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Software e didattica - 4 - Il software autore JClic

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JClic. Downloading and installation of JClic JClic is a Java application distributed through the WebStart technology. The first time you click on the links of this page the programme files are downloaded, and will remain installed in the computer. From there, the programmes can be launched either from the Java WebStart control panel or through the icons created on the desktop and in the start menu. The Internet connection is only necessary the first time the applications are activated.

The programs should be started automatically when doing click in the links of this page. Installers One of the advantages of the WebStart system is to have the programs automatically updated as corrections and improvements are released, without having to download it manually. Icons Shortcuts for the applications in the desktop and in the start menu can be created by Java WebStart. Also available in:

JClic - Installer per Windows. JClic - Pacchetto Java. JClic Portatile. JClic Portatile. JClic - Installer per Windows. JClic - Pacchetto Java. JClic - Librerie aggiuntive per i messaggi. JClic - Libreria di immagini già pronte. JClic - Pacchetti disciplinari. Interfaccia vuota per JClic. JClic - Repository HTML5. JClic - Repository HTML5 - Lista progetti. JClic - Deposito progetti HTML5.