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Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions. How to build a fictional world - Kate Messner. The world building strategies of popular books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have been analyzed in great detail by writers and critics alike.

How to build a fictional world - Kate Messner

The NPR piece “At Home in Fantasy’s Nerd-Built World” continues the conversation, taking a look at the magical creation of George R. R. Martin’s world in Game of Thrones. If you’re ready to create your very own fictional world, it’s great to start by reading lots of examples – and read like a writer, studying the craft of world building. Pay attention to the details and ask yourself why the author might have made the choices he or she did. How to Design a Fictional Town or City. Writing a research paper. The first step in writing a research paper is, of course, selecting a topic.

Writing a research paper

Several questions should be considered when you make your choice. A. How long is your paper going to be? Select a topic which can be adequately covered in the length of your paper. If your paper is limited to ten pages, for example, a topic like "History of Navigation" is going to be too broad. 1) Find controversy in the literature and discuss it, including your own viewpoint 2) Discuss the changes in theories about some concept 3) Compare the symbolism of the cosmology of two separate cultures 4) compare Russian astronomy before and after the revolution 5) Discuss Plato's influence vs.

How to Write an Essay Like the Pros (Infographic) The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations is a descriptive list which was created by Georges Polti to categorize every dramatic situation that might occur in a story or performance.

The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations

To do this Polti analyzed classical Greek texts, plus classical and contemporaneous French works. He also analyzed a handful of non-French authors. In his introduction, Polti claims to be continuing the work of Carlo Gozzi, who also identified 36 situations. Publication history[edit] “Gozzi maintained that there can be but thirty-six tragic situations.

This list was published in a book of the same name, which contains extended explanations and examples. The list is popularized as an aid for writers, but it is also used by dramatists, storytellers and many others. Hero's journey. "A Practical Guide to Joseph Cambell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Christopher Vogler © 1985 “There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.”

hero's journey

In the long run, one of the most influential books of the 20th century may turn out to be Joseph Campbell’s THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES. Writing Tips: Plot, How to plot a novel. Our Quick Guide on writing plots that grip the reader In these days of the 3-for-2 tables and Tesco Book Clubs, fiction has taken a step forwards into the past.

Writing Tips: Plot, How to plot a novel

These days, plot matters. Plot. How To Write a Novel in Logical Steps. Having the zeal to write a novel will carry you through a lot of bumps on the rocky road to completing it.

How To Write a Novel in Logical Steps

The road you choose is an important factor that will either expedite the process or waste your time. Set a logical course to leverage your time and accomplish your writing dream. Here are the steps I suggest: How to Start a Story. A Simple Novel Outline - 9 questions for 25 chapters « H.E. Roulo. Just as every tree is different but still recognizably a tree, every story is different but contains elements that make it a story.

A Simple Novel Outline - 9 questions for 25 chapters « H.E. Roulo

By defining those before you begin you clarify the scope of your work, identify your themes, and create the story you meant to write. At Norwescon 2011 I sat in on a session called Outline Your Novel in 90-minutes led by Mark Teppo. I’ll give you the brief, readable, synthesized version. Answer 9 questions and create 25 chapter titles and you’re there. Here are the 9 questions to create a novel: 1.) 2.) 3.)

The Beginning Writer: Layering Your Story Line Using Braiding. I’ve recently made it to the middle of a story I’m writing and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I didn’t know how to handle keeping the story going.

The Beginning Writer: Layering Your Story Line Using Braiding

So I looked to one of my favorite authors on writing for guidance. Heather Sellers wrote two of my favorite books on writing, “Page After Page” and “Chapter After Chapter.” But what I am going to refer to today is from a chapter she wrote in Writer’s Digest, “Crafting Novels and Short Stories,” where she says, “To get across the middle you must involve some element of discovery--something you have to figure out as you write.”

Otherwise, your writing will feel canned, preplanned, flat. Like stale popcorn. How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method. Three Ways to a Killer Opening Line. By Diane O’Connell.

Three Ways to a Killer Opening Line

Setting the Scene - Four Ways to Put the Reader in the Picture. Whenever you start a new scene or chapter in your story, it is always a good idea to orientate the reader.

Setting the Scene - Four Ways to Put the Reader in the Picture

The reader wants to identify with a character, get a sense of place and time, and understand the needs of this character right before the conflict or tension starts. In a way, the writer can think of these as scene markers. Here are the four ways to make your reader comfortable. Character markerSetting markerTime markerGoal marker The basics For example, you could open a scene like this: Greg stood barefoot on the warm wooden deck of his holiday house in Clarens, looking out at the Maluti Mountains.

Useful Sites for Beginners to Creative Writing. Jul 20, 2011 Creative writing can be a fun and satisfying pursuit, but getting started is often intimidating. Check out the following websites for writing prompts, style tips and other essential resources for beginning poets and creative writers. Internet Resources - Writers Resources - Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers. Unsorted [/writers] James Patrick Kelly - Murder Your Darlings - "When time comes to make that final revision, however, you must harden your heart, sharpen the ax and murder your darlings.

" Greda Vaso - Determining the Readability of a Book - includes formulas for Gunning's Fog Index, Flesch Formula, Powers Sumner Kearl L. Kip Wheeler - Literary Terms and Definitions L. CreatingMinds - tools, techniques, methods, quotes and quotations on all matters creative - StumbleUpon. Kurt Vonnegut's Tips for Writing Fiction. Four Ways to Cut Your Novel's Draft (and Make Your Story Stronger) Image from Flickr by adrperez Is your novel looking a little bloated? Do you have a sneaking feeling you’ve repeated yourself a few times? Are some of your scenes really just unnecessary padding between episodes of action? Believe me, I’ve been there. The 7 Types of Short Story Opening, and How to Decide Which is Right for Your Story.

50 Articles to Improve your Writing. A Way With Worlds - Entire Column Listing. How to write well. How to Structure A Story: The Eight-Point Arc. By Ali Hale One of my favourite “how to write” books is Nigel Watts’ Writing A Novel and Getting Published. My battered, torn and heavily-pencil-marked copy is a testament to how useful I’ve found it over the years. Although the cover appears to be on the verge of falling off altogether, I’ve risked opening the book once more to bring you Watts’ very useful “Eight-Point Story Arc” – a fool-proof, fail-safe and time-honoured way to structure a story. (Even if you’re a short story writer or flash fiction writer rather than a novelist, this structure still applies, so don’t be put off by the title of Watts’ book.)

The eight points which Watts lists are, in order: Writing Secrets of Prolific Authors. Do you want to be a prolific writer? Isaac Asimov, one of the big three science fiction writers of the twentieth century, published over 500 books including novels, short story collections and non fiction, making him one of the most prolific writers of all time. George Orwell: 6 Questions/6 Rules. George Orwell has earned the right to be called one of the finer writers in the English language through such novels as 1984, Animal Farm, and Down and Out in Paris and London, and essays like "Shooting an Elephant.

" Orwell excoriated totalitarian governments in his work, but he was just as passionate about good writing. How Can You Become A Better Writer. 8 Unstoppable Rules For Writing Killer Short Stories. 6 Ways to Hook Your Readers from the Very First Line. Although I consider myself an avid reader, I must admit I have a short attention span when it comes to getting into books. If you fail to grab my attention in the first few lines, I start spacing out. Most readers are like me. 5 editor's secrets to help you write like a pro. I do a lot of copyediting, both of books and advertising collateral. Writing Advice. My eyes usually glaze over whenever I see somebody saying something as artsy as “go into yourself”. But this is Rilke. And it’s worth getting past that. You are looking outward, and that above all you should not do now.

Nobody can counsel and help you, nobody. There is only one single way. Behind the Spark: "You Can't Do That in Short Fiction!" This post is part of the new “Behind the Spark” series in which Spark contributors and editor Brian Lewis explore and discuss work that has been featured in the anthology.

Here are three things, in no particular order, which you can’t do* in short fiction. 25 Rules And Formulas For Writing Irresistible Headlines. Five crime writers reveal their secrets for creating suspense. Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language. Translate emotions into written body language We are always told to use body language in our writing. Sometimes, it's easier said than written. Andrew Jack's Novel Writing Blog.

Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels, comic books and superhero books. Swarm of Heroes. Auteurs : De J. Lainé et S. Delzant Editeur : Eyrolles Collection : Les manuels de la BD La toute puissance des dessinateurs dans la BD franco-belge est particulièrement visible dans les ouvrages techniques sur la BD, qui ignorent ou au mieux marginalisent l'écriture du scénario.

C'est dire si les ouvrages francophones consacrés à cette phase de la conception sont rares ! C'est donc un plaisir de voir Eyrolles démarrer une collection intitulée "Les manuels de la BD" qui a la particularité d'aborder chaque phase de la création d'un BD scénario y compris. Si je vous parle de tout ça, c'est que les auteurs sont allés encore plus loin en consacrant le premier tome à une étape encore plus en amont que l'écriture du scénario (qui fait elle l'objet du 2e tome), à savoir la conception d'un univers de fiction. Welcome To TV Tropes. Checklist of Fiction Faults. 11 Stupidest Writing Mistakes.

9 Storytelling Blunders That Make You Look like an Amateur. Beginners' four faults. Five Weak Words that Make Your Writing Less Effective. The Top Ten Mistakes New Fiction Authors Make. The Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generators.