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Minute Man Electronics Prototyping-Printed-Circuit Boards and Materials. DATAMARK™ Dry Transfer Letters by Datak The DATAMARK ™Dry Transfer (Rub-Down) series is economical because the sets are selective to keep them small; each set covers titles used in a specific segment of electronics.

Minute Man Electronics Prototyping-Printed-Circuit Boards and Materials

Small alpha/numeric sets are also listed in this series. The various electronic titles contain five sheets of titles plus one alpha/numeric characters sheet (sheet size: 3.25" x 5"). The alpha sets contain six sheets of both letters and numbers in an assortment of black, white and gold characters. DATAMARK ™ series characters should be protected with DATAKOAT or HARDKOAT protective coatings when used on panels or chassis.

DATAK's classic sharpness and high quality look is assured throughout.

500 Series Projects

Small PCB design/manufacture. Small PCB design/manufacture. Helios 2128 Amp Card « Orphan Audio. Send 'N Blend Support Thread. This is the offical support thread for the Send 'N Blend (SnB).

Send 'N Blend Support Thread

Each board set contains 4 channels of blend, Power Supply PCB, and 8 dual TRS adapter boards for 16 total TRS connectors. Boards are now available, please see my white market: As always, I ask to please keep this thread clean and friendly. All further questions, issues, comments, etc - please refer to this thread. -Accuracy and Wet/Dry Signal Bleed are directly related to the quality of pot used, so I recommend a good quality Conductive Plastic (CP) pot, 10% if you can find it.

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