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Scott Liebers Labs - Op Amps and Outboard Gear. SL-2520 - Two versions of the SL-2520 were designed as replacement opamps for vintage console restoration.

Scott Liebers Labs - Op Amps and Outboard Gear.

The vintage or “red dot” version is built to match the Huntington and Melville NY opamps from the 70’s. The clean, or “blue dot” version, is made to sound like the newer 2520 opamps. The original intent for making two versions was to use the colored vintage opamps, in console mic pres, and the cleaner versions in the summing amps of vintage consoles. Eden Microphone Preamplifier. This is the Eden Microphone Preamplifier from Expat Audio.

Eden Microphone Preamplifier

It comes are a completed module that only needs to be hooked up. In fact, all it needs is power, input, output and a gain setting resistor. It's assembled and tested here in Texas, USA. Performance It has flat THD+N at 30dB of gain as low as 0.003%, all the way to 30kHz (higher I believe - but the audio test kit isn't quite up to it). How to make custom resistors. How to make custom resistors.

How to make custom resistors

Or individually hand trimmed by frictive attrition (tm) It is not generally known that you can customize a resistor fairly easily. The technique was taught to me by my late farther. An electronics technician in defence research. The Philbrick Archive. Deciphering Electrical Characteristics in an Op Amp Datasheet. The Operational Amplifier (Op Amp) is often the key analog gain block in acquiring and scaling real world signals in any data acquisition system.

Deciphering Electrical Characteristics in an Op Amp Datasheet

To predict system accuracy when using op amps it is important to understand the op amp data sheet and how individual specifications affect both the DC and AC transfer accuracy through the op amp. Both DC and AC limitations will be discussed in detail. With this knowledge any engineer can design with op amps right the first time. Sboa054.pdf (application/pdf Object) Sboa059.pdf (application/pdf Object) Sboa067.pdf (application/pdf Object) Opamp Test and Design Board. Opamp Design and Test BoardRod Elliott (ESP) Introduction Opamps are wonderful little building blocks, but quickly building a test circuit is a real pain.

Opamp Test and Design Board

Most people will use a "breadboard", one of those plastic blocks with holes and connections, but I have found them to be a complete pain in the backside. OA10 Discrete Op-amp. Hairball Audio, LLC - DIY JE-990 Discrete Operational Amplifier. One of the key features of the Lola Microphone Preamplifier is the inclusion of two 990 op-amps. Deane Jensen’s now famous JE-990 paper describing the design, testing, and theory behind a powerful ultra low noise operation amplifier, was first introduced in the February 1980 AES journal.

The design started with the LM394 dual super matched transistor as the input device. The LM394 is actually a monolithic device consisting of two pairs of 50 transistors connected in parallel to eliminate random variations in the individual devices. Quad Eight CA27 Dual Op Amp « Orphan Audio. JLM Hybird Opamp Kit. [header.htm] JLM Hybrid Opamp JLM Hybrid PCB & full PCB parts kit Parts List The JLM Hybrid is a fet input IC opamp with high current output drive transistors.

JLM Hybird Opamp Kit

It can have the output transistors set to run in Class A/B or Class A Mode. MCI 2002 Opamp - NEW: SystemsStore.com. How transistor works, an alternate viewpoint. Voltage-driven charge-flows First of all, you must abandon the idea that current travels in transistors or flows inside of wires.

how transistor works, an alternate viewpoint

Yes, you heard me right. Current does not flow. Electric current never flows, since an electric current is not a stuff. Electric current is a flow of something else. The OP-AMP. Before we describe anything technical, let's see one in action.


An op-amp can be connected to a single voltage rail (called UNIPOLAR SUPPLY - 0v to Vcc) or a dual voltage rail (called BIPOLAR SUPPLY +/-Vcc). When connected to a single voltage rail, the output can go from 0v to approx full rail voltage. The OP-AMP has two inputs. A "+" input for non-inverting and "–" for inverting. When the "+" input is a few millivolts higher than the "–" input, the output goes HIGH. Classic Audio Products of Illinois. The gar2520 DOA Full Kit Bundle is a full and complete parts kit with everything required to complete the gar2520 Discrete Operational Amplifier build.

Classic Audio Products of Illinois

This board has been designed by Gary Barnett of Barnett Industries. Gary has built upon the reverse engineering work of Peter Lazaro, better know as “Peter Purpose”. This DOA is a nine transistor amplifier modeled after API’s legendary, mid ‘70’s, Studio Systems/Huntington era 2520. Scott Liebers Labs - Op Amps and Outboard Gear. Gar2520 Discrete Opamp Kit. Quote: Originally Posted by skydog a couple of questions...will there be a pre built option available?

gar2520 Discrete Opamp Kit