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Virtual_airline. AIS - Home. Bienvenido a la Web de Aena - - Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea. Search Page. OpenCockpits. Resolución a problemas con Flight Simulator. Manage, Fly and Connect. FSAirlines redesign DaKurt - Jan 12, 2014 We are currently working on a complete redesign of FSAirlines.

Manage, Fly and Connect

Improving usability, features & support times. Have a look at a preview screenshot here. We hope to release a (optional to use) test-version in the next few weeks. Emergency Database Maintenance JoeFremont - Jun 3, 2013 We had an problem on the server and had to restore the databases from a backup. Review Flight Feature Alasizon - Apr 22, 2013 All flights requesting a review of a penalty must provide a reason for why the penalty should be cleared.

Server Restarted JoeFremont - Feb 18, 2013 The server was down for a while yesterday and we had to contact our ISP to have it restarted. Premium Membership Auto-Renewals Alasizon - Feb 12, 2013 We are aware that Premium Memberships are ending a day early and that the auto-renewal system is not functioning as it is supposed to. GetBookableRoutes XML Down Alasizon - Jan 16, 2013 New DB Admin Konny - Jan 10, 2013 Database Maintenance. Track your flights. Liebe Freunde und Fans der Online-Fliegerei Mit diesem Tool möchte ich jedem User, der seinen Spaß in der Online-Fliegerei gefunden hat, die Chance geben, seine vollbrachte Leistung im Flieger auch wiederzufinden.

track your flights

Kurze Informationen zu diesem Tool und der Webseite: Folgende Daten werden mit dem Programm erfasst: Melde dich einfach mal an und teste das Tool. Dieser Service ist natürlich kostenlos und die Daten werden auch nicht an Dritte weitergegeben. ALPHASIM Quality Add-ons for MS Flight Simulator. Flightsim Aviation Zone - Number 1 Flight Simulation & Aviation Resource! - Flight Simulator, Aviation Databases. WidevieW and other tools for Flight Simulator and Cockpit Builders. Virtual Pilots Association. Flight Simulator add-ons Airbus Boeing Embraer Cessna, A380 simulation, VRinsight, Instrument panel, Tower - Wilco Publishing since 1997. Flight Simulator X Downloads: FSX, FS2004, FSX Scenery, FSX Aircraft, - Home. Fly Away Simulation, Flight Simulator #1.

FS Panel Studio: Microsoft Flight Simulator Panel Editor. SimFlyer® Avionics for Flightsim - Microsoft Flight Simulator X FS2004 ... Abacus Main Menu. - Flight Simulator Nordic. Дальняя Авиация. История и наши дни.. Сценарий Домодедово. Ан-70. Судьба самоле - Simviation Freeware Addons for Flight Simulator. Flight Simulator X, FS2004 - Thousands of free high quality add-ons for Microsoft's Flight Simulatorseries and other PC Flight Simulators! Quality Freeware Add-ons! FlightSim.Com - World's #1 Flight Simulator Site For Downloads, Files, News, Reviews, Add-ons. AVSIM Online - Flight Simulation, Flightsim, flight sim, flight simulator, fsx, fs10. Microsoft FSX, FS2004, 2002, CFS3, CFS2 Add-ons! The Biggest Freeware Dedicated Flight Simulator Archive on the Planet!

RouteFinder (free access area) // 2010-02-17 15:54:00 //Fixed a problem with North Atlantic Tracks.

RouteFinder (free access area)

Recently many airways west of Ireland were withdrawn and the NATs became unconnected, giving RouteFinder a really hard time to find routes between Europe an Americas. The system now does a pseudo random routing in that area (with DCT segments) to jump the gap. // 2006-04-08 06:10:00 // Please note that some airports (more and more of them lately in Europe) have arrival connecting points that cannot be reached from cruising level. If you find that the system does not use the correct arrival, or if it can't find a route at all, try specifying a lower limit in the route request. For example, instead of FL330 - FL330, try FL230 - FL330. // 2005-01-02 14:30:00 // RouteFinder user's manual is online (PDF version); see section "Documents" on the main site ( // 2004-02-08 10:34:00 // Warning about firewall software: It was reported that some personal firewall software (e.g.

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