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Find Your Marigold: The One Essential Rule for New Teachers. Welcome to your first year of teaching.

Find Your Marigold: The One Essential Rule for New Teachers

WeAreTeachers - Get Lesson Plans - Teacher Grants - Teaching Resources and More. Gardening. You Don't Know Me. Published Online: September 18, 2012 Published in Print: September 19, 2012, as You Don't Know Me Commentary By Armando Gutierrez You watched me enter your classroom like any other student.

You Don't Know Me

YouTube and Copyright. Education Week. Homework Bound. Heidi Lehman was always an academic achiever.

Homework Bound

She finished high school a year early, went through college in three and a half years and then earned a law degree. But nothing in those 18 1/2 years of formal education prepared the 36-year-old lawyer for her daughter Carly's first-grade homework. ''The teachers said it should take just 20 minutes,'' Ms. Lehman recalled. ''Right! And if Carly didn't do it? ''We're told only the boys and girls who want to do it should do it,'' Ms. ''First grade! '' Carly survived first grade, is now a third grader and has grown used to the homework life. ''Mom,'' Carly said. ''Carly has a notebook for all her homework assignments,'' Ms. Use These 10 Sites to Detect Plagiarism. If we've learned one thing from the Jonah Lehrer plagiarism debacle it's that copying or falsifying your work just isn't worth it.

Use These 10 Sites to Detect Plagiarism

Last month, The New Yorker writer resigned from his position at the magazine after admitting to fabricating quotes in his latest book, as well as borrowing from his own articles at other publications. Plagiarism is as much a serious offense in the academic world as it is in journalism. Most high schools and universities take extreme disciplinary action if a student is caught cheating or plagiarizing, often leading to suspension or expulsion. SEE ALSO: Students, Here’s How to Kick-Start Your Personal Brand Online We've rounded up 10 online services that check text for plagiarism.

The Only Classroom Rules You’ll Ever Need. If you’re looking for elaborate or decorative classroom management ideas, you won’t find them here.

The Only Classroom Rules You’ll Ever Need

Though prevalent, such ideas are unnecessary, even counterproductive, for classroom management. On this site, we’re focused on only two things: 1. What works best. 2. The Secret to Making It a Great School Year. If I could, I'd lay money on the claim I'm about to make: If you do the one little thing I'm about to suggest, you will have a great school year.

The Secret to Making It a Great School Year

Here it is: At the end of every day, identify three things that went well in your classroom. Dispelling misconceptions about teachers. August 24, 2012|By Christopher de Vinck It is time to stop bashing teachers.

Dispelling misconceptions about teachers

It is time to admit that teachers are not the problem in our schools. I could argue the problems in education rest in low teacher pay, missing fathers, the misguided testing mania, illiteracy, antiquated school-funding schemes. But it is nearing September, a time ingrained in our culture when children climb into yellow school buses, when teenagers walk up the steps to the high school and when teachers wait at the classroom doors with their vocations tucked squarely in their hearts. This is the time of year to celebrate teachers and what they do for our children year after year.

Professional Development

In 1995, prophetic fifth graders predict Internet of the future. Talk about waiting for a payoff: Back in 1995, a group of fifth graders led by a clearly visionary video teacher named Cindy Gaffney created a PSA to get kids on the Internet.

In 1995, prophetic fifth graders predict Internet of the future

Eighteen years later, it is finally going viral. The video is kind of awkward and stilted, but its message is so ahead of its time, and prophetic, it's kind of mind-boggling. Back to the Wall, Murals by Phillip Martin. Essay argues that real teacher education reform is going on, led by the profession. Teacher education has been under siege in the last few years, the first line of attack in the growing criticism and more aggressive regulation of higher education.

Essay argues that real teacher education reform is going on, led by the profession

Most recently, the U.S. Department of Education proposed — in a highly contentious negotiated rule-making exercise — to use test scores of graduates’ students to evaluate schools of education, despite the warnings of leading researchers that such scores are unstable and invalid for this purpose. Furthermore, in an unprecedented move, the department would limit eligibility for federal TEACH grants to prospective teachers from highly rated programs, denying aid to many deserving candidates while penalizing programs that prepare teachers for the most challenging teaching assignments. However, teacher educators from across the country are stepping up to create new, more valid accountability tools.

As a teacher educator in California who uses the PACT, I agree with this evaluation. Foods that May Lower Risk of Dementia - Keep Brain Healthy. What you don’t eat matters, too.

Foods that May Lower Risk of Dementia - Keep Brain Healthy

Artery-clogging trans fats are a clear no-no, and a recent Mayo Clinic study found that eating fewer than 2,150 calories a day was linked to better brain health. Simply popping vitamin pills probably won’t protect the brain, says Bowman. “There are hundreds or thousands of different molecules in foods we eat,” he says, so it’s likely that eating a balanced diet is key to staving off dementia. Mary Ann Johnson, a University of Georgia nutrition scientist and spokesperson for the American Society for Nutrition, agrees.

Classroom Management

The top 10 ways college students plagiarize. Colleges and universities continue the fight against cheating made easier through technology By Dennis Carter, Assistant Editor Read more by Denny Carter Students who knew their papers would be reviewed by Turnitin software were not less likely to cheat, according to research. When it comes to plagiarizing, students who use the unethical shortcut seem to be all in: Copying and pasting a research paper word for word is now the most common form of plagiarism. Those findings, along with the ten most common forms of plagiarism in higher education, were detailed in a national ranking of plagiarism incidents released this month by Turnitin , an online company that makes software designed to detect cheating in homework assignments and research papers.

Jennifer Owens: 5 Lessons Our Kids Don't Learn in School For Success in Life. 10 Things I'd Do Right Now as a High School Principal - Vander Ark on Innovation. Education Week Spotlight on Teacher Evaluation 2011. Mentoring Beginning Teachers. Product Details Author: Jean Boreen, Mary K. Johnson, Donna Niday, and Joe PottsISBN: 978-157110-742-8Year:2009Media: 208 pp/paperGrade Range: K-12Item No: WEB-0742 The first edition of Mentoring Beginning Teachers was named an Outstanding Academic Title by the American Library Association's Choice magazine in 2000. The expanded second edition — packed with insights, anecdotes, and updated research — provides mentors with a road map for helping new teachers become confident, reflective educators. Summer Reading for Educators: My Favorites.

During my years as a high school teacher, summer vacation was often the time to catch up on the reading I didn't have time for during the school year. My reading list frequently featured books unrelated to education, but I always included a book or two related to my teaching, as long as it was both thought provoking and readable. So I want to suggest some books that I think would be good to check out for this summer. These are my picks. 'Resolutions' too daunting? Try these New Year's intentions.