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Software e didattica - 3.5 - Ambienti creativi - Parte 6

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HeartCards. Seasons card generator. Mamut Matemáticas Reloj. Olesur Fuga De Palabras. Olesur Generar Sujiko. Olesur Generar Sudoku. Olesur Cuadrados Mágicos 3×3. Olesur Pirámides Numéricas. Olesur Código Secreto. Olesur Generar Crucigrama. Olesur Sopa De Letras. Olesur Cuadernos De Matemáticas. Olesur Pautas De Caligrafía - Cuadricula. ESL-Kids' Worksheet Generator! Padlet. Stoodle. Milanote. Caja De Recursor - Numeración. Recursos Generator Generator De Fichas. Google Documenti. Zoho Show. Personal Educational Press. Cram Italian Flashcards. Arcade Game Generator. To continue with the game, you need to answer a few questions...! Question yada Arcade Game Generator! Manic Miner - a classic platform game turned into an educational quiz Turn your test into an arcade game! Share the link with students Embed it on your website NEW BOOK: Buy Now!

You're using an adblocker. is FREE but relies on advertising to survive. Please support us by EITHER whitelisting OR taking out a premium subscription to remove adverts. Thank you! Wordsmith. Wordsmith - Applicazioni. ESL-Kids' Flashcards. Here you will find a collection of hundreds of flashcards for ESL kids. Each flashcard set has both small (four on one A4 sheet) and large (two on one A4 sheet) versions. There are two copies of each card, one with a word describing the picture, and the other without a description so that you can write your own. This is particularly helpful with differences in American and British English. The flashcards are saved as .pdf files which are opened in your browser with Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader.

Most computers already have this installed but if not, you can download it here for free. Below the vocabulary list for each flashcard theme, there is a 'Single Flashcard Wizard' which you can use to print individual cards instead of a whole set. To get started, choose a flashcard category from the list on the right. Olesur Pauta Montessor. Copy. Multiplications. ToonyTool. ToonyTool - Tutorial di Luca Raina. FreeOnlinePhotoEditor. AbcTeach Free Handwriting Worksheet. Crello.