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GMR Transcription Services, Inc.

GMR Transcription is one of the premier transcription companies in US providing quality and affordable transcription and translation services with 99% accuracy. Your transcription needs could include legal, podcast, academic, business, audio or video. Get accurate transcription within the time frame that best suits your business transcription needs.

How to Play Fair and Get Noticed at Your Workplace. Looking to get noticed in a positive light at work?

How to Play Fair and Get Noticed at Your Workplace

There are many ways you can play fair and get noticed by the management in order to boost your career or get that coveted promotion. Also these tips can sometimes create a better result than just trying to work hard toward a promotion. Here’s how you can get noticed now. Do an amazing job on all tasks. 6 Strategies to Follow While Learning Spanish. Even though Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn for English speakers, there are nuances that can throw off Spanish students sometimes.

6 Strategies to Follow While Learning Spanish

Here are some common errors to avoid when learning Spanish. English uses pronouns more often One of the things you have to get used to in Spanish is that pronouns do not need to be used as much. The listener can figure out from the verb form what the pronoun should be. When you want to emphasize the pronoun, use “yo,” “tu” and “el.”Gender-coded terms Spanish nouns are gender based. 5 Reasons Why Transcription Is Vital During Business Mergers. A business merger is definitely a hectic time for anyone involved, however, many tend to not think about the importance of a professional transcription writer during a merger.

5 Reasons Why Transcription Is Vital During Business Mergers

In fact, transcription can be very vital to every step of the merger process to ensure everything goes smoothly and there is no miscommunication. Is Tuning Up with Machine Transcription Good for Public Media? Human involvement offers a whole host of advantages over the use of voice recognition and other types of transcription software.

Is Tuning Up with Machine Transcription Good for Public Media?

Nonetheless, a lot of business owners still go down the technology, route in the hope that it will ease them of work-related pressures. In public media, discrepancies can cost you, which is why the decision should not be made lightly. Using Speech to Text Software Automatic speech recognition, also known as ASR, can be used to transcribe public radio broadcasts. Computer Fatigue: The Best Remedies to Ease Your Aching Hand. Today, computers are an integral part of our work and personal lives.

Computer Fatigue: The Best Remedies to Ease Your Aching Hand

It is unimaginable to function without one, however, the long hours spent typing on a keyboard can lead to aching hands. Thankfully, there are many ways to tackle the pain you experience. Take Short Breaks Throughout the DayIt is advisable to take short breaks every hour. Health experts recommend taking four breaks – three breaks each of 30 seconds and one break of 3 minutes – every hour. GMR Transcription Blog - Accurate Transcription and Translation at Affordable Rates. GMR Transcription Blog - Accurate Transcription and Translation at Affordable Rates. GMR Transcription Blog. GMR Transcription Services - Quick Turnaround, 100% US Based.

GMR Transcription Services, Inc.

10 Creative Tips for Setting Up Your Christmas Tree. Once you are sure your tree is perfect, the next step is setting it up to look amazing.

10 Creative Tips for Setting Up Your Christmas Tree

Here are some creative tips for setting up your Christmas tree without making a hole in your pocket. Tree Stand: Don’t forget a tree stand because without it you cannot set up your tree. Remember, it should be big enough to hold water.Ribbons and Bow: Satin and velvet bows look beautiful on a Christmas tree. The Myriad Benefits of Using Transcription Services. Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts. Learn Spanish Christmas Greetings and Words. 7 Most Recommended Podcasts for Entrepreneurs. Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts. 5 Speech-to-Text Mobile Apps That Spare Much Hassle. If you want an easy way to record your thoughts or carry out interviews, you can make use of mobile apps.

5 Speech-to-Text Mobile Apps That Spare Much Hassle

There are a number of apps that can convert spoken words to text. To get started, your smartphone should be connected to the Internet. Then, switch on the app and start speaking. Below are five speech-to-text mobile apps that can help you get things done without a lot of hassle: Dragon Dictation To use Dragon Dictation, simply tap the app button and start talking; the app will handle the rest. Evernote for Android You can use Evernote to record speeches and meetings, and turn the transcriptions to text.

Voice Assistant Voice Assistant converts your speech to text and even enables you to post to Facebook, Twitter and email. ListNote Speech With this free Android app, you can organize your list of previous notes. Ivona Text-to-Speech Like the other apps we’ve reviewed, Ivona is free and includes some advanced features. Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts. Skills Required to Start Home Transcription Without Training. It’s possible to start your own transcription business without formal training.

Skills Required to Start Home Transcription Without Training

You will be working with headphones, foot pedals and an electronic transcriber that will type the dialogues from audio and video recordings into a word processor. And, your job will be to transform the recording notes into written manuscripts. Technical Translation Services: A Great Option for Companies. As businesses become more global, technical translation services are needed to communicate effectively and as accurately as possible.

Technical Translation Services: A Great Option for Companies

A business can thrive when communication is clear but can experience problems when language barriers get in the way. The best technical translation services use skilled and experienced translators who have a deep understanding of technical issues and both the source and target languages. The translator must work with a variety of technical documents including maintenance schedules, training manuals, and procedure guides. Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts. How Good Legal Transcription Lays Groundwork to Win a Case. When it comes to winning a court case, the first thing most people think of is having expert witnesses, spending tons of time preparing, or simply being on the right side of the law.

How Good Legal Transcription Lays Groundwork to Win a Case

Surely these things help, and in many cases are essential, to win a court case. However, it’s not always quite as cut and dry, and that’s when other things can help you to get the outcome that you want. One of the things that many people don’t think when attempting to win a court case is legal transcription. While everybody knows that legal transcription services exist, most people write them off to something they need just to keep facts in order. The truth is that legal transcription can help you win complicated cases if you hire the right people and use transcripts wisely. Good Records, Better Recall The biggest benefit of documenting a court case through transcription is the ability to go back and remember what happened. 4 total views, 4 views today.

Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts. Ways to Handle Difficult Family Members on Thanksgiving. One of the biggest understated problems with Thanksgiving is that you may have to deal with family members that bring friction to your life. The following information will help prepare you for dealing with family members who make your life uncomfortable. Relative Share Jimmy Kimmel offered a feature on his show called “Relative Share” that solves family problems during Thanksgiving.

How the Transcription Industry Got Rid of Unethical Practices. The medical transcription industry at one time was heavily criticized for unethical business practices. A big reason the industry fell under a dark cloud in the past was that it was unregulated as transcription companies raked in cash from false data. Today after a decade of reform and mergers, it’s a $12 billion industry that handles almost 60 percent of all clinical documents in the United States.

The following information examines how the transcription business has cleaned up fraudulent practices. Medicare Fraud One of the growing problems in the health care industry in the new century has been Medicare fraud. Inflated billing has cost the federal government billions of dollars. Reform Through Regulation Offshoring became a growing concern in the mid 2000s, as many companies began to take advantage of lower labor costs in other countries. Improved Patient Care Documentation PHI has helped straighten out the transcription industry, making it more difficult for fraud. Summary. 6 Viral Video Marketing Strategies for YouTube. YouTube is one of the best ways to reach a target audience. It’s a video search engine based on keywords from users who want to find specific videos. Uploading a lot of videos, however, does not guarantee success, but the following tips on viral video marketing strategies can help build your following.

Make a compelling niche video. Image uploaded by @HS_UserImages (Hootsuite User Image) Google Voice: Does it Hold Good for Spanish? The Spanish community is one of the largest minorities in the United States. If you regularly work with clients who speak Spanish, you may be looking for an easy way to translate the messages they leave you. One of the options you have is to use Google Voice to translate the messages. Google Voice can translate messages in different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian.

Certified Research Transcription Services: Locate the Best One. Transcription services can come in handy for many things, such as qualitative analysis. If you attend lectures, one-on-one interviews, group discussions or research interviews, you may need to refer to the topics covered afterwards. The best way to do this with complete accuracy is with certified research transcription services. Confidential and sensitive, these services can be used for reference purposes with guaranteed security. Tips for Finding Reliable Certified Research Transcription Services Before you can even consider working with a company specializing in this particular type of transcription, it’s imperative that you find out what audio types they accept. A reliable company will accept audio in all kinds of media, such as: PresentationsOral history interviewsOne-on-one interviewsFocus group discussionsAcademic symposia Signing a Confidentiality Agreement The details and data of every client should be stored safely by the transcriptionist, because this is their responsibility.

Image uploaded by @HS_UserImages (Hootsuite User Image) Academic Research Transcription: Exploring the Numerous Benefits. How Transcription Services Help in Fraud Investigations. When it comes to fraud investigations, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is seeking help from a transcription service. After all, what could they possibly have to do with fraud investigations and the cases that result from them? The answer, surprisingly, is quite a bit. In fact in many cases, transcription services make a huge impact in fraud investigations and the subsequent trials that come from them. Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts.

Language Quality: Outsourcing Is the Best Way to Assess. Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts. How Bloggers Can Become Better Proofreaders. The advent of blogging has created a culture of misspelled words everywhere you turn. Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts. The Legends and Myths About Halloween. With All Hallows’ Eve fast approaching, many people’s preparations are underway, from embellishing the home with eerie details to hand-picking apples and dipping them in caramel. It’s one of the biggest occasions of the year and offers an opportunity for families to trick-or-treat with loved ones. And for businesses, it’s an opportunity to make big bucks by selling Halloween-inspired decorations and candy. Despite October 31 being one of the oldest celebrations in the world, many people are unaware why candy sales exceed 2 billion at this time of year, why children bob for apples, and why there is such a big emphasis on ghosts, ghouls and evil spirits.

If you celebrate the occurrence but want to learn the history of Halloween, read on. Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts. Bilingual Babies: Being Flexible with Two Languages. Being bilingual isn’t something most adults think about. In fact, once most people are done with their formal education they’re pretty much done learning any sort of language at all – other than what they might pick up in daily life. However, for children, the idea of learning a new language is somewhat easy and teaching a child two languages at the same time isn’t a particularly strange or difficult concept. Some parents and linguists have been doing it for many years, helping children learn two languages that can make their job opportunities and social life better.

While it might seem difficult, children do learn more easily than adults. All You Need to Know About Starting a Business Support Service. Common E-Commerce Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them. How Corporates Can Benefit by Outsourcing Transcription Jobs. Outsourcing is a hot topic in the business world, especially in corporate environments where saving money is of utmost importance.

3 Ways a Lawyer Can Benefit by Utilizing Transcription Services. The primary duty of a lawyer is to build a strong argument to get the best outcome in a case involving his or her clients. Lawyers spend time gathering evidence and looking for clues that will make their clients’ cases. Therefore, lawyers need to be attentive to find game-changing evidence in courtroom hearings, testimonial hearings, dispositions, and so on. However, how can a lawyer retain all the information presented in a court of law and find that one sentence or phrase that will make his case? Huge Benefits of Employing Video Transcription Services. Image uploaded by @gmrtranscripts. 5 Tips to Plow Through a Workday Without Sleep. Google seek expertise contribution to tune up translation services. GMR Transcription’s Scholarship Winner Victor Believes Ambition is the Path to Success. How to Ensure High Quality Recording of Research Interviews. Why Transcriptionists Find it Enjoyable to Work for Journalists.

4 Tips for Accurate Transcription When the Speaker Stutters. Social Media and Business: What is your fit? Social Media and Business: What is your fit? Social Media and Business: What is your fit? Social Media and Business: What is your fit? Social Media and Business: What is your fit? Transcription: A Lucrative Career Option for Veterans. 6 Nutritious Snacks for Moms on the Go. eBay Improving User Experience on Their Websites with Translation. Skype Universal Translator: Designed to Breach the Language Barrier. HTML Translation: Understanding the Process. 4 Ways in Which Lawyers Can Manage Their Time Better. How Academic Transcription Makes Business Sense for Your Institute. Transcription: A Worthy and Delightful Task. New Research: Cozy Offices Mean Less Typos, More Accuracy. How to Manage Your Business While You Are Away. What Are the Correct Anglicism in Spanish? GMR Transcription Quarterly Survey Report. How Successful Entrepreneurs Manage to Beat Monday Blues.

Best 5 Tips for Stress Free Business Travel. 3 Transcription Myths Demystified. Gen Z Share Better Entrepreneurial Quality Than Gen Y. Social Media and It's Impact on Legal Profession. How to Take Good College Notes. How Can You Avoid Falling Asleep During Class. Tips To Get An Eagle Eye On Proofread. Twitter Password Reset Story: Find The Inside Scoop. Healthy Tofu Now Taste Better With Chipotle Mexican Grill. Top Tips to Ace for Midterm Exams. Was Small Business Saturday A Huge Success? Best Ways to Stay Healthy This School Year. Getting Vox Pops Transcribed: A Guide - Posts. 9 Cross-Culture Words That Restrict Translatibility. Why Bilingual Learning Is Needed for All ? GMR Web Team Gets Google Partner Certification, Expands Team and Moves to a Bigger Office. Transcription Services At Affordable Rates From GMR Transcription.

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