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10 cool things you can do with a USB flash drive. Your USB flash drive can do a whole lot more than just move data around.

10 cool things you can do with a USB flash drive

Greg Shultz introduces a variety of creative ways to put that drive to good use. Transporting your data is probably the most common use for a USB flash drive. But there's a world of other things you can do with these handy pocket-size drives. Here are 10 ways you can use that USB flash drive to do more than just move data. Note: This article is also available as a PDF download. 1: Run portable applications In addition to storing your data, you can run portable applications from a USB flash drive. If that's not enough, you can choose other applications to install on your USB flash drive from (Figure A). Extend Windows 7 Trial Period Up To One Year. If you can not afford the price or want to try Windows 7 before you buy it, you can use the official trial version of Windows 7.

Extend Windows 7 Trial Period Up To One Year

Microsoft allows you to download the Windows 7 and use it as 30 days trial version. So, you have the maximum 30 days in hand to use Windows 7. But there is a trick by which you can extend the trial period. There is a command by which the trial period can be extended up to three months. Each time you run that command, it increases the duration of the trial for the next thirty days.

After three months, you can also extend the useability of the command with a simple registry tweak and extend Windows 7 trial period to one year. Below is the method in details for both the Windows 7 32-Bit And 64-bit Version. Extend Windows 7 Trial Period Up To One Year. Antivirus scan for 94107d947061930dfd27a207fa33d365e376441777d740916a967c575bedc4d9 at 2015-11-10 16:54:13 UTC.

A Technical Look At Dyreza. In a previous post we presented unpacking 2 payloads delivered in a spam campaign.

A Technical Look At Dyreza

A malicious duet – Upatre (malware downloader) and Dyreza (credential stealer). In this post we will take a look at the core of Dyreza – and techniques that it uses. Note, that Dyreza is a complex piece of malware and various samples come with various techniques – however, the main features remain common. Analyzed samples Behavioral analysis When Dyreza starts to infect the computer – it spreads like fire. 2 copies of the malicious file are dropped – in C:\Windows and %APPDATA% – under pseudo-random names, matching the regex: [a-zA-Z]{15}.exe , i.e vfHNLkMCYaxBGFy.exe That persistence is achieved by adding a new task in the task scheduler – it deploys the malicious sample after every minute, to ensure that it keeps running.

Code injected into other processes (svchost, explorer) communicates with the C&C: Checking on VirusTotal we can confirm, that contacted servers have been reported as malicious: MajorGeeks.Com. Office 2007 Download Free Professional Version. Microsoft Office 2007 Download Professional Edition free.

Office 2007 Download Free Professional Version

Office 2007 is very fast running and smooth. Download Office 2007 Full setup direct link. Microsoft office 2007 is widely used among professional, developers, corporate communities and students. High Performance VPS Server Download. Boost Speed with System Mechanic Pro. System Mechanic Pro® Patented technology for maximum speed, power and stabilityFixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezesCertified virus protection and data security Whole Home License® for use on all your home PCs Normally $69.95 Save $13.99 ScreenshotsVideos Works with Windows® 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista or XP (SP3)

Boost Speed with System Mechanic Pro If Your Wi-Fi Is Terrible, Check Your Router. Photo Bob McConnell, a retired engineer, set up a new wireless router in his home this year to get faster Internet speeds.

If Your Wi-Fi Is Terrible, Check Your Router

Instead, he got the opposite, with his iPad often getting no wireless connection in his bedroom. For days, he tinkered with the router’s settings, but couldn’t figure out a fix. “It was totally ruining my life,” said Mr. McConnell, who lives in a condominium building in Kirkland, Wash. What Mr. So to diagnose and cure Wi-Fi headaches, we teamed up with The Wirecutter, the product recommendations website. Continue reading the main story The bottom line: People with devices both new and old will see an improvement by upgrading to a recent router that supports the latest Wi-Fi standards. Why Your Wi-Fi Stinks Wi-Fi headaches start with how the technology has evolved. That did little to prepare people for the explosion of Internet-connected mobile devices.

Router manufacturers have more recently improved Wi-Fi technology with mobile devices in mind, said Mr. [FIX] “Speech Recognition” Shows “Change Recognizer Language” Error in Windows Vista and 7. Recently one of our reader "James" asked us about following problem in an email: Whenever he tries to start "Speech Recognition" in Windows 7, he gets following error message: Speech Recognition could not start because the language configuration is not supported.The recognizer language must match the language of the user interface.

[FIX] “Speech Recognition” Shows “Change Recognizer Language” Error in Windows Vista and 7

Please change the recognizer language in the Speech Recognition control panel under Advanced Options. Extend Windows 7 Trial Period Up To One Year.