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Electret phantom power mod

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Recording and Measurement Microphones. Recording and Measurement MicrophonesRod Elliott (ESP) PCBs for the discrete mic preamp and a complete housing are available - click on the image for details (New PCB available) Introduction The purpose of this article and small group of projects is firstly to introduce the electret microphone into the ESP projects lineup, and secondly to allow the reader to build a microphone that although uncalibrated, can be used to great effect as a measurement mic with any loudspeaker project, or for very high quality recordings.

Recording and Measurement Microphones

The P93 microphone amplifier is a discrete fully Class-A transformerless design, and offers high performance at comparatively low cost. Traditionally, measurement microphones are calibrated, so that the exact output level for a given SPL is known, and so that the frequency response is predictable and accurate. Micbuilders : Message: Re: [micbuilders] 2-wire Transound TSB-140A? Untitled. TranSound Mics. TSB-165A and External FETs. J202 pdfKeys J202 mp3 2N4416A pdfKeys 2n4416A mp3 For comparison here are the same keys recorded with a WM55A (this was recorded further away from my computer, so there's less pick up of the hard drives.)Keys WM55A mp3.

TSB-165A and External FETs HOW TO CONVERT A RADIO SHACK PZM. PZM Modifications, by Christopher Hicks ======================================= Last modified and copyright, 2nd October, 1995.


Non-commercial distribution encouraged; all other rights reserved by the author. Firstly, You mess with your precious(?) RS PZM's entirely at your own risk! Of course I disclaim all responsibility for your destruction of your equipment - microphones, mixers, tape-recorders, lawn-mowers and food-processors included.