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DMCA Notices: How to Prosecute Piracy. Susan Spann Admit it…you’d like this sign at your desk.

DMCA Notices: How to Prosecute Piracy

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) is a U.S. law that contains a number of protections for content creators, Internet Service Providers, and the public, generally designed to “maintain a balance between the rights of authors and the larger public interest” including access to information. I could write a book (and people have) describing the DMCA in detail, but the part of the law most relevant to authors – and the topic of today’s post – is the DMCA Takedown Notice. (Advance apologies for the length of this post, but it takes a few more words to demonstrate how to do this in a practical manner.) When You’re Lost In The Depths Of The Pants. First, blame Sarah.

When You’re Lost In The Depths Of The Pants

Her post yesterday started this, particularly the commenters who identified themselves as pantsers (or in some cases, Panzers, which are clearly Germanic pantsers with really big guns. I’m presuming the DD caliber rack-mounted weapons I possess count, and I’m pretty sure there’s Germanic somewhere in the family tree). Of course, when you’re an extreme pantser like me, you do run the risk of getting lost somewhere deep in the pants, possibly with a bad case of plot kudzu making it impossible to see where you’re going.

Some of Sarah’s commenters wondered what to do when they get lost or they run out of spoons and simply can’t make things work the usual way if they’re extreme pantsers who really can’t work from an outline. 5 Rules for a Successful Life. Photo credit: Emily’s Quotes – Today I’m thinking about the people who inspired me on this writing journey.

5 Rules for a Successful Life

There are the usual suspects… My mother, who encouraged my constant scribbling. The 6th grade teacher who put my essay up on the wall with a shiny gold star. Countless friends and teachers, in my home writing chapter and online. The Organized Writer. Because organization is just a framework for creativity.

The Organized Writer

About These Documents Helpful charts, templates, and worksheets to keep any writer organized from creation through publication! NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program. Fundamentals of Fiction, Part III: Critique Groups and Writers' Groups. Fundamentals of Fiction, Part III: Critique Groups and Writers' Groups by Marg Gilks Return to Fiction Tips & Techniques · Print-Friendly Version.

Fundamentals of Fiction, Part III: Critique Groups and Writers' Groups

Bean Counting for Authors by Christina Mercer. It’s tax time, so today’s post especially timely.

Bean Counting for Authors by Christina Mercer

Please welcome first-time Visiting Professor Christina Mercer. An author and CPA, Christina gives us the skinny on managing the business side of your writing career. Authoring books is amazingly fun and creative and never, EVER dull . . . However, along with all that imaginative wonderment comes business and money and taxes, oh my! Let us keep in mind that when Authors truly mean business, they have propelled themselves from merely writing for “fun” to reaping well-earned monetary rewards.

If you haven’t done so already, get a dedicated bank account for your Author business. 4 Surprises and 16 Take-aways from the SD Writers Conference. A few weeks ago, I attended the San Diego Writers Conference, put on by San Diego State University.

4 Surprises and 16 Take-aways from the SD Writers Conference

It was my first time at this event so I wondered how it would work out.. My big questions (and the answers, now that it’s over): Would it be worth the money (yes)Would it be well-run (yes again)Would the speakers be knowledgeable and on topic (another big yes)Would the agent/editor I spent extra money to chat with be helpful (a huge yes)Would the people I met be as passionate about writing as I am (yep yep yep)Would the Saturday night banquet be something other than chicken (OK–no Saturday night banquet–another plus for this event.

How to Make Beta Reading Work for Us. (Note: I just finished a brutal two-week revision under deadline, so rather than staying up until 4 a.m.

How to Make Beta Reading Work for Us

(again), I’m recycling this guest post I wrote a couple of years ago for Anne R. Allen’s blog. I hope you enjoy!) Ever struggle to make readers’ interpretations of your writing match your intentions? We probably all have. Maybe readers come away with the wrong impression of a character. Unleashing Creative Flow: Nurturing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. By Lynyetta G.

Unleashing Creative Flow: Nurturing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Willis, PhD , @LynyettaWillis Part of the How They Do It Series Sometimes, writing is hard. We might struggle with a plot, or struggle with getting any words down at all. On really bad days, we wonder if we should be chasing our writing dream at all. Lynyetta is a psychologist, teacher, speaker, and author. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pre-Order Take it away Lynyetta... Fun fact: When we fail to nurture our whole selves we minimize our creative flow— When we fail to nurture our bodies, our minds becomes weak and unfocused. When we fail to nurture our minds, our bodies feel paralyzed; our fingers rest motionless on the keyboard as our eyes will the cursor to move. When we fail to nurture our minds and bodies, the spiritual connection to our deep well of creative energy feels broken; the writing that once brought so much joy takes a permanent backseat or seems like an endless chore. 1.

Researchers have consistently shown a link between exercise, diet, and creativity. Find the Right ONLINE CRITIQUE GROUP For You! Every writer needs honest, constructive feedback.


With increasing frequency, writers turn to online critique groups for that support. Self-Care for Writers. Writing can be an odd career. We can go from leisurely writing as we feel like it to stressed under an impossible deadline. We might be in waiting mode after we query or submit, or we might be trying to do All. The. Things. before a release date. Those variations mean that we can struggle to get into non-writing habits and routines.

Deadlines, writing grooves, inspirations, and just plain stubbornness can all play havoc with our schedules. Showers, sleep, and exercise can all become optional. Yet many of those choices can affect our health. Self-Care Tip #1: Schedule in Downtime Last year, I had four releases, and that destroyed my ability to get anything else done. (Yes, this is another one of those posts that I’m writing to try to make myself listen to my own advice.