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We are at the forefront of the Real Estate and Property Management Industry known for its honesty, integrity, professionalism and excellent service.

Property Management Commercial. Yelp. SelectRE Boston - Real Estate Brokerage Firm - Home. Brick Realty Boston (@brickrealtyboston) LinkedIn. Moving Into New Apartment Checklist. Moving into an apartment in Boston? It can be exhausting and overwhelming with so much to do in one day. That’s why reviewing a checklist of things to do when moving will make the moving so much easier. These may include everything from setting up utilities, a final accounting of your moving expenses and etc. 1.Clean your new apartment before unpacking One of the best ways to make it homier is to give it a thorough cleaning. If possible, clean everything from kitchen,bathrooms, and bedrooms–before you start unpacking. 2.Unpacking Unpacking is a tedious task, to make it more organize and save time. 3. 4. 5. Your bankYour employer’s HR departmentYour credit card companyThe post officeContact your utility providers to cancel/transfer your utilitiesNow, you can breathe in, breathe out.

Moving Into New Apartment Checklist. Apartments smell fresher 5 Ways Tips in Boston. We know that you like your rented boston apartments smells fresher and clean. Spritzing a room spray or lighting a candle is not enough. To have a more lasting smell fresher, read along the ideas that we have prepared for you. Drains and Garbage Disposals – Always clean these two areas, to avoid any harmful scents from your home. Use fresh lemon and baking soda to clean your drains, then pour some warm water.Open your doors and windows– Open the windows and doors and let some fresh air in! Fresh air not only whisks away stale air and lingering smells, but it also has its own clean and fresh scent. Tenants Overview. Pay Rent Online. Maintenance Request. Current Vacancies. Luxury Buildings. Neighborhoods. Boston Best Fresh Produce. Searching Boston’s best produce? Some shoppers prefer local or organic produce, or simply want a bargain from buying wholesale directly from the farm – or at least from the supplier.

Actually, Bostonians have a lot of options to buy fresh fruit, including not only a wide choice of outdoor markets and old-school greengrocers, but also local farmers who market their produce online – and deliver to the buyer’s home or on their boston apartments. Check out these just five of the best places to find fresh fruit in Boston. Source: YELP Directions: 560 Pleasant St Watertown, MA 02472 For Organic ProduceSpecialties Russo’s offers fresh fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers, fresh-baked breads, delicious cheeses, meats, and prepared foods. We are known for our incredible variety and diversity of fruits. vegetables, hard-to-find specialty items like olive oil, chocolates, coffee, ice cream, cakes, traditional Italian prepared foods to name just a few. How To Wash Your Apartment Walls. Cleaning your walls in your Boston Apartment should be a part of your deep-cleaning routine. Keep your walls looking fresh with preventive maintenance and with these simple cleaning methods.

Here’s What You Need: BroomVacuum with broom attachment or foam craft brushBucket with clean waterDust cloth, wand, or brushDrop cloth. How to Make a Your Apartment Feel Like Home. 5 Simple Hacks to Make Your Apartment More Energy Efficient. Small acts can add up to big savings on your bills. Especially, when it comes to energy efficiency.

If you are living in Boston and want to save energy in your boston apartment , you should be smart with how you use electricity and doing these practical steps you can surely achieve cutting down your bill costs. Unplug devices if not use. You might be unaware that anything you leave plugged in, like a toaster, water heater, coffee pot, etc (even if they are turned off or not use), it continuously draw trace amounts of electricity from your outlets. It is called “vampire energy” that could account for as much as 5% of residential energy use. 5 Tips To Get Rid of the Dog Smell in Your Apartment. Who doesn’t love pets? Undeniably, pets will fill your boston apartment with love, but it will also fill your apartment with fur, odors and clutter.

But of course it does not mean that if you have dogs you have to live with their smells too. Here are 5 great ways to keep your apartment from smelling like a dog. 1 . Buy an odor-resistant bed for your dog. 6 Tips For Living Alone In Your Apartment. If you’re planning to live alone in an apartment somewhere in Boston perhaps, you might be thinking of two things — it could be bad or it could be good. It is simply because living alone for the first time is a mix of excitement and perhaps being fearful.

Which is totally normal! Don’t Be Scared The fear factor is one of the biggest differences between living alone and living with others. There’s no one you can call in the middle of the night when something goes bump. Read Our Testimonials - GB Property Management Boston. I am writing to provide a reference for Declan O’Toole, Shane Hayes and GB Property Management.

Read Our Testimonials - GB Property Management Boston

They manage a couple of our local investment properties and have been instrumental in finding us great tenants, as well as in managing a construction project in a couple of the units. Both Declan and Shane have always been extremely responsive to both my husband and my questions and concerns and have been very responsive to our tenants whenever they would contact them. Management Services - GB Property Management Boston.