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Salmon Stir-Fry Recipe - In Which We Talk About Lechon… – Midge in the Kitchen. It is a dish that borders on the medieval in the sense that it calls to mind the whole roasted beasts that were part of a lord’s banquet table.

In Which We Talk About Lechon… – Midge in the Kitchen

It is, likewise, a touch of the baroque in that it has become the symbol of pure, glorious, gluttonous indulgence. A whole pig spit-roasted for hours over coals; the fat dripping into the fire and sending up smoke that permeates and flavours the meat; the skin cooks to a deep mahogany colour and shatters crunchily with a sharp tap of a knife. This is lechon, a true staple of festive tables in the Northern and Central Philippines. There are those who say that it was the Spaniards who brought the dish to the islands, a variation of the cochinillo [roast suckling pig] that appeared as the main course for feast days. The term itself – lechon – is derived from leche or milk as piglets were the animal of choice for cooking. Recently, a relative pointed us in the direction of sinigang na lechon. Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad. Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad, talk about a light and refreshing salad that requires no cooking!

Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad

Lime juice and cilantro are the key ingredients to creating this wonderful, healthy salad you’ll want to make all summer long. Made with cooked peeled shrimp and the freshest ingredients – avocados, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro and chopped jalapeño tossed with some freshly squeezed lime juice and a touch of olive oil. I’m remaking this from the archives for lunch today, so I took the opportunity to re-shoot this since the photos needed some updating. This is perfect to serve as an appetizer, or for a lunch or light meal. Sautéed Baby Bok Choy Recipe - NYT Cooking.


Salad. Pork. Pasta. Ensaladang Talong (Filipino-style Roasted Eggplant Salad) – Russian Filipino Kitchen. There are only few salad dishes in Philippine cuisine, and out of those, my favorite is this roasted eggplant salad.

Ensaladang Talong (Filipino-style Roasted Eggplant Salad) – Russian Filipino Kitchen

It has the right balance of flavor and texture– not too sour, salty, or sweet. The richness of roasted eggplants with a hint of sweetness from the onions and tomatoes mixed together in a light dressing of vinegar, salt, and sugar makes for a simple but tasty side dish. To make this, you’ll need Asian eggplants: Chinese, Japanese, or Filipino variety. They’re the ones that are long, skinny, and with dark or light purple skin. You can roast the eggplants three ways. I prefer the last method over the others because of convenience (no need to go outside to start the grill), less mess, and not having to deal with burnt smell all over the kitchen afterwards. This is very easy to make. Prep Time: 15 minutesCooking Time: 30 minutes Yields: 3 servings Ingredients: Things You’ll Need: Knife Cutting board Baking sheet Mixing bowl Fork Procedure: 1. 2. 2. 3.

Creamy Parmesan Garlic Mushroom Chicken. Creamy Parmesan Garlic Mushroom Chicken is ready in just 30 minutes and the parmesan garlic sauce will wow the entire family!

Creamy Parmesan Garlic Mushroom Chicken

DAN'S PORK PENANG CURRY recipe. Tasteofhome. Crevette A La Marseillaise ~ Recipe. Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad - Our family’s favorite classic cucumber and tomato salad just got better with the addition of avocado, a light and flavorful lemon dressing and the freshness of cilantro.

Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad -

Easy, excellent avocado salad. Watch the Full Video Recipe. Dijon-Herb Chicken Thighs. Kani salad recipe. Fresh.

Kani salad recipe

Green. Bright. Juicy. These are words I associate with the summer. Philippine summers are either famous or notorious depending on how you look at it. It may be this association that makes me think of salads during the summer. Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta. Teriyaki Boy’s Tofu Steak – ala Marga. Teriyaki Boy has got to be the most convenient Japanese restaurant for my family.

Teriyaki Boy’s Tofu Steak – ala Marga

It’s everywhere, it’s cheap, and it satisfies the Japanese food craving we usually have. One of my mom’s favorite dishes is their Tofu Steak; it’s high in protein, low in fat, satisfying, and yummy. Scallion and Asparagus Salad Recipe - Lidia Bastianich's Salad. Pad See Ew (Thai Stir Fried Noodles) Lumpia (Filipino Vegetarian Spring Rolls) You may be wondering why I am publishing another Lumpia recipe when I already have 2 on this blog.

Lumpia (Filipino Vegetarian Spring Rolls)

Well, you may or may not know it - but there are actually many variations of Lumpia (Filipino Spring Rolls) namely: Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh Lumpia - unfried with a crepe-like wrapping), Lumpiang Hubad (Naked Spring Rolls - as you may have thought - it's fresh Lumpia without the wrapping), Lumpiang Shanghai (not really from Shanghai but named after the Chinese city which is mostly made with a meat-filling), Lumpiang Ubod so-called because it's made with Ubod which is the heart of the coconut tree and lastly, Lumpiang Gulay or simply Lumpia which is this recipe. The classic Lumpia or Lumpiang Gulay consists mainly of vegetables as filling, hence truly vegetarian.

The usual vegetables to use are carrots, green beans (string beans), bean sprouts, cabbage and sometimes, as in this case - jicama. Others add some protein in the form of ground meat, fish, or tofu to the mix but that is optional. Pinoy Kitchenette: Chicken Liver Adobo. Like i've said from my previous adobo post, Filipino can cook any meat and even vegetables as adobo.

Pinoy Kitchenette: Chicken Liver Adobo

We are an Adobo country, so to speak. If you would ask any foreigner what Filipino dish they liked, they'd mostly say it's Adobo ~ particularly referring to Chicken adobo or the Chicken Pork adobo mix. Now, here's another variant of adobo we like, it's Chicken Liver Adobo. Chicken Liver with hard boiled egg. Roasted/ Lechon Pork Belly Recipe - Kusina Master Recipes. Lechon is one of the most popular Filipino dishes.

Roasted/ Lechon Pork Belly Recipe - Kusina Master Recipes

In fact, several places in the Philippines have their own version or style of our all-time favorite Lechon. Usually, It is very common to serve Lechon in events like parties, ceremonies, and fiestas where people enjoy every part of the roasted pork, especially the crispy skin. Well, we don’t have to wait for such celebrations to grab hold of that tasty and juicy meat. We don’t even have to cook the whole pork. Let’s just start with a slab of pork belly, and with the right mix of spices, we could have a very delicious Lechon Pork Belly for dinner at home.

Ingredients: 1.5 kg pork belly slab, skin on3 whole garlic bulbs, peeled and roughly chopped½ cup oregano leaves, washed then chopped3 red onions, peeled and chopped around 4 – 5 lemongrass stalks, sliced the zest from 1 lemonjuice from 1 lemona little over 1/8 cup salt, plus more for an even rub around the pork4 tablespoons crushed black pepper Cooking Instructions:

Spaghetti and Drop Meatballs With Tomato Sauce Recipe - NYT Cooking. Cheese-Mayo Baked Mussels (Mussels Dynamite) Baked mussels with cheese-mayo or mussels dynamite is so delicious. Easy recipe with cheese, mayonnaise, mussels and you’ll have the most amazing appetizer ever. Cheese, mayonnaise and seafood pair so well together and they are perfect match made in food heaven. Udon Recipes: The Japanese Noodle That'll Make You Feel Great About Winter. Ramen may be everyone’s favorite Japanese noodle soup these days, but just because it’s the trendiest doesn’t mean it’s the best. We’re huge fans of ramen — don’t get us a wrong. We could eat ramen for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks any day of the week, instant or otherwise. Fettuccine with Creamy Red Pepper-Feta Sauce Recipe. Giniling Turo-Turo Style. Posted by Robert Colinares on November 2nd, 2007 | 283,739 views Back home this dish Giniling Turo-Turo Style is fairly popular especially at street side eateries, commonly called Turo-Turo Restaurants.

I have my own simple version of Giniling Guisado which is actually my Mom’s old recipe that she cooked for us when I was a kid. I have to admit she does not cook it often, but when she did it was a hit every time. This version of giniling is kind of colorful as well as a little bit fancy for the reason being I used more ingredients in this one than the other one I posted a while back. Like I said this is the Turo-Turo version so it will probably remind you of those mouth-watering days you had in the Philippines.

Ingredients: 1 Lb. Directions: Prepare the Annatto seeds in a small pot by heating 2 Tbs. of corn oil and then adding 2 Tbs. of Annatto seeds until the oil turns dark red.Then remove it from the heat. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Fried Chicken ala Jollibee. Privacy Policy for FOODIPINO™. We recognize the importance of our visitor's privacy and we aim to preserve the Privacy by all means. Tuscan Style Cooking - Bertolli. 10 Pureed Soup Recipes - Whole Living Recipes. Tuna, Lemon, and Caper Sauce recipe. I love tuna but was skeptical about this recipe. The ingredients sounded so light that I thought the recipe would turn out too bland for my tastes.

Was I wrong! This dish has it all--totally delicious, easy peasy to make, affordable, and healthy. I'll be adding this to our regular rotation. I pan fried the tuna in its olive oil, along with some chopped onions and garlic, as other reviewers suggested, but I honestly don't know that that made any noticeable difference. Soba Noodles with Scallops and Vegetables. Baked Bangus Teriyaki. Rice Bowl with Fried Egg and Avocado Recipe. Greek Marinated Chicken - Budget Bytes. Sardines with Misua Recipe. Smoky Chicken Brunswick Stew Recipe. Watch how to make this recipe. Miso Grilled Salmon Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101. You might not have had Miso marinaded Salmon before.

If You Have 15 Minutes, You Can Make This [Video] Ginataang Hipon, Sitaw, at Kalabasa. Ginataang Hipon, Sitaw, at Kalabasa is a delicious shrimp and vegetable dish that you should try. As the name connotes, ginataan refers to any dish cooked in coconut milk or coconut cream. Roasted Shrimp Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa. Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Casserole. Avocado with Black Pepper, Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, and Lemon Juice. Silken Tofu With Spicy Sausage Recipe. 50 BEST Spring Salads. Chicken and Egg Soup with Little Veal Meatballs Recipe. Sun dried tomato and mushroom pasta in a garlic and basil sauce.

Mini Nutella Cheesecake - Rasa Malaysia. Spring Fried Chicken Recipe. Callos Recipe. Haemul-sundubu-jjigae (Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood) recipe - V is for Visayas and How to Make Humba (Visayan-Style Pork Adobo) Stuffed Eggplant: Bake until golden & bubbly... Spicy soft tofu stew with kimchi and pork belly recipe - Arugula, Watermelon and Feta Salad Recipe.

Red Curry Shrimp Dumplings. Callos Recipe (Tripe and Sausage with Chickpeas) Perfect Potato Soup. Quick and Easy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta. Beef with Peppers. Greek Salad. Chicken Piccata. Chicken Enchiladas. Panlasang Pinoy Meat Recipes. Mama's Braised Beef Short Ribs : Korean Style Beef Short Ribs - Seonkyoung Longest. Tasteofhome.