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Paper boxes

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Graze in the land of folds — PLEAT FARM. Kaleidocyclical Package Design. The first time I’d heard the term “kaleidocycle” was in the Doris Schattschneider’s M.

Kaleidocyclical Package Design

C. Escher Kaleidocycles—a cut out book of three-dimensional, rotating models that I was given some years ago. Not wanting to cut up my book, I never constructed any kaleidocycles at the time, but the photo on the right shows what one of them looks like. The “FlipFood Lunchbox” above, designed by Ilias Markolefas and Nathalia Martinez Saavedra, is a kaleidocycle. (A video and more, after the fold…) These rotating rings of connected tetrahedrons are usually seen as polyhedral models or puzzle toys. Design & form- DIY and interior blog. Untitled. 包装…_来自晨暘的图片分享. 包装…_来自晨暘的图片分享. Kaleidocycle {aka folding paper toy!} Have you ever made a kaleidocycle before?

Kaleidocycle {aka folding paper toy!}

They are pretty fun. All you need is some glue, paper and 5 or 10 minutes! There is an animated gif at the bottom on the post so that you can see what they do. There are also instructions & a template below too ^_^ – Template – Paper or thin card – Glue – Scissors – Ruler and needle for scoring 1. The animated gif is a bit shaky. By the way, check out this free download (courtesy of my cousins band) which contains: trick or treat poster, DIY ‘creeps’ mask, high quality MP3 and exclusive video art. Matos castillo. Matos castillo. Etsy. Packaging Templates. E-tool to Model Attractive Object for child, teen, game, education, decoration, organization, DIY, craft. How to Make 3D Paper Star Box. First, draw a pentagon that will be used as a template (to see animated method of construction go here or here) and cut it out.

How to Make 3D Paper Star Box

Use thick paper in case you want to make more boxes. Now, using your template, draw two pentagons that share the same side. Remember to leave some margin around the pentagon for wings (they are essential for sticking both parts together). You can already draw a star inside, by connecting alternate vertices of a pentagon. For the best effect, draw lines from middle points of pentagon sides to points where star sides intersect. Untitledswirl+box.jpg (JPEG Image, 1163 × 1600 pixels) Crafters Advisers - Variety Of Stuff To Craft. Create your own gallery photo display with poster board and chopsticks.

Crafters Advisers - Variety Of Stuff To Craft

Materials: Poster board(or cereal box type cardboard can be used) 2 sets of chopsticks 1 bevel matt 5" x 7" for a 4" x 6" photo 1 brass paper fastener 3 brass thumb tacks 1 piece of string 4 photo corners Double stick tape White glue, wood stain, and amber shellacTools: Craft knife, brush, sand paper, drill & bits, and tack hammer Steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


2 Easter Paper Crafts. 1.

2 Easter Paper Crafts

Big paper eggs - easy to cut off and assemble, suitable for Easter decoration. We cut 4-5 green printer sheets into thin strips to make the grass on the photos. After that we crumpled it well and it turned into fresh spring grass. Origami. DIY Ideas. Geoball. The Perfect Gift: House Gift Box. By Amy Christie I’m so pleased with this little project!

The Perfect Gift: House Gift Box

I collaborated with Jordan of Polkadot Prints to design a darling house-shaped gift box that is as easy as pie to put together. How to make an Origami Icosahedron - Triangle Edge modules. Origami Moving Cubes 2 - using Sonobe units. Crazy Paper Cylinder ! How To Make. How to make an Origami Box. 5 Teknologi yang membuat kucing Senang - TOP FIVE. MEMBUAT LAMPU GANTUNG DARI BAHAN KARDUS BEKAS ~ Resepq.

Lettering 3d

Calendar 2012 design and promotion by Lo Siento studio Barcelona. 4D Type. Creative Paper Art That Amazed You. Advertisement Paper art is most recent and best art.

Creative Paper Art That Amazed You

In short period of time it get so many popularity and many people likes this art and large number of people connected with this profession. In this art artist convert the plain white paper into attractive three dimensional object. In this era no importance of paper to do anything and that is used only for that people that not have computer, tablet etc. This is technology era and people are use laptop and tablet for office record, e-mail, letter etc and no need to use paper for everything but artist shows their talent and represent how much intelligent they are and have ability to make any object with paper.

February « 2009 « ArtIsEverywhere. The Washington Post just published their Spring Arts Preview Guide.

February « 2009 « ArtIsEverywhere

There is so much to see and enjoy but here are the ones I think are most interesting: • Pride of Place: Dutch Citycsapes of the Golden Age, National Gallery of Art, through May 3. • Bookends: Book as Art, Torpedo Factory, through Feb 22. • Detour: Architecture and Design Along 18 National Tourist Routes in Norway, National Building Museum, through Oct 10. Unusual Furniture Materials: Crystal Chairs to Paper Sofas. Tokuin Yoshioka is perhaps as much a skilled material scientist as he is a creative furniture designer.

Unusual Furniture Materials: Crystal Chairs to Paper Sofas

Using uncommon and often scientifically complex materials, he constructs chairs, sofas and other everyday furniture objects from some of the strangest and most unlikely substances you can imagine – from crystallized chair structures to comfortable light-weight paper couches. The above honey-combed chair – made from a durable-but-flexible cellulose used inside space structures – was the result of much experimentation and extensive research.The result, however, is an impressively comfortable but incredibly sturdy chair that is folded into shape, held in place and provides seating from an unlikely form. MoCo Loco - Modern contemporary design & architecture.

Paper Art by Bianca Chang [ 8 Fantstic Images ] Here’s some more paper-based art to inspire you.

Paper Art by Bianca Chang [ 8 Fantstic Images ]

In a similar working style of artist Kris Trappeniers, these photos showcase the work of Bianca Chang. I love the kind of work, and as can been seen in the following images, a lot of work has gone into each piece: Star3. Interview with Paper Artist Fideli Sundqvist. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m sure you all have been waiting to see our latest interview, at least I am more than pleased to share it. This young lady is from Stockholm, Sweden and currently resides there as a graphic designer and illustrator both in the form of print, product designs and of course, paper!

NEW FLAVOURS on Behance. Free Merchandising Box Templates. How to Make 3D Paper Diamonds. Well, this is really something that all crafty hands would like to do! 3D Paper Diamonds we have discovered on this creative, British website called “”. Kate, the designer of all those cool, paper stuff, provides a printable template for this geometric jewel shape. PAPER DIAMONDS.

Bangun Ruang - Rumus Matematika. Modul Geometri 1 - BBM_1.pdf. Diamond cut. In order to best utilize a diamond gemstone's material properties, a number of different diamond cuts have been developed. A diamond cut constitutes a more or less symmetrical arrangement of facets, which together modify the shape and appearance of a diamond crystal.

Diamond cutters must consider several factors, such as the shape and size of the crystal, when choosing a cut. The practical history of diamond cuts can be traced back to the Middle Ages, while their theoretical basis was not developed until the turn of the 20th century. Design creation and innovation continue to the present day: new technology—notably laser cutting and computer-aided design—has enabled the development of cuts whose complexity, optical performance, and waste reduction were hitherto unthinkable. History[edit] Diagram of old diamond cuts showing their evolution from the most primitive (point cut) to the most advanced pre-Tolkowsky cut (old European). Free Merchandising Box Templates.