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What is Ingredient Branding? 8inShareinShare8 Ingredient Branding is a marketing strategy where a component or an ingredient of a product or service is pulled into the spotlight and given it’s own identity. Everyone is familiar with the now famous “Intel Inside”, and it’s corresponding success. But why does it work? It works because, in general, consumers will pay more for a branded product (name brand vs. generic).

In his book Ingredient Branding: Making The Invisible Visible, Philip Kotler praises Intel for championing the ingredient branding concept: Intel owes its corporate success to their “Intel Inside” campaign. Intel Inside During Intel’s marketing of “Intel Inside” they taught consumers to look for the Intel Inside logo as an assurance of quality. Don’t Create Complexity The ingredient must be highly differentiated in order to add value to the overall brand. Auto Marketing and Ingredient Branding We’ve seen automakers jump on the ingredient branding band wagon too. Ingredient Branding and Commodities.

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