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Items similar to Wall fixture Klimoppe with paper lamp Moth. Lamparas on Pinterest. Homemade paper lantern tutorial - Clean. As November arrives at my latitude, the season of darkness has truly begun.

Homemade paper lantern tutorial - Clean.

Dark when we wake up, dark long before we go to bed. Dark, dark, dark. And while for some it's a depressing shift, I secretly love the nesting that the darkness inspires. I find myself inviting warming light inside, and candles that sat unused since last winter are found and lit. Below is a repost from 2010 on crafting a homemade lantern from watercolor paper.

If you're interested in other crafts that cast a warm glow, you can find my beeswax lanterns here and decoupaged candle jars here. On with the tutorial! The days here in the north are growing shorter. By dinner time the outdoors are immersed in complete darkness, and when we wake in the morning the sun is still nowhere to be seen. To celebrate the light that shines within each of us (even during these darkest days) the children and I made paper lanterns and carried them out into the darkness for a bedtime walk. Supplies Watercolor paints Ruler Scissors Pencil 1. A Waldorf Paper Lantern Tutorial. In the spirit of Martinmas, I've come up with something to share with you .

A Waldorf Paper Lantern Tutorial

Now, I've never written a, bear that in mind as you wade through this long strand of mediocre photos and murky instructions. Hopefully by the end, though, you'll have enough clear information to create these lovelies for your own. So, you begin with watercolor paper that has been painted (and dried)...this size happens to be 11x15 and makes a lantern that is roughly 6" tall and 4" square.

Any size rectangle will do, but using paper that is much smaller than this won't leave much room for a candle! To make the paper more translucent, use a soft cloth or paper towel to gently rub oil over the entire surface of the paper, front and back. You can hold the paper up to the light to see where the translucency has occurred and where you may have missed a spot. On the back of the paper, mark a line about 1/2" from the edge. Now fold the paper from the right, all the way over to the 1/2" mark. Untitled.

Pin by Lisa Stepp-Sorrell on Light. Paper latern vase. How to make paper lantern(Square) - China culture. I’ll try to provide some knowledge of lantern making.

How to make paper lantern(Square) - China culture

Today, we talk about How to make paper lantern(Square), the production method is similar to Chinese lanterns, if you are very good at origami, that will be very easy. The lantern can be used as lighting in the home. To make the paper lantern,the best material is use of the polypropylene material. However, if we just want to make a little paper lanterns as decoration and embellishment, it can use paper to have a try. After all, it’s making use of origami techniques. 1.At first,view picture,and mark in accordance with length and width. 2.If you use cardboard or polypropylene materials,you can use the burin to draw creases; If it is soft paper, you can use your hand to do it. 3.Continue to fold the the parallel line on other direction. 4.Flip the paper to see. 5.Fold under the red line. 6.Stick the pink section together, and along the line to let paper uneven. 7.Affix the pink section with glue, make sure it is permanently attached.