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Making 91mm wooden plus scales (pic heavy) I've promised tosh to give him a step by step run down on how I make wooden plus scales and thought someone else might find this interesting.

Making 91mm wooden plus scales (pic heavy)

This time I made them out of oak. I'm not completely satisfied with the result, I went a bit too low on the edges where the cut outs for the T&T and pen are. I sanded them down by hand, then decided to speed up the process a bit with a dremmel and messed up. I did a thread about making Wenger scales a while back but those are recessed, Victorinox doesn't use recessed scales. I'll be using some of the pics from that thread though to demonstrate cause I forgot to take pics this time and some pics were made later for the purposes of this thread.

Стилтон. Стилтон — английский сыр.


Виды[править | править исходный текст] Производятся два вида «Стилтона»: хорошо известный голубой «Стилтон» (относится к голубым сырам) и менее известный белый «Стилтон». «Стилтону» присвоен европейский сертификат Protected designation of origin (PDO), поэтому только сыр, изготовленный в графствах Дербишир, Лестершир и Ноттингемшир и отвечающий строгим требованиям стандарта, может называться «Стилтоном».

По иронии судьбы, в деревне Стилтон, давшей название этому сыру, производить его запрещено, так как эта деревня находится в графстве Кембриджшир. Home. Victorinox Collection. Post yours. Starting the Victorinox Cataloging. SHOW US YOUR COLLECTION !! Very bad pics, I'm sorry Drawer 1: Michel Jordi Spartans, Deluxe, Zodiac Classics, 125th Anniversary Climber, Tomo, etc.: Drawer 2: SwissFlames, Voyager, Climber RT and Master RT, SwissChamp SOS kit: Drawer 3: Spare parts, Excelsiors, Climber with long nail file, some boxed items: 4: Several Spartans, Grand Prix, WorkChamp, CyberTool 34 & 29:


Stempling/merking - Most interesting photos from Swiss Army Knives pool. Full Mall - Victorinox Видеоклипове. Ножемания - ножи, ножики, ножички, мачете, мультиинструменты, швейцарские армейские ножи, EDC и прочее. Ресурс - Русскоязычный ножевой форум. В темах о швейцарских многопредметниках иногда попадаются ссылки на норвежский интернет-ресурс.

Ресурс - Русскоязычный ножевой форум

Forside - THE SECRET ORDER OF THE SAK (Topic list) - - Intelligent Discussion for the Knife Enthusiast - Powered by FusionBB. Custom.scale.division – knife modding, aftermarket scales for production knives » victorinox. Sak - behind the scenes. Hello,in this tread i want share some background infos and pics of the swiss world of sak, the cultural, technical and historical swiss army knife, sak, is an swiss heritage and we are prowd of it as of ouer swiss chocolate and cheese or the famous mtns or watches.sak are spl knives, the multitool charakter and usefulness is great, they help the people every day and many problems could. its to thank great swiss people like the elsener family and theyr employees for the hard work and ethics to make it possible for us to own an swiss made high quality tool for an economical are some pics of the technical side of sak: typical carebox from ibach rough sorted out fine sorted out.

sak - behind the scenes

Weber's World Swiss Army Knives - Schweizer Armee Messer. Swiss Army Soldier Knife, Victorinox, Wenger. Victorinox Swiss Army - User Manuals. The Mod Squad. A "how-to" for basic SAK mods. Pic heavy. Here is a little “how-to” guide to a basic SAK mod on a 91mm cellidor knife, although most of the ideas are the same for other sizes as well.

A "how-to" for basic SAK mods. Pic heavy.

I suspect ever modder has a slightly different way of doing things but this is the way that works for me with only a few basic tools, as can be seen in the first pic. First thing to do is to pop off the scales from your donor knives. I use an old SAK with a fairly blunt small blade and slip it under the scale.

Move it up to just behind the pin and pop the scale up. Repeat for the other two pins. Next you are going to drill out the pins. Now all you need to do is drill out the pin. Now you will have a pile of bits and there is no going back. A quick shot here to show the new and old liners next to the blades. The next thing I do is to prep up the new pins. Take a small hammer and peen over the edge to give a nice, flattened, mushroom shaped top.

With the other hand put a fine screwdriver or similar between the pin and the spring. Re: First mod - mini Farmer with scissors. When I started the modification of the alox Bantam I faced all kind of problems and I made any possible mistake.I thought I was well prepared because I studied much about modding and rivets.

Re: First mod - mini Farmer with scissors

Theory is invaluable but when we go to the workshop things look different.We can play war games all day long in the computer but when in the field of at the shooting range our weakness and lack of experience betray us. Modding alox SAKs is all the rage. Alox does not forgive mistakes and our work is exposed. The are no cellidor scales to cover the poor workmanship. Swapping the corkscrew/phillips on a SAK - A how to. As requested by max6166 here's a quick run down of how to replace a corkscrew with a phillips driver on a SAK.

Swapping the corkscrew/phillips on a SAK - A how to.

In this case a Waiter. I've shown these pics before in some ancient thread but I can't find it so here they are again Step 1 - remove the scales of your victim Step 2 - file off the head of the corkscrew pin, you can also drill it out if you're careful Step 3 - using a small nail or punch smaller than the pin, knock the pin out. Step 4 - take a small piece of 2.25mm diameter brass rod that you've tapered a little at one end and gently tap into through the hole.

Step 5 - now snip, cut or saw off the brass rod until you have around 1.5mm proud of either side (hint, dremell cut off wheel is good) and begin peening. Швейцарцы страница 351. Swiss Forum. Multi-tools & Multi-purpose Knives. Swiss Army Knives Forum. Швейцарские ножи - Русскоязычный ножевой форум. <div class='message error'><strong>Обнаружен отключенный Javascript</strong><p>У вас отключен Javascript, поэтому некоторые функции форума не будут работать.

Швейцарские ножи - Русскоязычный ножевой форум

Чтобы расширить функционал, включите Javascript. </p></div><br /> Просмотр форума - Victorinox&Wenger, форум и сайт о ножах и по ножевой тематике, knife, knives, tool, blade forum, Ножевой клуб. Alphabetical Listing. SOSAK On Line - Catalogues. Victorinox and Wenger Catalogues. Victorinox. The world of Victorinox Alox Swiss Army Knives. Victorinox и Wenger для Китая, Тайваня, Гонконга - Русскоязычный ножевой форум. Чаще при сочетании слов "Китай" и "швейцарский нож" мы морщимся и настороженно напрягаемся.

Victorinox и Wenger для Китая, Тайваня, Гонконга - Русскоязычный ножевой форум

Martin Desax's Photos - iKnife Collector. I Love SAK's. Victorinox. Офицеры с изображением национальных достопримечательностей. - Русскоязычный ножевой форум. В свое время зацепили меня офицеры Викторинокса с изображениями достопримечательностей.