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Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs. Mounting.

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

Art room decor ideas

MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory. NAEA_WhitePapers_3. Four Ways for Students to Create Multimedia Magazines. November 2010. This lesson was inspired by the illustrations in the book "Stars" by Norm Kohn.

November 2010

I bought the book on a clearance rack because of the pictures. The stars in the book are watercolored and set on black backgrounds with white line drawings. The first part of the lesson was teaching the students about warm colors, where they covered papers with washes of the colors and added bits of sparkle paint. Student Art Guide - helping art students excel.

Lines-5-artists. Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students. Creating Exams. How can you design fair, yet challenging, exams that accurately gauge student learning?

Creating Exams

Here are some general guidelines. There are also many resources, in print and on the web, that offer strategies for designing particular kinds of exams, such as multiple-choice. Choose appropriate item types for your objectives. Education Week. Two years ago, Charlie Herzog asked: Should we continue to assign students grades in the traditional manner (percentages & letters), or should we move towards a system based on levels of mastery?

Education Week

I published a very popular response, Several Kinds of Grading Systems (with responses from Thomas R. Guskey, Susan M. ASCD Author Doug Fisher: Learning from Mistakes.  How does Venice work? Picadilo - Photo editing at its best - Spice up your pics! Technology Tidbit - gail.drummer - Mail. Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Online Flashcards. 13 Free amazing Documentary websites you shouldn't Miss ~ Teachers Tech Workshop.

30+ YouTube Channels for Teachers. Here is a resource of some great education YouTube channels Saga has recently compiled.

30+ YouTube Channels for Teachers

The list is organized according to different content areas and has over 190 YouTube channels making it one of the most comprehensive list I have ever come across online. I am sharing with you some of the channels from this list and invite you to check the full list HERE. 1- YouTube EDU: Launched in 2009, Youtube EDU centralizes content from over 100 universities and colleges, providing access to lectures, research, and campus tours. Think of it as an enormous global video classroom within the YouTube framework, divided into three sub-categories: Primary & Secondary Education, University and Lifelong Learning.

You can even build your own global classroom by uploading videos to your YouTube channel. 3- TED & TEDx: As of 2011, TED Talks were the #1 non-profit channel subscribed to on Youtube. 12- Expert Village: Watch. eQuizShow - Free Online Quiz Show Templates. 12 Rules The Best Teachers Live By. Responding to the release of a new study earlier this month that shows adult Americans rank below average in math, technology, and literacy skills as compared to 24 other developed countries, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told NBC's Matt Lauer that the findings "confirm what so many of us already believe, that we have a real state of crisis. " In Florida, a group of parents are proceeding with a lawsuit against the state for neglecting its responsibility to offer an "efficient, safe, secure and uniform high-quality" education to their children.

In a recent article in The Atlantic exploring why a whopping 40-50 percent of all teachers choose to quit the profession within their first five years in the classroom, the reasons cited range from a lack of respect and professional support, to being underpaid, overworked, and generally burnt out. The symptoms of a crippled American education system are evident throughout our daily news cycles.

The Morgan Library & Museum Online Exhibitions. Flipping on Demand. Unlocking the World’s Maps. If you’ve ever wondered which trails Lewis & Clark traveled for their famous expedition, or looked for maps of the best schools in your region, you may have found yourself scouring the web without much luck. The best results for your search may come from governments, nonprofits and businesses, but historically that information has been hard to find or inaccessible to the public.

Well, now, with the new Google Maps Gallery, it’s easier for you to find maps like those all in one place. Maps Gallery works like an interactive, digital atlas. You can explore historic city plans, climate trends, housing affordability, shipwrecks and up-to-date evacuation routes. In addition to finding these maps through Maps Gallery, they can be viewed in Google Earth and are discoverable through major search engines.

This World Bank map shows per capita internet usage by country over time. Web 2.0 Tools - DSD Professional Development. SmART Cards. Since we are changing over to digital smART cards, the template below is what you'll be using on your iPads.

smART Cards

Open the PDF in Neu Annotate and then edit/fill in from there. Access the PDF version through Edmodo. 13-MED-02-0097. Content Standards. Ways that Teachers Can Build Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity among Students - Cultural Spanish Communication. Photo by MS The US is a culturally diverse nation.

Ways that Teachers Can Build Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity among Students - Cultural Spanish Communication

Nowhere is this more clearly reflected than in workplaces and learning environments. Cultural diversity adds value to learning environments and enhances the school experience for students. Population experts have pointed to the need for students to embrace cultural diversity as this facilitates positive learning outcomes. Embracing different cultures involves learning how to accept and interact with others in an ethnically diverse environment. NAEA_WhitePapers_3. Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.: Promoting Respect for Cultural Diversity in the Classroom. A primary goal of culturally responsive education is to help all students become respectful of the multitudes of cultures and people that they’ll interact with once they exit the educational setting.

Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.: Promoting Respect for Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

This can be a daunting task for the educator, given that the world at large is infinitely more complex and diverse than the microcosmic environment that the student inhabits. In typical educational and social settings there is a marked tendency for students to exhibit classic in-group/out-group behaviors. In general, most students are comfortable interacting with people, behaviors, and ideas that they are familiar with but react with fear and apprehension when faced with the unfamiliar. Among its other goals, culturally responsive instruction aims to teach students that differences in viewpoint and culture are to be cherished and appreciated rather than judged and feared.

Using a culturally-centered instructional approach can help facilitate cultural pride among diverse students. Viewcontent. 090711%20Article%20SCALZO. Schools push merit pay for teachers. More districts across the state may soon follow the lead of Oakwood schools and pay teachers based on their performance in the classroom, experts say.

Schools push merit pay for teachers

The Dayton Daily News first reported Oakwood’s teachers union and school board both approved a new contract last week that ties pay increases to school test performance, evaluation of the teacher’s in-class performance and professional growth efforts. The Springboro School District is in negotiations with its teachers union and the board there has asked for performance-pay to be included in the talks. That differs from the existing system used by nearly every public school district in the state, where teachers get raises based on what level of education they’ve completed, their number of years teaching and any across-the-board percentage negotiated by their union. Oakwood Teachers Association President Jay Lane would agree that it’s not a simple process. 4c6d6ed11aab3. Teaching Tolerance.

Ud class

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