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Protect Yourself From Malware

19 september 2014

Protect Yourself From Malware

Fighting malware is rarely fun. It's invasive, causes annoying popups on a good day, and results boot sector corruption, BSODs, and computer instability with a bad day. AgilIT Solutions believes how the best practice to fight malware is to never have it from the beginning. How do you prevent that, you may ask? Read upon find out.

In this particular guide we will discuss a few tips and tricks for victoria IT support (, pursued by our advisable free malware removal tools to finding the career done with minimal user interaction.

Most malware infections will be the result of downloading, installing or opening personal files or program that's unsafe. Here couple of guidelines to hopefully help you stop this from happening.

Be Proactive:

When you download software, read all of the text and checkboxes! Most programs, even safe programs, aim to install other programs on your desktop during initial installation. To avoid this, read most of the text during installation. If you will find there's "custom installation option", select it, and uncheck all of the options you don't want, because on many occasions "standard installation" means "install this system, plus five other individuals and toolbars".

Use a free virus scanner with real-time active detection. In many instances, it is going to detect viruses within files prior to deciding to open it up. If the file you're opening is usually a .exe file or any file you don't trust, our recommendation is that you tell your virus scanner to manually make sure request viruses prior to deciding to open it up.

When browsing the net, work with a secure browser such as Mozilla FireFox, that may be downloaded here. We recommend downloading the "NoScript" addon for FireFox, which will automatically block all scripts operate on an internet site . if you do not so it can have. This is often cumbersome at the beginning, but it's highly secure and older time your favourite sites will probably be allowed. This addon prevents malicious scripts from hijacking your browser session and downloading malware to your computer.

Be sure that the website you are on can be a trusted, secure website. Check the URL to ensure you're on the correct website, as numerous websites will spoof (replicate) other website's prepared to seek to trick you, but they also can't replicate the URL.

Recommended Anti-Virus Solutions

If you think your computer is have contracted a computer virus, we'd recommend executing a preliminary scan with Malwarebytes. Please note that the free version will not include real-time scanning, yet it's still our go-to virus scanner because it is in a position to pick-up most virus variants and quarantine them minimal user interaction. You can run this method in parallel with any virus scanner available mainly because it doesn't conflict resulting from lacking real-time scanning. Download it here.

For general system protection, virus removal & realtime protection, we propose Avast. It would be the #1 rated free anti-virus solution available based on cnet's downloads. Download it here.

If all else fails…

If all else fails, take the infected device into AgilIT Solutions today and we'll fully remove all malware traces and restore full functionality for your computer. Some viruses require an authority to get rid of due to nature with the virus, which include zero-access rootkits, or viruses that disable your capability to remove them using conventional means. We contain the tools and expertise to eradicate any virus, get the job done virus is preventing via booting into Windows.