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  1. amsika Jul 13 2011
    Absolutely :) When you sign in with one of your account you will be asked if you want to sync it with your existing Pearltrees account
  2. amsika Jul 7 2011
    Hi goghgirl, when a pearltree has become a team, you can still move it, but not in your dropzone or in another team :) If you duplicate it to put it elsewhere, then, the duplicated one is like a shortcut to the original one, so if you change something in the original one, the changes will appear in the duplicated one. But since it's only a shortcut, you can add or move pearls in this duplicated one. Let me know if you have other questions :)
  3. amsika Feb 9 2011
    This is a very interesting idea! Thanks!
  4. amsika Nov 17 2010
    We have implemented a RDF export (in Account => Export). It will be improved in the months to come
  5. goghgirl Oct 12 2010
    Ohh.. Thankyou for welcoming me! Great customer service! The pearls are a great way of organizing my bookmarks!
  6. amsika Oct 12 2010
    I'm not a bot, I'm the community manager :) So if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me
  7. goghgirl Oct 12 2010
    Thankyou.. Its a bit confusing.. And you are probably a bot anyway.. lol