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Dealing with a crisis in marriage. When Dan and Lori sat in my office, I could have cut the tension with a knife.

Dealing with a crisis in marriage

A few days earlier Dan was caught having an affair with a co-worker. Lori was devastated and questioned everything she thought was true about their marriage. Dan wasn't sure what he believed. He loved Lori, but at the same time, he had strong feelings for the other woman and wasn't ready to give up that relationship. Lori put it this way: "We've had lots of problems. Understanding Crisis Mode Most couples accept that problems are part of life and love. But a crisis in marriage is different. The kind of crisis I'm addressing involves a problem between or created by a couple, not an externally imposed crisis, such as unexpected health problems or job loss. A crisis involves an unstable condition that creates some sort of impending change. A husband, for example, might have such a problem with overspending that the family is in jeopardy of bankruptcy. Would Your Relationship Survive a Disability?  Ken and Melissa had been high school sweethearts with marriage following his basic training in the Marines.

Would Your Relationship Survive a Disability? 

Two children and a new house followed in the next three years. Despite the usual irritants and money issues, they felt they had a great marriage. Melissa was even handling his deployment to Afghanistan, becoming part of the tight support system of wives and families in a similar situation. That was until an exploding IED ripped through Ken's legs. He was now in a military rehabilitation center, learning to walk with his new artificial legs and adjusting to his new reality. Building Relationships As a neurologist who specializes in neurorehabilitation I have treated thousands of patients who have faced the same concerns as Ken. Many years ago I heard a quote attributed to Barry Rath Ph.D., a neuropsychologist in Texas. It quickly became clear that all relationships are a balance between what you like and don't like in the relationship.

Can a relationship survive when trust is broken? Deception Destroys Trust in Marriage, Dr. David, Christian Marriage Help and Advice. Editor's Note: Do you need sound, Biblically-based advice on an issue in your marriage or family?

Deception Destroys Trust in Marriage, Dr. David, Christian Marriage Help and Advice

Dr. David will address questions from Crosswalk readers in each weekly column. Submit your question to him at When it comes to deception, it takes very little to violate trust. Trust is a critical requirement for any relationship. Trust is the foundation that holds a marriage up. The issue of deception seems to come up again and again in emails sent to me. Dear Dr. My question is "What are the factors that lead to continual lying--especially with regards to money?” Let’s summarize her question. First, someone lies because they have something to hide. Second, someone lies because they feel they can—it works for them. Third, someone lies because they believe they have a right to lie. Finally, habitual liars lie because of serious character problems.

So, what is this woman to do? She will need to insist on counseling to address these issues. Avoiding Marriage Meltdown - HopeChannel. Time and financial stresses, a radically shifting social culture, and changing expectations are only some of the pressures focused on marriage.

Avoiding Marriage Meltdown - HopeChannel

To hold your marriage together takes more than mere romance—it takes knowledge, commitment and hard work. The loss of intimacy The reality is quite unlike the Hollywood fairytales. Happy, stable marital relationships are not built on just romantic love but on intimacy and understanding. That’s why they don’t usually last, except on celluloid.

For a marriage to survive, a couple need to become involved in a dynamic, interactional process, one that draws them together into a relationship in which they both take responsibility for meeting the other’s needs and resolving the problems that emerge. Many couples, however, find themselves totally unprepared to deal with the conflicts and problems that gradually begin to accumulate in their marriage. Couples need to know that intimacy in marriage isn’t an instantaneous process. First signs of trouble.