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Drum 'The Beatles' Keyrings. DIY collapsible cardboard playhouse. Turn a cardboard box into hours of entertainment for your little ones with this DIY collapsible playhouse.

DIY collapsible cardboard playhouse

This cardboard playhouse was created, especially with small spaces in mind, because when the kids tire of it, the house collapses down flat for easy storage. Cardboard boxes are a hot commodity in our home -- even my 8-month-old appreciates a good drum fest with empty cereal boxes. Pretty much the perfect toy, boxes are free, plentiful (if you eat the way my boys do, that is) and provide the creative possibilities that can be a great exercise for a child's imagination. My kids especially love making forts out of boxes, and it seems that for them, the smaller and cozier the better. While intended for my youngest, this easy-to-construct cardboard playhouse continues to entertain my older boys. SCULPTURE — KORBAN/FLAUBERT. Menu PrevNext.


Blog Archive » geometric straw ornament tutorial. Geometric straw ornament tutorial December 2nd, 2010 a lovely geometric straw ornament This is a traditional eastern european ornament and garland.

Blog Archive » geometric straw ornament tutorial

The shape is simple, but a little tricky the first time you make it. After you get the hang of it many three dimensional geometric shapes are possible. Materials natural strawbutton thread (or other strong thread)yarn needle directions First you need to soak the straws and cut them into 2inch pieces. Paper fortune teller origami heart. A heart, made of 18 paper fortune teller origamis – a nice present for a loving person!

Paper fortune teller origami heart

We used piece of paper 9cmX9cm, specially designed to fit this frame. Paper ribbon L.O.V.E. snail. A LOVE snail easy to make snails with hearts In order to make this snail you will need just two ribbons, cut lengthwise out of an A4 sheet of paper, and some glue.

Paper ribbon L.O.V.E. snail

For the body: Fold one of the ribbons by the middle and stuck it.Cut a small rectangle from the one end and shape the eyes.Fold once again to shape the body. How to make the heart: Make small cuts at each end of the ribbon, but make sure they are opposite each other (see how at the picture).Insert one of the cuts into the other to close the shape and then break it.Use your fingers to shape the heart. Now you have to stuck the heart onto the body. Usaha Membuat Kerajinan Origami. Cara Memulai di Origami dan Teknik Dasar Datang ke Lipatan Origami adalah seni melipat kertas tradisional.

Usaha Membuat Kerajinan Origami

4D Type. Los geniales monstruos del ilustrador Juan Carlos Paz, BAKEA.

4D Type

Los perturbadores a la vez que coloridos chicos pintados por el artista japonés que se hace llamar 非(hi). David Mayzis Las divertidas ilustraciones de David Mayzis. Totalmente enamorado de las fundas y soportes en madera que hacen los chicos de Grovemade. Herb by Burak Kocak Un sofá bonito con su lámpara, estanterías, un enchufe propio para nuestros queridos gadgets y hasta tiene para poner una maceta con una planta? Matt Duffin. Paper cutting - Shop Cheap paper cutting from China paper cutting Suppliers at Small eyes on Aliexpress.

Jewelry design

Scrap & Paper Corner. Paper boxes. Boxes and Bags. These craft projects are all about making gifts a visual delight with techniques and ideas for gift wrapping.

Boxes and Bags

There are instructions for making boxes and bags in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, along with tips for adding decorative elements. Come back in the coming weeks and months for other projects! Browse down this page for descriptions and illustrations of the projects, then select a project and have some crafting fun! Easy Party Favor Bag - In this project learn how to make a small party favor bag that is self-closing. These easy to make bags are ideal for packaging small party favors of food, candy, soaps or jewelry. PaperScrapz. How to Make 3D Paper Diamonds. Well, this is really something that all crafty hands would like to do!

How to Make 3D Paper Diamonds

3D Paper Diamonds we have discovered on this creative, British website called “”. Kate, the designer of all those cool, paper stuff, provides a printable template for this geometric jewel shape. It can be used either as a garland, toy, or as a wonderful gift box for jewellery. Since I have got Minecraft fans at home, I am pretty sure, Simon and Dorian will take up this project soon. They say blue diamonds are the most precious to dig out while playing. I assume, this particular paper craft will suit your taste, and you would want to start as soon as possible.

For the full tutorial and template of 3D Paper Diamonds, click the link. Tools: ScissorsNeedleRuler Supplies / ingredients: A4 sheet of paperGlue-stickPrintable template. Untitled. Paper Vases With Templates And Tutorial - by Sphere360 - via Instructables. Book Lamp, Paper, Recycling, Crafty Corner, Step by step instructions showing how to make your own upcycled book lampshade by recycling an old book, presented by Crafty Corner For any questions contact: There are so many books that are simply thrown away as they have very little resale value, so follow our easy step by step instructions and see how easy it is to create your own upcycled lampshade by recycling your old books!

In this Step by step project we will show you how to upcycle an old book and turn it into a beautifully unique and very effective lampshade. You could add in your own energy efficient, low heat light source, or follow our steps and build your own energy efficient LED light circuit. Please note that a jigsaw is used to create this project and you must either know someone who can operate one for you or be able to operate one yourself.