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Just Scan It: Welcome! Disqreet. QR Articles. QR Aplified. QR Code business cards. Anisesmith.amplify. Ipad soon to scan #QR Codes. QRnote. - The new way to manage contact information! Many teenagers are clueless about QR Codes. Can they ever really take off? - TNW Media. There’s been a noticeable increase in the use of QR codes in marketing of late in the west, long after they became a common sight in Japan.

Many teenagers are clueless about QR Codes. Can they ever really take off? - TNW Media

However there’s still quite a way to go, it seems, before these little square blocks of data become truly accepted. A survey of 1000 British teenagers has found that 72% of 11-18 year olds don’t have the software to read QR codes or aren’t aware their phone can read them. Additionally, only 43% believed QR codes could be read by a phone, 8% of girls thought they were a magic-eye picture(!) And only 33% knew what they were called. This lack of awareness is understandable – most phones don’t ship with a dedicated QR Code reader built in, and limited space in marketing materials often makes displaying detailed instructions on what you need to do to scan such codes a little difficult to achieve. There’s no easy solution, but without one these handy physical shortcuts to the Web might remain strange little ‘magic eye pictures’ forever. Who's Really Scanning All Those QR Codes? QR codes are everywhere these days — in fine art exhibits, some cities' building permits, wrapping paper and every imaginable kind of marketing campaign.

Who's Really Scanning All Those QR Codes?

QR code-focused startup JumpScan was kind enough to send along a graphically organized representation of some data they've gathered about QR codes — who's scanning them, what kinds of devices they're using and what brands are running QR code campaigns. Cooler still, you can scan every QR code in this infographic to get more info, making this Mashable's first interactive infographic. So have your smartphones at the ready, and click the image below if you need to see a larger version. When you're done clicking, scanning and learning, riddle us this in the comments section: When was the last time you scanned a QR code, and what did you get out of it? Image courtesy of JumpScan. Surprising Familiarity with QR Codes. QR, or quick response, codes, are being adopted by many marketers as a way to entice people into using their mobile phone to get more information about products and services or otherwise interact more deeply with advertising.

Surprising Familiarity with QR Codes

Outdoor ads invite consumers waiting for the bus to scan a poster to reach a relevant website, catalogs integrate QR codes to hook directly into ecommerce sites and stores place codes next to products that direct shoppers to how-to videos online. But how much have consumers caught on to what mobile barcodes can do? According to February 2011 research from agency MGH, awareness is high among smartphone owners. Nearly two-thirds have seen a QR code, and about half that number, or one-third overall, had used one. The demographic breakdown of users who had seen vs. used a QR code was virtually identical. Most respondents reported seeing QR codes on a product, followed by in a magazine or on a coupon. Keep your business ahead of the digital curve. QR Code generators, information, tools, services and utilities. BarCapture - Descargar. Uso de codigos QR. Clasificado como Noticias el ago 8th, 2011 | 4 comentarios Aunque el uso de los códigos QR se usan hace tiempo (en Asia su uso es bastante común), es ahora, con el crecimiento de los smartphones cuando se empiezan a ver más estretegias y campañas que aprovechan estos código.

Uso de codigos QR

Los códigos QR pueden guardar mucha información (como guardar partidas enteras de ajedrez), pero el uso más común es como enlace directo a una landing page de campaña o promoción, evitando tener que escribir la url y lanzándonos directamente a la web en la que se nos ofrecen descuentoso promociones, etc… Usos más insospechados de QR. Aplicaciones De Los Códigos Qr. Ya son 47 ediciones de este Festival de Música que se organiza en la población Catalana de . Este año los Códigos QR juegan un papel destacado en toda la imagen visual, diseño de cartelería, entradas, pancartas y Web de este festival. Podemos encontrar un gran Código QR sobre fondo amarillo con contenido de texto, que gráficamente está acompañando toda la comunicación visual … ¿que pone el código ?

Pues a leerlo … Código Qr 47 Festival Música Porta Ferrada En este caso se puede apreciar que el propio lleva “incrustado” en la parte superior derecha otro elemento visual del festival (47 PF 09), sin que el código deje de ser completamente funcional. QR-Planet. Generador CODIGOS QR. Instrucciones de uso del generador de CODIGOS QR Seleccionar el tipo de código QR a generar direcciones url, SMS, texto libre, email, geolocalización, eventos, red WIFI (solo android), números del teléfono y datos de contacto para Vcards usando las solapas superiores del menú del generador.

Generador CODIGOS QR

Rellenar los datos del formulario dependiendo del tipo de contenido a codificar. Generador QR-Code. Este generador es un servicio gratuito.

Generador QR-Code

No nos responsabilizamos de la correcta legibilidad de los QR-Codes generados en esta página. La mejor forma es imprimir el código y probar capturarlo con una App lectora.