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Tip sheets and song plugging

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SONGPLUGGERS.NET-SPRINGBARREL SONGWRITER SERVICES,LLC. OnTrack Entertainment - Consultation Services. For an hourly rate, for both artists and songwriters, we will sit down with you and discuss your career.

OnTrack Entertainment - Consultation Services

We will listen to your music, look at your press kit, and offer suggestions for what your next step should be. If applicable, and we feel you are ready, we will set up appointments with the appropriate connections. RYKODISC. Q&A: How does demo "shopping" work? We're a rock band from India looking for representation to approach record labels for a possible Record Deal.

Q&A: How does demo "shopping" work?

We think we have enough original recorded material for record deal consideration. Can you please tell us how does demo shopping work? And also, how can we find someone to “shop” us to various labels? Looking forward to your reply. Chris Keaton Productions. RowFax. SongLink International - The Premier Resource for Music Publishers, Songwriters, Producers, Artists and Managers. Music Tipsheet Reviews.