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Crafts. I love holidays, you can ask my family, on second thought don't ask.... unless you want to feel better about your own hoarding problems and in that case ask away Since I have just started blogging I have not had a chance to take pictures of my cards in stages, but I thought I would show some of my cards from Valentine's Days past...


This is one of the first cards I made. I cut the mailbox from my Cricut and embossed the hearts on blue card stock. For this one I punched the hearts out from a strip of card stock, glittered my punched out hearts with white glitter, then put tape behind the red hearts and put red glitter on the tape. Hummingbird stamp from Stampin up, Martha Stewart corner punch, glitter in middle of flowers. This one is a very simple card I made for this year.

Stamped the sentiment and tied a bow. Thanks for visiting my part of the country, Jana Easter Wreaths I cut cardboard circles for the base. I used 4 dozen (I know that sounds like a lot, I was surprised too). Celebrate You. Try These Gentle Yoga Stretches To Ease Your Lower Back Pain - Shared. One of the most common areas of tension in a woman's body are her hips and her lower back.

Try These Gentle Yoga Stretches To Ease Your Lower Back Pain - Shared

These gentle stretches will relieve the pressure on both of these areas with a special focus on the small of your back. Remember to breath as you change position and move slowly. If you feel a pinch, gently release from the pose or ease back a little. If you travel a lot, it's a great way to stretch out the kinks after a night's stay in a lumpy hotel bed, or after a long flight. This series is also a great way to stretch out after a long day of sitting, or after a night of sleep. Thanks to Genevieve Monroe Yoga, PranaShanti Yoga Centre and Lole for showing us how it's done! Reclined Knee-to-Chest Pose Interlace your fingers around your shin and draw the knee towards your belly.

Shared Canada Lying Twist Extend your Right arm along the floor, with palm down.Bend your Right knee Gently guide your Right knee across your bodyHold 10-25 breathsRepeat with the other leg Reclined Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose Sphinx Pose. SecureRedirect?Action=RedirectToSecure&sid=F02D2357-8F8C-4FFB-A84F-519B10C073B0&


Space Heater Reviews. It’s been a rare winter of cheap heating oil, but many homeowners still waste money heating entire sections of the house instead of warming smaller chunks of space where they actually spend their time.

Space Heater Reviews

The stingy solution is to plunk an electric space heater in the living room and crank down the heat elsewhere. In the past, that was like inviting a troll to crash at your place: Space heaters can be homely little things, and if you don’t treat them with utmost respect, they’ll start a fire. But that’s the old narrative. Now, thanks to advances in design and engineering, space heaters are earning passing marks for aesthetics, and even moderately priced models have safety and efficiency features that were rarely, if ever, seen a decade ago. The new Dyson AM09, for one, might look at home in the corner of James Bond’s master suite, with its sleek lines and array of features you can summon by remote control. Of course, none of this means space heaters are now miraculously fireproof. DIY Tutorial: Boot Socks. 31 Baking Soda Uses - Uses for Baking Soda. BROCHURE ONLINE! 1501 Perry Drive SW Canton OH 44710 email: call: (330) 455-4444 (877) 340-1277.


Useful Storage Solutions. Over the years of living in a home, it can be difficult to stay organized around the house.

Useful Storage Solutions

All of the "stuff" you own can really begin to add up. Add kids and pets to the equation and storage space can be even more limited. Rather than throwing things in a box and keeping it hidden in a closet or storage area, these clever storage solutions will make organization around your home easier. The best part is that they're simple and they'll keep your home clutter free. These solutions will immediately change the way any home feels. 1.

Sew Many Ways 2. 3. The Family Handyman 4. Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style 5. Saw Dust Girl.