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Software e didattica - 3.2.4 - Desktop publishing, cartine, mappe concettuali - Parte 1

Facebook Twitter Mapas Interactivos. Estudia anatomía humana y celular de manera divertida y eficaz Un pack de juegos interactivos de anatomía humana y celular: · Más de 130 juegos inteligentes · Retos educativos entre alumnos, juego uno contra uno · Torneos, el reto se hace colectivo con desafíos entre grupos de jugadores · Diversos niveles de dificultad y modalidades de juego · Modo estudia para memorizar antes de consolidar lo aprendido en el juego · Analíticas de juego, datos y estadísticas pertinentes para medir los impactos del aprendizaje · Recomendaciones de juegos a practicar y personas a quienes retar · Ranking de juegos para cada juego individual, por ámbitos anatómicos (sistema esquelético, muscular, anatomía celular,...) y ranking general de Anatomía · Multiidoma, todos los juegos en 9 idiomas diferentes · Accesibles desde cualquier dispositivo: móvil, tablet u ordenador.

Target Map. GmapGIS. NatGeo Mapmarker Interactive. GeoCommons. AmMap. Social Explorer. CrowdMap. Stat Planet. Explore World Bank Data StatPlanet World Bank enables you to explore, analyze and filter any of the 8000+ indicators in the form of interactive maps and graphs, through the intuitive StatPlanet interface. The data is retrieved live from the World Bank database, so is always up to date. The data is made available through the World Bank's Open Data initiative, and includes data on a wide range of topics from Agriculture to Science & Technology.

Short Guide from the World Bank | Full User Guide Options Select language: English, French, SpanishSelect categorization: By data source | By topic (default)Select year range: 1960-2015, 1970-2015, 1980-2015, 1990-2015Note: only some indicators have data from 1960 to 2010+, such as "Agricultural land (% of land area)" See also Apps for Development websiteWorld Bank's StatPlanet EdStats to explore education statistics.StatWorld - StatSilk's compilation of world stats using open data.

Explanatory video World Stats Topics World Stats Data Sources Versions. IMapBuilder. ChartsBin. GapMinder. GeoGuessr. Earth Picker. Pat. Pat - Aree territoriali. World's Air Pollution.

AirPano. Google Photo Sphere. Maps community, With the Views website now offline, today marks the beginning of an exciting new adventure for those who enjoy sharing great, geotagged imagery. Effective today, you’re now gaining: More exposure for your new Maps profile (see “Contributions” from the side menu) More exposure for all photo spheres you associate with Maps listings Better integration with the rest of Google Maps In the very near term, we’ll also be: Displaying the total number of published images in your account Showing your total view count Adding more ways to publish and geotag images And of course, we are working to deliver you additional useful tools in the near and longer term. . — The Google Maps team. Roundme.

Roundme - Galleria lavori utenti. Daytripper. GunnMap. Geacron. Chronas. Geography Treasure Hunts. PlayVisit. SweetHome3D. SweetHome3D Portatile. [rev2] -Link- [rev3] bug fix -Link- [rev4] bug file recenti se X-SweetHome3D.exe viene eseguito da \winPenPack\XDrive[rev5] bug -Link- [rev6] modificata gestione backup profilo preesistente, aggiunto supporto alla copia delle ultime versioni di JRE da C:\Programmi a $ExeDir$[rev7] adeguato launcher a nuova versione JRE, rimozione Java versione precedente da $ExeDir$[rev8] rilasciata versione java jar: ini adeguato a nuova versione; rimozione software versione precedente; importazione collezioni mobili preesistenti[rev9] integrate collezioni di modelli / furniture collections included[rev10] rimozione file temporanei, normalizzazione percorsi, revisione gestione versioni software e modelli[rev11] modifica parametro esecuzione -Duser.home, aggiunto comando per esecuzione JavaGet, bug fix copia forniture ( -Link-

Ludiplan. Simple Vector Shapes. Energy3D. Energy3D is a simulation-based engineering tool for designing green buildings and power stations that harness renewable energy to achieve sustainable development. Users can quickly sketch up a realistic-looking structure or import one from an existing CAD file, superimpose it on a map image (e.g., Google Maps or lot maps), and then evaluate its energy performance for any given day and location. Based on computational physics and weather data, Energy3D can rapidly generate time graphs (resembling data loggers) and heat maps (resembling infrared cameras) for in-depth analyses. Artificial intelligence is also used to support generative design, engineering optimization, and automatic assessment. At the end of the design, Energy3D allows users to print it out, cut out the pieces, and use them to assemble a physical scale model. How to cite Energy3D? Solarize Your World Accurate solar radiation modeling Insolation on a horizontal surface (monthly breakdown): Energy usage and sensor graphs:

pCon.planner. DraftSight. DreamPlan Home Design Software. Classroom Architect. IKEA Home Planner. Planner5D. Autodesk HomeStyler. Envisioneer Express. PlanningWiz. Floor Planner. Color Jinn. MagicPlan. Crea planimetrie facilmente con la camera del tuo cellulare. Rileva una stanza in meno di 30 secondi e assembla planimetrie intere in pochi minuti. La planimetria è il punto di partenza per funzionalità incluse, quali preventivi su costi e materiali, modelli 3D e virtual tours. Sessioni di formazione disponibili in inglese all’indirizzo magicplan è conosciuto ed usato in tutto il mondo:• Scaricato da oltre 18 milioni di utenti• Ogni giorno l’equivalente di una piccola città viene mappato con magicplan Cosa è gratis:magicplan può essere scaricato ed usato gratuitamente sul tuo cellulare Cosa deve essere acquistato:• Alcuni oggetti per arredare o rendere più complete le stanze• Esportare files (PDF, JPG, 3D, DXF, CVS, PNG, SVG, Website interattivo)• Features professionali: personalizzazione di rilevamenti e oggetti, preventivi con listini prezzi personalizzati, ecc.

La tecnologia magicplan è protetta da diversi brevetti. Scribus. Scribus Portable. [rev4] -Link-