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The Simpsons (Mémoire Mind Mapping) Pop culture helps students learn English. We are learning A, B, Cs A, B, Cs are not easy Our class name is 5D 5D also means "fai dee" Composing bilingual rap with puns like these has helped students in a Band Three school in a working-class area build bridges between their Chinese mother tongue and English.

Pop culture helps students learn English

By identifying more closely with hip hop and rap artists as role models for their own language learning, students develop identities as English-speakers, says Angel Lin, associate dean at the HKU faculty of education. A pioneer of innovative interdisciplinary approaches to second language education, particularly for young people, she advocates entry points like these to create a fun, meaningful context for the use of English among students. The government has been active in trying to realise Hong Kong's goals of nurturing the development of a biliterate and trilingual society.

Lin identifies three key dimensions to achieving the government's stated goals. Angel Lin, Associate dean at HKU faculty of education High culture versus pop culture: which is best for engaging students? "A high culture is the self-consciousness of a society", Roger Scruton wrote last year in the Guardian.

High culture versus pop culture: which is best for engaging students?

"It contains the works of art, literature, scholarship and philosophy that establish a shared frame of reference among educated people. " As a teacher, the last part of this statement interested me because one of the aims of schools should be nurturing "educated people". Importantly for Scruton, an absence of "high culture is superseded by a culture of fake". Students Learn Best When You Do This. Hmelo-Silver_2004.pdf. The Simpsons Archive: "The Simpsons: An Imperfect Ideal Family"

The Simpsons: By Eliezer Van Allen While my family disagrees about which television programs to watch on any given night, we all religiously congregate on Sunday nights to watch The Simpsons.

The Simpsons Archive: "The Simpsons: An Imperfect Ideal Family"

We sit lined up on the couch, personifying the term "couch potato," our daily lives suspended to observe the antics of an animated family. My dad laughs at Homer Simpson's idiocy; my mom commiserates with Marge's troubles; my sisters criticize Bart and praise Lisa, while I do the complete opposite by cheering Bart and not caring about Lisa. Simpsonsforssteachers - home. The Simpsons Archive: Miscellaneous. The Simpsons in the Classroom: Embiggening the Learning Experience with the Wisdom of Springfield.

Have Your Say: Should The Simpsons be taught in school? Intellect Ltd. Faire jouer l'exception pédagogique  Informations juridiques Conditions d'utilisation : Droit de propriété intellectuelle : la présentation et le contenu du site constituent des oeuvres protégées par la législation française et internationale relative à la propriété intellectuelle.

Faire jouer l'exception pédagogique 

Les éléments de fond protégeables tels que les textes, les photographies, les données, les graphiques, les vidéos, les images…, ainsi que les éléments de forme (choix, plan, disposition des matières, organisation des données…) sont la propriété du CNDP au titre du droit d'auteur et au titre du droit du producteur de la base de données. "South Park et Harry Potter ont été plus efficaces que neuf ans de cours d'anglais" VOST, Erasmus, l'auto-stop et Pink Floyd Le ministre de l'éducation, Luc Chatel, a dit vouloir "réinventer l'apprentissage de l'anglais dans ce pays" en réflechissant à un apprentissage dès lâge de trois ans, grâce notamment aux nouvelles technologies.

"South Park et Harry Potter ont été plus efficaces que neuf ans de cours d'anglais"

A cette occasion, des internautes du nous racontent comment ils ont appris la langue de Shakespeare, ou comment ils l'ont transmise à leurs enfants. Le plus souvent hors des salles de classe, à travers des voyages, des rencontres ou tout simplement au contact de la culture anglo-saxonne. Des loisirs en anglais, par Maxime C. Une langue s'apprend non pas dans un apprentissage scolaire - en tout cas pas principalement - mais avant tout dans le cadre de loisirs, d'autant plus pour un enfant qui n'a pas toujours la maturité nécessaire pour se rendre compte de l'utilité des langues étrangères. Peut-on utiliser les séries télé pour l’enseignement de la philo ? Intellect Ltd. Popular Culture (Jan.2012) Social Class in the Simpsons. Springfield. Guest blogger: I teach 'The Simpsons' to college students.

Note: Whitney is on vacation until July 12.

Guest blogger: I teach 'The Simpsons' to college students

Pop Candy readers are contributing to the blog while she's away. By Denise Du Vernay. Using The Simpsons in EFL Classes. How to Use The Simpsons to Enhance your Lessons. Over the past 20 years The Simpsons has entertained countless millions across the globe.

How to Use The Simpsons to Enhance your Lessons

The adventures of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie have been enjoyed by both adults and children alike, and yet the full potential as an educative tool is very rarely investigated. Such a large collection of episodes provides teachers with a plethora of subjects and cultural mores to explore. Using The Simpsons in the Classroom When using television episodes in the classroom it is very important to establish reading criteria and maintain this throughout the session. Students need to fully grasp the concept of actively reading television, rather than the usual passive viewing they do at home.

The diversity of Matt Groening's creation allows the lateral thinking teacher to integrate episodes of the hit series into almost any imaginable school subject. Developing Classroom Activities Based on The Simpsons Worksheets are vital when using any audiovisual medium in the classroom. Socio&BD > Library > JSTOR Full Text PDF. The Simpsons and American culture. ResearchGate.