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Don't Forget About North Berwick Golf Club on Your Next Scotland Golf Vacation – GOLF TRIP JUNKIE. I was first introduced to North Berwick a few years back on our Scotland golf vacation, and to this day remains one of the most fun I've ever had playing golf. The West Links at North Berwick, and Royal Dornoch Golf Club top my personal favorites list. A truly unique setting, the West Links Course at North Berwick is the perfect compliment to any Scotland golf vacation. From the opening tee shot to the final hole, golfers are required to use their creativity, imagination, and shot-making skills as approach shots, often from undulating fairways, into greens that are protected by deep bunkers, blind shots, and even the odd shot over a stone wall. Located only an hour 45 minutes from the Old Course at St.

Andrews, North Berwick will only increase the overall enjoyment of a Scotland golf holiday. Dating back to 1832, North Berwick is a wonderful golf experience. 46. If the traveling golfer doesn't mind a relaxing and easy drive from St. Vacation time it is! - what package are you Choosing? Enough with the busy schedule and it is high time for a vacation - we all come across a day where we get to say this to each other, don't we? But, don't we also look for something different from the beaches, parks, mountains and trekking? Something more relaxed yet loved. Something that takes some action but doesn't tire you to the core? - What if it's a ball sports that you love? Sea island or Barefoot golf packages - choice is yours! Most of us have a passion towards golf and we take our off time or weekends to enjoy it at leisure. The best of destinations like sea pines resorts, places like Tampa, Miami and Scotland are a huge hit. The best getaway that you can ask for is here!

There are times where one doesn't get access to the golf course if it's planned by self. Best buy deals - at your service One can also choose from the list of readymade or readily available deals at the best bet price. Are you ready to experience a vacation that you'll only remember forever? Golf Vacations In The USA. The stressful lifestyle nowadays has increased the demand for vacations amongst the corporate and other working population of the country.

Golf being a preferred sport amongst the people, golfing vacations and corporate golf outings are becoming a trend in the USA. There are many destinations to choose from. Some of them are discussed below. Sea island golf vacations Located along the Atlantic coast, Sea island is a sought after holiday destination. It lies about 60 miles north of Jacksonville, FL and about 60 miles south of Savannah, GA, and is reachable via a causeway from St. Palm springs golf vacations Palm Springs is a desert resort city in Riverside County, California, United States, within the Coachella Valley. Tampa golf vacations With 100 plus golf courses, Tampa is a golfing heaven. Jacksonville golf packages Jacksonville is a seaport city located on the banks of St.Johns river in the state of Florida, USA. About The Author Joey Campbell is a travel enthusiast and golf aficionado. The Right Choices And A Perfect Vacation – Customer Feedback for Golf Trip Junkie.

Already thinking about vacation? And thinking golf? Well, why not golf vacation! Planning it out might get a little tricky as you will be flooded with options and picking the best is not the priority, picking that will satisfy your taste is important. Whether it is a perfect course, the luxury of a cart and caddy, or just bragging rights which is a big deal in the golfing circle - you need to get the most out of the package. You could choose your golf destination in the United States where you have packages like Scottsdale (Phoenix) Golf Packages, Jackonsville golf packages, Palm Springs Golf Packages, Tampa Golf Packages, Barefoot Resort (Myrtle Beach) Golf Packages to mention a few.

Or you could opt for international destinations like Scotland Golf Packages, Northern Irish Golf Package, Casa de Campo Golf Packages etc. Before you begin your search and shortlisting process, here are some pointers for you to keep in mind: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. About The Author. Golf Packages and Golf Vacations (with image) · golftripjunkie. A golf vacation is a term that is fast gaining popularity amongst the modern crop of people who are bored of the usual run of the mill vacation packages. Most resorts and companies design specific golf vacations and golf packages that are modified tour packages that offer chances to play golf and are situated around golf greens.

Why are ‘golf packages’ a good idea? Recreational golf is a very relaxing thing. Golf vacations and golf packages like the sea island golf packages and vacations, Tampa golf vacations offer a chance to get away from the bustle of modern life and are great tools for relaxation and unwinding. Golf vacations and packages are also specifically targeted based on the places the resorts are situated in. These packages are designed to focus on the game without a competitive environment. It improves the quality of the game. Targeted golf packages offer a little bit of fresh air and have various health benefits that are not explicitly mentioned.

About The Author. Combining Business with Pleasure The Golf Way. Golf is usually considered a game for the business class. Right across the world, people mix business with pleasure over a game of golf. The convenient and leisured pace of a golf game only makes this an attractive option for conducting business. With variants of the game ranging from pebble beach golf packages to even a barefoot golf combination, it is not that hard to find the combination that is just right for a particular need.

And as is the norm, a leisurely golf game followed by a short warm down at the bar is a simple pleasure that most golf players cherish. The golf business vacation A golf vacation is a perfect combination of unwinding along with perusal of a good business deal. There has been many a good deal thought over a game of golf, that it is now considered customary to discuss deals over a good slow paced game.

Then there are those golf packages that are meant to be purely leisure. Saving up on expenses Most leisure activities are seen to build up morale and team spirit. For The Love Of Golf: Exploring Golf Vacationing. Love golf? And you are planning a holiday? How wonderful it would be if you can combine both on one trip! That is why there are a vast variety of golf vacationing packages. What a dream vacation! Imagine the luxury of starting the day at the practice range even before the morning breakfast and then once you had your sumptuous breakfast you could head over to the championship courses.

Here you might enjoy the game with your family as the audience or just challenge a fellow vacationer to a round of competition. Once you are satisfied with the game for the day, you could return to the resort as lunch awaits you. Planning a golf vacation is easy There are a vast variety of golf packages available and each package has its own special features and can be customized to satisfy your needs. The planners also have various options of destinations across continents for your stay and you can choose what best suits you. Golf packages can be more than vacation recreation About The Author.

Choosing the Right Golf Vacation. There are not many people that do not enjoy a round of golf some time or other in their leisure time. With the ardent following that the sport of golf has, many resorts create golf packages that blend in with a normal vacation with few good rounds of golf. This has made golf vacations quite a fad. But to have the best of a golf vacation your choice must take into consideration the following points: Exclusive golf resorts These are, as the name signifies, golf courses that have been blended in with the resorts. It is possible that golf is not the only sport of choice at such locations. The recognition that sports is just not a sport alone but a whole new lifestyle has ensured the development of properties that would blend in with the vacation and the sport of choice.

Creating a personal golf vacation Most of the popular holiday resorts around the world have good golfing facilities. Discount golf vacations A good number of resorts do offer discounts during low occupancy periods of the year. Golf Vacations: Facts and Where To Go (with image) · golftripjunkie. Golf has largely been viewed as an excellent recreational activity. Played over a course (golf greens) and not on a standardized playing area, the game focuses on guiding the balls through the pre-positioned progression of 9 or 18 holes. Interesting golf facts: • The modern version of golf originated in the 15th century Scotland, but it was not the first version of the game to be played. The early versions can be traced back to the Roman origins of Paganica, which is a sport played with bent stick and stuffed leather balls. • The game of Golf was once banned because it was considered a distraction to learning a serious sport like Archery.

But successive kings lifted the ban because they became interested in the variety of the game. • The 18-hole standard version of the game came into practice in the late eighteenth century. . • The holes that bend away from the teeing course are called doglegs, and depending upon which direction they shift, they are called dogleg left and dogleg right. Tips for That Perfect Golf Vacation. Round up your golf group, pack your golf clubs and gear, and carry along your competitive spirit and jet set to the tropical destination of your choice to enjoy the world's top designer golf courses.

Whether it is for business or pleasure, an awesome golf vacation can be anything you want with a little planning and imagination. You may have been thinking about the perfect golf vacation for a while. Now is the time to put your thoughts into action. A great golf vacation includes the perfect destination, setting, great golf course and exciting activities to do while visiting. Here are tips to get a perfect golf vacation: • Start planning and organizing as soon as possible. . • A group trip could include a golf tour.

. • Choose a destination that offers a lot of activities and things to do. . • Attend or plan a golf tournament among friends. . • Make plans to improve your golf game. . • Make plans to do something interesting and different each night of your golf vacation. About The Author. Here Is What You Can Enjoy If You Opt For Golf Club Packages – Customer Feedback for Golf Trip Junkie. Why Visit Barefoot Golf? (with image) · golftripjunkie. The vacations offered by Barefoot Golf provide a great array of modified packages that offer play on more than 90 area courses and even on the Barefoot Resort areas. It offers several kinds of alternatives, which can fulfill your fascination for golf. Even if you are willing to spend more nights and play more golf, you just need to book a package and that is all.

It has the facility of endowing you with the ideal vacation you have always wanted. They provide a series of packages and among them, some are their specials. If you are in need of additional room nights and want to enjoy a golf vacation, you just need to book a reservation with the reservation department. Although the discounts keep on fluctuating because of changes in norms or availability of gift cards, but most of the time it stays the same and the visitors are loaded with many beneficial perks. One of the most famous and requested golf packages is the Florida golf packages that come with many added benefits. Make Your Vacations Memorable With an Amazing Golf Trip. The Best Golf Packages For Your Next Trip. If you are a golf lover and are looking forward to a golf trip for your next vacation then you might benefit from this piece of information.

Unknown to many, golf trip packages are the best you can avail of, if you want to save time and money. These golf trip packages are all about stay and play. These stay and play packages allow you to stay at the best resorts which have the best golf courses or resorts near which you will find the world’s best golf courses. The best thing is that all costs will be covered by the package itself. Therefore your next trip is just a call away. You will not have to worry about transport, food, accommodation or anything. The best golf packages are as follows: • One of the best golf courses is found at Hilton head and to experience playing in the course where only professionals play, you must take advantage of the Hilton head golf packages. • Get a chance to stay at the finest golf resorts, the Pinehurst golf resort with the Pinehurst golf packages.

Vacation with Golf. When it comes to vacations, everyone wants to have the best time of their lives and also keep it light on the pocket. Excitement, fun and relaxation are also the primary criteria to decide where to go. With families people usually prefer to go to beaches or on some adventure trips. Golf vacations are something these families should start thinking about. It is a unanimous thought that playing golf is among the most splendid ways to spend your holidays.

You will find enthusiasm automatically bubbling up when you take the golf club in your hands and hit the ball out into the green. The good thing about golf packages vacationing is that they are available in the market around the off-season time when the traffic is not high. To know more about Scotland golf vacations, visit About The Author Joey Campbell is a travel enthusiast and golf aficionado. Golf Trip Junkie Provides Scottsdale Golf Packages. Golf Trip Junkie - Scotland Golf Vacations. Your Scotland Golf Vacation – Getting Ready For Having a Good Time. In the travel community, we categorize holiday experiences into two distinct types – first there are vacations, the simple travel experiences where get you to visit a place, explore it and engage in a bit of relaxation as well. And then there are the VACATIONS – those extraordinary journeys that we make to a glorious location, have the time of our lives there and return back with memories that will stay imprinted in our minds forever!

And when you are planning about visiting Scotland for a golf vacation, you are actually looking at an experience that will fall smack into the middle of the second category! So, how to plan for a holiday in this amazing place? Here are a few pointers that will help you manage everything! • First of all, get online and make bookings with one of the best golf resorts in Scotland! Just search online and go though the various services and facilities that they offer. There is no way that you won’t like what they have on offer.

About The Author. Golf Vacation Packages - Golf Trip Junkie. Golf Trip Junkie For Scotland golf vacations. Choose Scotland as Your Next Golfing Destination. Scotland golf vacation is a dream comes true for a sports enthusiast as they allow you to indulge in your passion in a scenic locale with plenty of options to choose from. When you want to visit the place where this beloved game originated and enjoy it in its undiluted form this is where you should come. This fantastic land also boasts of being the birthplace for British Open, which is a major and one of the oldest championships. You will find hundreds of different venues scattered across the country waiting for you to explore its potential. So, if you are an avid fan of golf, coming here will be a pilgrimage for you.

Just choose an appropriate package and be ready to give vent to your competitive spirit. An added bonus, of course is the fresh unpolluted air, unending stretch of greenery, and hours of playing game in an idyllic surrounding. When one considers golf in Scotland, most people think of its well popularized seaside links mainly. About The Author. Hilton Head Golf Packages From Golf Trip Junkie. Scotland Golf Vacations at Golf Trip Junkie. Golf Trip Junkie For Pinehurst Golf Packages. Golf Packages at Golf Trip Junkie. Golf Trip Junkie – Custom Golf Packages. Golf Trip Junkie For Luxury Golf Vacations. Golf Packages By Golf Trip Junkie. Golf Trip Junkie For Golf Vacation Packages. Planning a Luxury Golf Vacation – Ways to Get the Most from Your Trip.