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GoldDiamond Rring

Looking for gold diamond ring for proposal, then visit for a full range of unique ring designs. Jann Paul specialises in super idea cut diamonds.

Gold Diamond Ring | Solitaire Diamond Ring Designs | JannPaul. The basic 4Cs of a diamond – Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. We will go into details about the CUT as it is the most important of all the basic 4Cs of a diamond. The Cut of a diamond determines the brilliance and visual size of the diamond. Follow these simple 4 steps to determine if your diamond is a Super Ideal Cut when you are shopping in a diamond jewellery store in Singapore.

Step 1 – Check the proportions of a diamond Every vendors will have their own set of “Ideal proportions” or ‘’Super Ideal Cut proportions’’. While some may be of tighter criteria, most are not. An easy way to analyze the proportions is by using the HCA Tool. The HCA tool is fantastic for eliminating poorly cut diamonds but it should not be used as a selection tool. The HCA tool can only be used on traditional cut 57/58 faceted round diamonds. Step 2 – Check the Light Performance of a Diamond with the Ideal Scope Step 3 – Check the Light Performance of a Diamond with the ASET Scope Hearts: Arrows: