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Prepayment Meter - How Can I change to regular energy meter. Prepayment meter is one of the domestic energy meter for which you have to pay in advance.

Prepayment Meter - How Can I change to regular energy meter

For doing payment, you can use a smart card, token or mobile apps. Having a prepayment meter help customers to manage debt and energy consumption. In fact, it prevents from large and unexpected bills. However, there are some disadvantage of having prepayment meter as explained below – Issues of prepayment meter – Best gas and electricity deals are not available for prepayment meter customers.Energy rates are higher than average gas and electricity costs.Sometimes it is not convenient to use because of top up keys and smart cardsIf you can’t reach shop for top-up, your energy supply can be stopped.

Commonly prepayment tariffs are not much competitive as standard meter plans. Changing from prepayment meter to regular energy meter – Previously, if you want to change your meter, you have to pay for it. Nowadays, you may find a large number of energy comparison sites who are always ready to help you. When can I Switch Energy Supplier without Penalty. If you are on fixed energy plan, you can save lots of money in comparison to the other tariffs.

When can I Switch Energy Supplier without Penalty

But you should act quickly if it is coming to an end. Otherwise, you will be automatically put on a standard tariff with expensive gas and electricity deal. According to the Ofgem regulation, your energy suppliers must send notice 42-49 days before the end of your plan. During this period, you can check for cheapest gas and electricity tariff before the suppliers shift you to the standard plan (more expensive). Once you get this letter, you can switch energy supplier without any exit fee or penalty. Confused! There are plenty of online energy comparison sites available for performing switching process.

Goforswitch, help in switching energy provider over phone. Let me make it simple for you. Things you can implement in daily life for saving electricity – Advantages of Online billing - Nowadays, the world is digitizing, everything is moving online.

Advantages of Online billing -

This change is applicable to billing systems as well and it has been accepted by most of the organization / companies for the benefit of their customers to maintain the billing record effortlessly. With respect to the energy sector, if the customers have an online account, it is easy for them to view their monthly or quarterly gas & electricity bills from the respective energy suppliers in order to make the payment online. Also the suppliers can send the payment bill / invoice or any notice to the customers quickly in just a click away. This will reduce a lot of time & effort of both suppliers & customers. Online Billing, how it benefits you – as a customer – 1. 2. Energy Efficient Home Appliances can reduce Energy cost! - There are so many ways to keep your home to be energy efficient, but think why you should put such effort to do so.

Energy Efficient Home Appliances can reduce Energy cost! -

Energy efficient home will use less energy so that the expenses on the utilities can be reduced significantly. If you are looking to keep your home to be energy efficient, it starts from your house design plan, home structure, home appliances, electronic gadgets, lighting, the way you insulate your home & so on. Let us see how an energy efficient home appliance will reduce energy cost, Switch Energy Provider Instantly - Gas and Electricity Price Comparison -