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With more than a decade’s experience in IT & Security Camera Products and its 6 branches in India - New Delhi (HO), Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Ludhiana, Chennai, and Kolkata, Advik digital solutions offers extensive product portfolio for video surveillance and access control. The product range includes analog camera, IP camera, HDCVI camera, PTZ camera, video door phones, DVR, NVR, cables and other accessories specifically selected for use in any sized security applications. Advik assists and supports the custom designing the products, listing products to insinuation, tender preparation and implementation of highly complex projects that are executed together with local partners as they are the best people to understand the area. We're always excited at the prospect of meeting you, as it helps us gather your inputs and hear about how we can help you do more business. For More Details call @ 09833783359 or visit us at

Motion Detection. CMOS. F-Number. How to Choose the Best Network Switch for CCTV Surveillance. 03-07-2017 | CCTV Surveillance, Network Switch Today, majority organizations and government agencies are adopting CCTV camera surveillance and thus there is a need to ensure high quality network equipment is employed so that security can be provided in a seamless and unhindered manner.

How to Choose the Best Network Switch for CCTV Surveillance

There are numerous network peripheral devices in the market, which raise the question: how do we choose the best network peripherals to ensure optimum performance of the surveillance system and efficiency, the most important being a network switch. A network switch, also known as a switching hub, is a computer networking device that performs the task of connecting various network segments. It plays an essential role in the modern Ethernet local area networks (LANs), wherein a network may have more than one switch. We need to consider the following points when investing in a Switch. How many CCTV cameras will be connected? It is best to test the switch performance when deciding. How to Set up CCTV Surveillance in Hospitals. 19-06-2017 | CCTV Surveillance, Hospitals CCTV surveillance is a very effective tool in hospitals and healthcare facilities, for not only increasing security, but for quality assurance and control.

How to Set up CCTV Surveillance in Hospitals

CCTV cameras are useful to both patients and employees, in safeguarding against security breach, preventing dishonest claims, serve as visual and audio evidence in fraud and collusion legal cases and research analysis to improve reaction time and services. With technology advancements, today hospitals have the advantage of flexible video surveillance installations that offer numerous benefits such as space saving storage options with cloud storage, remote control and access and many more. Megapixel. DVR & NVR. Importance of Video Surveillance in Hospitals (Part I) 01-05-2017 | CCTV Cameras, Surveillance, Hospitals In this two part series, we are going to discuss the importance of video surveillance in various aspects of our health care systems like hospitals.

Importance of Video Surveillance in Hospitals (Part I)

Wouldn’t you like to know how safe you are even your at your lowest and most vulnerable state? Importance of Ingress Protection (IP) Rating in CCTV Cameras. 17-04-2017 | IP Rating, cctv camera We’ve all since IP66 or IP 68 in the product manuals of our CCTV cameras, laptops and even mobile phones.

Importance of Ingress Protection (IP) Rating in CCTV Cameras

But what does this mean? In today’s post, we’ll shed light on the subject of IP ratings. IP stands for Ingress Protection. This is a standard security rating affixed to electronic gadgets to define the levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt etc) and moisture. It is important to enhance the durability of any electronic gadget especially to protect it from dust and water. Are CCTV Cameras Effective? How to configure an IP camera on a network. 06-04-2017 | Configure, IP Camera, Network, IP address When setting up a high definition IP camera system, you will require the following equipment: IP Cameras Network Video Recorder (NVR) CAT5e or CAT6 Network Cabling Computer Monitor or TV Network Switch 1.

How to configure an IP camera on a network.

Discovering IP Cameras. 4 Reasons to invest in security camera in corporate office. 03-04-2017 | Security camera, Corporate office The security camera in corporate office plays an important role in giving a safer workplace.

4 Reasons to invest in security camera in corporate office

Corporates have to make sure that the employees are safe from jobsite injuries, conflicts, theft, inappropriate allegations, and the proper behavior is maintained. They need to have a secured premises and parking lots for the safety of workers and their vehicles. PTZ, Focal length and Field of view. IR. Is your CCTV Camera losing focus? Check out this simple trick. 27-02-2017 | CCTV Camera, Focus, Auto iris With advance in technology, our surveillance and CCTV cameras have evolved to offer better image and video clarity.

Is your CCTV Camera losing focus? Check out this simple trick.

Modifications and features designed to allow us greater flexibility and functions in terms of where to mount the CCTV camera and how to use it. However, all this advancement has created a new problem. The video footage shows that the camera loses focus at different times of the day. The most common example of this is the peculiar case of a blurry footage you observe in the evening, right before you close the office for the day. Your CCTV camera is set to auto iris, which regulates the amount of light captured by the camera’s pickup plate.

Does your camera have the ABF (auto back focus) feature? If yes, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. If no, follow these steps. 1. Where to place CCTV. 15-02-2017 | CCTV, Advik place, Outdoor camera A well-placed camera can help you not only identify intruders but also deter criminals.

Where to place CCTV

A camera placed in a wrong area will make your security system vulnerable. For home owners, the optimal areas to install security cameras are the all doors (front door, back door, garage, and side door) and spots that cover the windows especially all on the first floor. All outdoor cameras should be weatherproof and have night vision to ensure a strong security system and all around protection. The placing of your camera is dependent on what type of camera it is. Advik Video Phones are popular with home owners for their front doors as it helps you know who is at the door. How to clean security camera lens. 09-02-2017 | Clean,CCTV,Security,Camera Even having the best CCTV camera surveillance system is ineffective if the video quality is distorted due to a dirty security camera lens.

How to clean security camera lens

Every CCTV camera should be cleaned at least on a monthly basis for good quality footage. All you need is a clean microfibre cloth, and lens cleaner solution (optional). First and foremost, you need to switch off the CCTV camera so that there is no damage to the device. Remember, never clean a camera while it is switched on as it may be unsafe for the person performing the cleaning.

Remote Access CCTV Cameras. Benefits of Effective CCTV Surveillance Systems in Banks. 16-01-2017 | Effective CCTV Surveillance Systems, Deterrent, Fraud Check, Remote Access, Customer Confidence, Banks Demonetization has created a lot of awareness about banking and the Indian economy at large while raising plenty of concern on the effectiveness of the existing surveillance systems.

Benefits of Effective CCTV Surveillance Systems in Banks

Today, we seek to shed light on the benefits accorded to banks and their customers when an effective CCTV surveillance system is opted. 1. Deter robberies – Being guaranteed custodians of ready cash and valuables, banks continue to be high-stake targets for criminals looking for a big payout. Proper bank video surveillance setup acts as a deterrent to robbers, and in a worst case scenario, it provides crucial images and videos that act as evidences for law enforcement. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Take Security To The Next Level with Advik's Fish Eye Camera.

Cloud Storage with I28CH NVR. 05-01-2017 | Advik’s I28CH NVR, Cloud Recording, Google Drive, Dropbox Advik’s I28CH NVR offers an ultra flexible and modern recorder system, which allows cloud recording via Google Drive and Dropbox. Now you can keep tabs on your valuables and offices via the internet from anywhere in the world, at any time. With this flexible recording and storage option, you can enjoy travel and vacations without the constant hustle and tension of the work you left behind. Not only does this free up plenty of physical space but it is also an economical option that has a higher degree of safety and security integrity.

A resolution of 1080 pixels at 30 FPS, 16 SATA HDD (maximum up to 6 TB support), E SATA and Raid support are all packed in this ultra modern network recorder. Why Should You Install CCTVs? Security Camera. We are very much thankful to you for choosing us... Security is something that is of utmost priority in anyone’s life. Everybody wants their families, workplaces and themselves to be safe. We understand your priorities.

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An Introduction To WDR In Security Camera. 11-05-2016 | Security camera The images captured at the bright backlight usually have a darker image of the object. In terms of the security camera, the ultimate goal of capturing the image of the culprit is not achieved. In order to get the desired images, the security camera is loaded with the feature of Wide Dynamic Range. What is WDR The Wide Dynamic Range function ( WDR function) is needed to get the clear images in bright backlight situations where the intensity of light is high and both dark and light fields come in the range of the frame.

Where to use the WDR feature of the security camera: These are most preferred where the light in the premises or the frame is coming from various angles. Lobbies: Where the light flows in from various windows and artificial light sources.