!) Here are my instructions on sewing a fitted cloth diaper. It's so easy!! Learn how to here Aren't you tired of paying an arm and a leg for some nice diapers? I was too, and with a few tips from people, figured out how to sew my own. I have a basic sewing machine. Fabric:Any cotton fabric will work. Notions:You'll need thread, sew-on velcro (1.5" preferably), and elastic (3/8"). Whenever you stitch, make sure to backstitch at the beginning and at the end of your stitching. Step 1:First, get your pattern. If you're making your own pattern, I suggest tracing half the diaper, then folding the pattern in half to get the rest so the diaper is identical on either side. Step 2:Cut 2 pieces of your good fabric.

Step 3:Cut 1 or 2 pieces of your inside fabric, using the same pattern. Step 4:Get your soaker pad. This time, I'm using the fabric scraps. Step 5:Sew the soaker pad to one of the center pieces. Step 6:Pin all 4 layers together. This is what it'll look like with the back done: Up-cycled Wool Diaper Cover Tutorial. I'd like to share with you how I made this wool diaper cover from an old sweater and without using a pattern.

Up-cycled Wool Diaper Cover Tutorial

Some things you'll need: 1. 100% wool sweater 2. sewing machine 3. scissors or rotary cutter and board 4. ruler 5. brains 6. cute baby First thing you want to do is take your baby's measurements at the waist, thigh and rise (from belly button down between their legs to the point opposite the belly button on their back.) My baby is eight months old and about 20 lbs. Waist: approx. 18 inches Thigh: approx. 11 inches Rise: approx 15 inches First, find an old, 100% wool sweater. Next, you need to figure out how far from the bottom of the diaper to cut. Diaper Patterns, Cloth Diaper Patterns, Free Diaper Patterns. Reusable Snack Bags Tutorial FOE: Quick Children's Shorts FOE & Snaps for easy kidswear sewing.

Diaper Patterns, Cloth Diaper Patterns, Free Diaper Patterns

Erickson and Co.: {Tutorial} How to Sew a Pocket Diaper with Free Pattern and Photos. When we first started cloth diapering I purchased a couple different brands of cloth diapers and each had things that I liked and other things that I didn’t like.

Erickson and Co.: {Tutorial} How to Sew a Pocket Diaper with Free Pattern and Photos

I wanted something that wasn’t super bulky and would fit my skinny kid plus was adjustable. I spent hours trying to find a pattern online but couldn’t find one so I decided to make my own. This is the pattern/instructions that I came up with. There are a lot of steps so this tutorial will be long but I feel the length of time it takes to sew the extra steps (verses a standard pocket diaper) are worth it. Features of this pocket diaper: This diaper is truly one size – it adjusts with hidden buttonhole elastic. Easy to change elastic if elastic wears out – You don’t have to unpick anything or re-sew anything. A large pocket opening – Most pocket diapers that I tried had a rather small opening for stuffing in the inserts that I could barely get my hand into. Snap closure so the diapers will last longer. Diaper Sewing Tutorials » Sew a Fitted or Pocket Fitted from old t-shirts. These photos and instructions were put together by Stelleria from Fern and Faerie – thank you Stell!

Diaper Sewing Tutorials » Sew a Fitted or Pocket Fitted from old t-shirts

Feel free to use this provided scale pattern for your own use. 1 Square = 1 Inch For each diaper, cut 4 diaper pieces & 8 soaker pieces from cotton knit shirts, A piece of loop-side Aplix for the front, 2 pieces of loop aplix for laundry fold-back tabs, and 2 pieces of hook-side Aplix. Adventures In Fluff: How To Sew Your Own Upcycled T-Shirt Wing Prefolds. T-shirt Diapers. Recycled t-shirt diaper. Hello and welcome!

Recycled t-shirt diaper

After looking at the entry and exit pages for my blog I found this page is the one that most people view. I decided to update this entry with a new tutorial for making a recycled t-shirt diaper that reflects how I make the little guys diapers now. For a turned and stitched version of this diaper see my post on the red velvet recycled diaper. Instructions on how to make a turned and stitched diaper are in the newborn ai2 diaper tutorial post. The original post is included below also so feel free to scroll down and check it out. How to make a One Size, Fitted, Pocket Nappy...for free or very cheap.

This tutorial may seem daunting.

How to make a One Size, Fitted, Pocket Nappy...for free or very cheap.

It is actually very easy. I just included lots of photos soevery step would be explained. You will need:One used polar fleece or micro fleece blanket of jumper etc. Micro fleece tends to work a bit better and is thinner. Or you can use new microfleece.One used terrycloth or microterry towel or baby towel. Using the measurements, cut out the same pattern in both the terry and the fleece. (Interruption from the tutorial) Ok so I made a modification to the design. -(And back to the original tutorial)- Cloth Diaper Sewing Resources. Sew Your Own Diapers: Quick and Easy Fitted. Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Cloth Diaper Patterns. Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Cloth Diaper Patterns Our free cloth diaper pattern links will help you make almost everything you need to cloth diaper your child.

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Cloth Diaper Patterns

Do you know of free cloth diaper patterns not included here? Need help making your own stash? Please contact us, we love sharing our tips and tricks for sewing cloth diapers! Homemade One-Size Cloth Diaper Pattern and Wipes Recipe.