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Solar trackers

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How to boost any solar panel output by 75% George's Workshop - Order Page. Diy solar parabolic trough gen2 intro. In 2010, I wrote "How to build a Tracking Parabolic Solar Collector" describing my self designed and built working prototype and test results.

diy solar parabolic trough gen2 intro

I tried to show what a determined person can do with ordinary tools and materials, a good hardware store and a bit of perseverance - a high performance Do It Yourself (DIY) solar heater. Since then, I have had lots of great feedback from the 600+ people who bought the book and Thank You for that! [updated March 2014] Over the past four years, I have improved the design.

This improved design is described in detail my new book "Solar Parabolic Trough Concentrator: Home Experimenter's Manual". Improvements The reflector design has been simplified. Gen2 design goals: Simpler hand or machine made ribs In the original version, there were three different types of ribs - now one rib does all three jobs. I show the methods I use to make small quantities by hand using patterns. (click any pic to enlarge) Please show your support by buying my books. A Tracking Solar Concentrator for the home experimenter, Table of Contents and Notices, page_iii,iv, 10/09/99. A Tracking Solar Concentrator for the home experimenter, Table of Contents and Notices, page_iii,iv, 10/09/99. Solar Tracker-1. This project will improve the output of your solar panel by about 40%.

Solar Tracker-1

It uses a motor and gearbox from a 3.6v power screwdriver, however a number of different voltage motors can be used. The project has its own 6v power-supply made from five 1.2v NiCad cells and a charging circuit using a separate 3v to 6v solar panel to make the project self-sufficient and universal. It has one advantage over many of the other designs. It can be connected to an existing solar panel that is hinged or has a pivot-point so it can move to align with the sun. You do not have to add any gear-wheel to the panel as it can be adapted to move the panel via a linkage. Here is just a few of the Power Screwdrivers available on the market. This screwdriver is not suitable. This 2.4v model costs over $100. This 6v models costs $20.00 It comes with 4 Alkaline cells but no charger. Solar furnace test w/basic tracker and new collector 3 of 5. Solar Tacker 2 Axis System - Computer Tracking Manager. [Homepage] [Contact Us] [Mirror] [Photos] [Acro News] [Opinion] [Links] [Acro Solar Catalog] [Constant Temperature Bath Controller] [Dish Kits] [Plumbing] [Pool Heating] [Prime Timer] [PV Trackers][Heat Exchangers] [Hot Water Kits] [Tanks] [Temp Controller] [Tracking Computer Manager] [Solar PV Cells] [DIY Solar] The two axis solar tracker is a self managed single standalone computer controller.

Solar Tacker 2 Axis System - Computer Tracking Manager

It guides a parabolic concentrating dish or PV array on two axis, meaning east to west and up/down. The Acro Solar Tracker monitors temperature, controls and monitors a single pump or pumps in a series. It uses an optical scope to sense the suns position and drives two motors to bring your array or dish to face the sun dead on. The solar tracking system also charges and monitors battery backup and monitors electric power source. This system is designed to run completely automatic and unmanned. GreenField - Our Technology. Super Simple Sun Tracker. - Jose Pino's Projects and Tidbits. I Got some solar cells since two months ago, but it wasn't until the last week I decided to put those solar cells to work.

Super Simple Sun Tracker. - Jose Pino's Projects and Tidbits.

I really didn't have any good idea for it, I was thinking to use it to power toys or some homemade projects. Finally, I thought I can use those solar cells to charge rechargeable batteries. Bad idea. Rechargeable batteries needs from 8 to 14 hours to get fully charged but using the solar cells in a fixed position, it only gets about 6 or 7 hours of direct sunlight. The solution: A sun tracker. A sun tracker allows to get 9 to 12 hours of direct sunlight, enough to charge some batteries. Here are the parts needed: A motor. I did use some LEGO block and gears because it was handy.

The main gear is fixed to the base. This is my design of the mechanism. Electronic Projects. TripodTripod Mounts I am convinced that the best and strongest mount for PVs at ground level is one based on the design example of: poulektraxle * TraxlePoulek Solarby Martin PoulekGary A. Werner, President GWM CorporationPolar mount with tracker. The tripod support arrangement is very strong with light weight construction. Aps * APS Solar's Pseudo Polar Axis "Tilt Tracker".Similar to Poulek Solar's Traxle, with a clockwork tracker. Powerlight PowerLightAn even bigger version, similar to Poulek Solar's Traxle. sunpowernellis * SunPower A huge field of true polar axis tripod solar tracking mounts at Nellis Air Force Base.36.258376,-115.052763 (SunPower purchased PowerLight.)

EnergyoptionsEnergy Options PV Polar Axis Tripod Mount Energy Options has this very nice tripod mount for sale that uses a single axis tracker. Gordon Glen Gordon's Pseudo Polar Axis Mounts. Mecasolar. Solar Tracker.