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EU projects for science education

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DESIRE. DESIRE (Disseminating Educational Science Innovation & Research in Europe) aims at the development of best practice criteria and elaboration of new models of diffusion and exploitation of results in science education, pedagogical research results and innovative tools for science teachers.


The project will establish a mechanism to better diffuse and exploit results from existing innovative science education approaches and research results from the LLP and national Ministries of Education. The project will identify obstacles and facilitators and communicate this knowledge through recommendations and workshops for policy makers and project planners. Parsel: Home. Science Fiction in Education (SciFiEd): EU Lifelong Learning project. Research findings in the area of science education show a number of issues that raise concern: (i) negative attitudes, low self-efficacy, and declining interest about science and relevant subjects; (ii) low achievement in international surveys on science literacy in numerous EU countries; (iii) inadequate and stereotypical conceptions about science and scientists; (iv) gender, race, and socio-economic status differences.

Science Fiction in Education (SciFiEd): EU Lifelong Learning project

The Council of the European Union points towards the right direction, through one of five benchmarks included in the strategic framework ET 2020: “By 2020, the share of low-achieving 15-year-olds in reading, mathematics and science should be less than 15 %.” The SciFiEd project aims to: KidsINNScience - Innovation in Science Education - Turning Kids on to Science. Stella - Science Teaching in a Lifelong Learning Approach. Project library - Scientix. Primas. The European Project PRIMAS PRIMAS is an international project within the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union.


Fourteen universities from twelve different countries have worked together over four years to promote the implementation and use of inquiry-based learning in mathematics and science. PRIMAS has developed materials for direct use in class and for professional development. SAILS. SEOS - Home. Fibonacci-Project.

Shaping the future of maths and science education with inGenious - ECB. PATHWAY: The Pathway to Inquiry Based Science Teaching. Firing Up Science Education. STENCIL - Science Teaching European Network for Creativity and Innovation in Learning. Open Science Resources.