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Nearly 100 years after being founded in Brussels, we continue to honour our Belgian roots by ensuring that every piece of Godiva chocolate is bursting with quality, Belgian craftsmanship, and wonderful ingredients. Underpinning Godiva chocolate is an authenticity that flows from our proud Belgian heritage. Our Belgium 1926 logo reflects this spirit, paying homage to the time and place where our story first began and our namesake, Lady Godiva, who embodies the values of passion and innovation we still hold dear today.

Sharaf DG completed a successful DSF 2021 campaign. February 2021 Google Webmaster Report. So the first month of 2021 is now over and it has proven to be an important month.

February 2021 Google Webmaster Report

We had Google trickle out a few unconfirmed ranking algorithm updates this month, including confirming rolling out subtopics rankings last year. Google launched a new mobile redesign, did tons of various UI tests and feature launches. Google said it won't rank teasers in the form of web stories. Google officially dropped support for and added support for price drop rich results. Google Search Console launched news performance reports, they also added new coverage report categories and types of crawl stats, plus a lot more. A lot happened in the local space as well - but let's not forget about the Australia news. Anyway, if you missed last month, catch that report over here. Here is a break down of the more important stories you may want to catch up on: Google Algorithms: Google SEO: Google Search Console: Google Tests & Features: Google My Business & Local: Google Business: Credit: On Page SEO An In-Depth Guide for 2021. Organic traffic from search engines is arguably the biggest source of traffic for your website.

On Page SEO An In-Depth Guide for 2021

However, the likelihood of securing clicks from users depends heavily on how highly you rank. Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to improve your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). An effective SEO strategy includes both on-site and off-site strategies. While off-site strategies focus on building your backlink portfolio, on-site or on-page strategies, focus on optimizing more technical SEO elements, like meta tags and keywords.

In this guide, we will discuss why quality on-page content is important for both your target audience and search engines and walk you through some key on-page SEO factors that can help improve your rankings: What Is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO? What Is The SMITH Algorithm? Image credit: Techguruseo Google’s new SMITH algorithm understands long-form content better than BERT Google recently revealed an analysis paper on a brand new algorithm known as SMITH that it claims outperforms BERT for understanding lengthy queries and lengthy documents.

What Is The SMITH Algorithm?

Particularly, what makes this new model higher is that it is capable of perceiving passages inside paperwork in an identical manner BERT understands phrases and sentences, which allows the algorithm to know longer paperwork. Google doesn’t usually say what particular algorithms it is utilizing. Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Signals - January 7th & 8th 2021. Google search ranking algorithm update touching down in the past day or so.

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Signals - January 7th & 8th 2021

The chatter is limited but it is there and it is unusual. The tools, most of them, are showing big shifts in the Google organic search rankings. The chatter began around late last night, January 7th with folks saying their rankings are fluctuating. Some are saying this is a continuation of the December 2020 core update but others are saying it is something new. Just note, that the December core update was done rolling out around December 16th according to Google. The ongoing two WebmasterWorld threads have these comments: Marketing Disrupted: 5 Ways AR & VR Are Reshaping Digital Marketing. Augmented reality is more than a buzzword.

Marketing Disrupted: 5 Ways AR & VR Are Reshaping Digital Marketing

Move over human influencers; virtual beings might be the next-gen in the near future of marketing. Ever want to grab a headset and meet your client in virtual reality instead of Zoom – see what your home office makeover could look like using augmented reality or create a virtual copy of yourself and send it off to teach your next webinar or Facebook Live? Digital marketers are facing new realities, thanks to pandemic disruptions, diversity movements, and social distancing. Everything – from virtual spaces, micro-messaging to digital creators to platform targeting – has completely turned marketing upside down in the last few months. Defining Digital Marketing Realities. 10 Best Pool Passes in Dubai that will Simply Take Your breath Away with Joy. Dubai is a city known for its booming economy, breathtaking buildings, plush mall, and a myriad of fun-filled activities to indulge in.

10 Best Pool Passes in Dubai that will Simply Take Your breath Away with Joy

Out of all these activities, you simply can’t miss out splashing in a pool and give your mind and body a sense of joy from the hot and sultry weather that the city usually goes through. There are several options available, but it’s always best to have a Dubai pool pass. Here is a list of some of the best pool passes in Dubai. The most exciting part about these passes is, you can go swimming, eat, and drink in one handy package. 9 Must-Visit Destinations in Dubai to try Sweet Treats. It’s February, so love is already in the air!

9 Must-Visit Destinations in Dubai to try Sweet Treats

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, then these treats listed below will make your celebration even more lovable. Abela & Co These sweet treats will be an exciting surprise for your special one. You can shop them online and choose from a range of options. You can choose from heart-shaped mini cakes, red velvet heart cakes, and heart-shaped cookies. How to Get Dubai Visit Visa for a Family Member (Updated for 2021) There’s no denying that Dubai is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the UAE due to the rich culture and glamourous lifestyle. 2019 alone witnessed 5.35 million international tourists.

How to Get Dubai Visit Visa for a Family Member (Updated for 2021)

To visit Dubai, it’s essential to obtain a UAE tourist visa or a visit visa. So, if you want to see this beautiful city with your parents, or want them to make a trip, you will have to obtain a tourist visa or visit visa for your family member. A tourist visa must be obtained if you want to visit just for leisure. But take note that you will have to leave the country after 30 or 90 days. A UAE visit visa can be obtained for 30 days (short term) or 90 days (long term). How to Find a Job in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2021.

Are you planning on relocating to Dubai?

How to Find a Job in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

Well, for that you would be needing a job! There’s no denying that the city has witnessed massive economic growth in the last few years. It’s now one of the most sought-after destinations for job seekers all across the globe. While there’s no shortage of jobs in Dubai, job seekers need to be aware of the best practices to look for one in Dubai. Tips on How to Get a Job in Dubai. Top 10 Mobile Apps that You Must Download During Your Stay in Dubai. Dubai is a city that has embraced digitisation with an open arm.

Top 10 Mobile Apps that You Must Download During Your Stay in Dubai

You can get anything delivered to your home using your smartphone. There are a lot of mobile applications that will make your life easy in Dubai. From booking hotels and taxi to reading news and ordering food, you can do a lot of things using your mobile phone. Top 10 Romantic Restaurants In Dubai that You Must Visit In 2021. A romantic trip to Dubai is incomplete unless you treat your eyes with the exotic views of the skyline and excite your taste buds with authentic Emirati cuisines. The romantic restaurants in Dubai offer both! The myriad of delicacies available at these restaurants will definitely make your heart beat and insist you to visit over and over again.

In this article, we have put a list of best romantic restaurants in Dubai that you must visit for a romantic adventure date with your partner. Moana It’s no wonder why Moana made it to the top of our list. Address: Sofitel Dubai The Palm, East Crescent Road, Dubai. Top 5 Dubai Restaurants with new menus in 2021. If you are a hardcore foodie, then you have most probably tried a wide range of Emirati cuisines on offer across the city. In an Emirate full of foodies due to a cosmopolitan ambience, Dubai restaurants must always be a step ahead to keep the customers glued.

In the second month of the new year, a few of the most-favoured restaurants in the city have revealed brand new dishes waiting to be tried. Here’s a list of Dubai restaurants with new menus – Torno Subito. SIGNATURE MILK CHOCOLATE MINI BARS - 8 PCS on We Heart It. Godiva Luxury Collections. Godiva Luxury Collections. Godiva Luxury Collections. Godiva Luxury Collections. Ramadan Prayer Timings In Abu Dhabi 2020. 5 Mall habits that we miss doing right after the lockdown.

Oftentimes, malls can make us feel suffocated and we wish for nothing more than to stay as far away from them as possible, but now that the experience of what the mall once was is changing, it’s hard not to miss it. As our city-going lifestyle shifts to socially distanced spaces over congested areas, and eating at home rather than dining out, we reflect on some elements of mall culture-specific to Dubai that we can’t help but miss. While these changes will be welcome and even necessary, we can’t say goodbye wasn’t bittersweet. Fitting on clothes and shoes If you’re not quite used to shopping clothes or shoes online, then you already know the pain of trying to figure out your size based on two-dimensional photos and a measurements chart and later, the fear of waiting for your delivery and wondering if it won’t even look right on you once it arrives. Top 5 Shop in Dubai for Pet Essentials and Grooming Services. Every pet parent only wants the best for their furry babies – the yummiest doggy food, the coziest place to sleep in, best grooming services, and the best-smelling pet shampoo there is.

Dubai has become a pet-centric playground for your furry babies, owners and their four-legged buddies to hang out at canine-friendly spots, and the day’s activities go way beyond playing catch. A booming pet industry now allows your pet to have their monthly check-ups at swanky animal hospitals. They can even shop in style at specialty pet stores and spend the day chilling out at doggie day spas. We rounded up the top 5places for premium pet services for your next pampering and shopping spree.

Dubai Pet Food- The PETSHOP For pet owners who need convenient high-quality pet supplies and accessories, Dubai Pet Food, claimed to be the biggest supplier dedicated to both stores and online that offers products delivered straight to your door, with a same or next day delivery, 7 days a week. Pet’s in the City. Where to Get the Best Chocolate Cake in Dubai. Chocolate cake. No two words better evoke comfort, nostalgia, and indulgence—it’s an (almost) universally loved dessert favorite that continues to please the young and old and let’s admit it, celebrations aren’t complete without a cake!

Whether that’s a simple, one layer cake or a sophisticated tiered cake with unique flavors, cake is surely one of the things that’ll make your day sweeter and oh so much more special! The good news is, a number of restaurants and bakeshops offer their versions for delivery to your doorstep. Here, we’ve rounded up the best, most decadent chocolate cakes around Dubai. Magnolia Bakery. This New Facebook Tool Reveals How You Are Being Tracked Online - Adapts Media. As firms such as Apple push privacy as a unique selling point, Facebook knows it needs to be in on the game.

Create display network exclusion lists with this (free) tool - Adapts Media. A tool born out of frustration could save you time managing brand safety. Tired of manually weeding through placement reports to exclude inappropriate websites and apps from your display campaigns? So was Dave Rigotti. Facebook Rolling Out a New Design for Messenger Which Will See The Removal of the Discover Tab - Adapts Media.

After first announcing its intention to simplify Messenger back in 2018, Facebook is now close to launching the next stage, with TechCrunch reporting that The Social Network is rolling out an updated layout for Messenger which eliminates the Discover tab, taking it down to simply Chats and People as your in-app navigation options. As you can see in this example, provided by social strategist Jeff Higgins, there are now only two tabs, which puts the focus squarely on your private conversations - here a shot of the current Messenger layout for reference: As noted, that aligns with Facebook's push to make Messenger more focused.

Back in 2018, then chief of Messenger David Marcus noted that: Over the last two years, we built a lot of capabilities to find the features that continue to set us apart. A lot of them have found their product market fit; some haven’t. Facebook has slowly been working towards this goal since, and this will be the biggest shift to date along these lines. Twitter MoPub Moves Facebook Audience Network Into Open Beta for Advanced Bidding - Adapts Media. AdColony and TapJoy, the other partners in the initiative, are still in closed beta MoPub. Testing Time for UAE Advertising Industry - BPG Group. Millennials Challenge Marketers - BPG Group. Steve Jobs once said it is really hard to design products by focus groups. Although he said it in the context of people not realizing their needs until they see it, the example is even true with reference to Millennials.

71 percent of UAE Residents Will Take advice from Social Media Influencers before Buying Products - BPG Group. New Survey from PR Agency BPG Orange Demonstrates Impact of Influencers – Particularly in Beauty, Fashion and Food. BPG Maxus successfully retains Global Village for their Media Planning & Buying services in the Middle East - BPG Group. Earlier this year, BPG Maxus re-pitched for the opportunity to continue its partnership with the region’s first-ever multicultural festival park that offers an engaging experience to families through a wide variety of shopping, dining, entertainment and funfair activities, Global Village. Retaining the account for the third consecutive time, BPG Maxus will continue to develop and drive their media solutions in the region.

“We are delighted to get an opportunity to continue our partnership with Global Village, yet again. Nano Technology, Silver Technology & Vesicle Technology. Double Filtration, Double Protection N95 Masks. Viromasks. The world safest daily use mask. Best Prices in UAE. Buy Now. 6 Effective Ways to Fix Your Ruined Sleep Pattern During Lockdown Phase. During the lockdown, you’ve probably slept while the sun’s still out and woken up to darkness so many times. This quarantine got us all messed up in more ways than one and for most of us, our ruined sleep pattern takes the top spot.

But regular or what we say the new normal life is about to return as UAE eased the lockdown. Top Suggested Podcast You Should Listen To. If you’ve never delved deep into the world of podcasts, it’s high time for you to make this your new downtime distraction. We list these down for you: 5 Indoor Plants that are Perfect for Beginners. Dubai-based ad agency wants its independence back - BPG Group. The Future of Print Media in the Digital Age - BPG Group. BPG Orange Survey Turns the Spotlight on Social Media Influencers - BPG Group.

Godiva Luxury Collections. Godiva Luxury Collections. Godiva Luxury Collections. YouTube Provides Tips on How to Create More Inclusive Content - Adapts Media. 6 Facebook Ad Mistakes That Can Sink Your Marketing Budget (and How to Avoid Them) - Adapts Media. How to Get Started with Facebook and Instagram Shops - Adapts Media. Godiva Luxury Collections. Godiva Luxury Collections. Godiva Luxury Collections. This Data Scientist Did an Analysis of YouTube Trending Content to Describe What Makes a Video Viral - Adapts Media. Explore How to Use the 12 Brand Archetypes for Your Business - Adapts Media. Explore How to Use the 12 Brand Archetypes for Your Business - Adapts Media. New Report Shows Online Streamers Are Spending More Time Online And They Are Discovering New Interests - Adapts Media. Importance of Influencer Marketing - BPG Group.

Locked in An Unequal War - BPG Group. 71 percent of UAE Residents Will Take advice from Social Media Influencers before Buying Products - BPG Group. Top 4 Project Management Tool to Keep you on Track. Best Budget-Friendly Drawing Apps for Beginners. 5 Refreshing Ideas to Help you Cool Down this Summer in Dubai. BPG announces restructure - BPG Group. Volume 34 - BPG Group. 4 Budget-Friendly Activities in Dubai to Beat the Summer Heat. 4 Fascinating Long Weekend Ideas in Dubai. Fun Activities You Can Now Enjoy Again in Dubai.

5 Refreshing Ideas to Help you Cool Down this Summer in Dubai. Marketing Disrupted: 5 Ways AR & VR Are Reshaping Digital Marketing - Adapts Media. Top 8 Essential Website Optimization Strategies - Adapts Media. Google Adds New Structured Data Properties to Estimated Salary Dev Page - Adapts Media. 15 Ways to Optimize a Paid Search Campaign - Adapts Media. Ubs Sign 40 Pcs. Ubs Sign 40 Pcs. Ubs Sign 40 Pcs. Godiva UAE on We Heart It. Ubs Sign 40 Pcs. Lava Cake Recipe. Godiva Chocolate.